Unbreakable Spirit Battling Rare Cancer

For: Lori Wade
Organizer: Kate Smith, Stephanie Rose and Nate Rose
Unbreakable Spirit Battling Rare Cancer (Lori Wade)
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The Story

Diagnosed with Appendiceal Cancer last year, Lori has fought this disease with every option available to her. 

In March 2012, Lori was beginning to have a bit of abdominal pain which ultimately grew to be an unbearable pain.  She ultimately went to ER for what was thought to have been an appendicitis and had surgery to remove it.  Never did it occur to her nor anyone else in the family that it could have ever been anything more than that until a nurse was chatting with her and said "what if its cancer?"  That was the first we heard that it was even a possibility.

After being discharged from the hospital, she had a follow-up appointment with her doctor who informed her that a biopsy was done and it was, in fact, cancer.  The tumor actually fully encompassed the appendix.  However, the good news was that they believed they got it all and that was that. 

After another follow-up appointment, her primary doctor discussed her issue with the "cancer team," who thought it best to be aggressive with this cancer.  So she underwent a round of chemo and radiation while dealing with various other health issues along the way.  Despite the chemo and radiation, the tumor(s) persisted and didn't back down at all.  They actually discovered that because of chemo and radiation, it had actually mutated into two forms of cancer: one slow growing and one at a medium pace, which makes this an even harder cancer to treat (as if it weren't rare/hard enough in the first place).

Choosing the most aggressive route available to her in February 2013, she chose to do what is referred to as "Shake-n-Bake" (HIPEC treatment).  What they do when doing this treatment is open your abdomen, remove all tumors they can see and then fill your abdomen with "hot" chemo, close you up, shake you around for about an hour and then drain all the chemo.  This is a VERY aggressive approach but she wants to win this battle (as do we).  While they were in her abdomen removing the tumors, they found that it had spread and had to remove her spleen, part of her colon, stomach, etc. -- all this despite going through the chemo and radiation.

Since that time she was having a bit of a reprieve, until a recent tumor marker blood test revealed it is back with a vengence.  A normal person without cancer would have a result of 0-3%, her result was 26.6%!!  It's super scary but we will continue this battle with her.

She is a mentor, a rolemodel, a mother, a daughter, a grandmother, but most importantly, she is a friend - not just to me (as her daughter) but to you, to your family, to your friends.  She will do anything within her power, and even beyond that, to help others - sometimes to a fault.  If karma is true, then now is the time for karma to come back to her and pay her back for all the selflessness she has shown throughout her life.

Help us get her well so she can enjoy life: go sailing, go to the beach with her grandkids, harass her children and toruture her boyfriend :) 

Don't underestimate her by her size, she may be little but she is mighty!  While this has been deemed to be "terminal," with the fighting spirit Lori has, all things are possible.  Help us fight this fight with her!  EVERY SINGLE dollar counts and we can't thank you enough for even taking the time to read her story.

"He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own." - Confucius

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Posted on July 3, 2013

Posted on July 3, 2013

The Santa Cruz Sentinel just ran a story to bring attention to my mom's case. Please follow this link to see: http://m.santacruzsentinel.com/santacruz/db_/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=qG2mhDBI

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Unbreakable Spirit Battling Rare Cancer

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