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The Story

Meet the Flemings – Alex, Gabby and their son Jaxon.

Unless you already know, one cannot help assuming this happy picture, represents a happy life. It is heartbreaking to say, this couldn’t be further from the truth. What this family is going through at the moment I wouldn’t wish upon anyone...

6 years ago, Gabby was handed the shattering diagnosis of Poly Cystic Ovaries (PCO). Determined to defy statistics, Gabby did all she could to create what her and Al wanted more than anything in this world, a family.

On the 28th March 2010, Gab & Al welcomed their beautiful son Jaxon James into this world. Only a year after being told she would struggle to bare child. For what was supposed to be one of the happiest days in this couples life, turns out to be one of the scariest. Their beautiful little man was born with Wilms Tumor - a cancer of the kidneys that usually affects newborns and the very young.

Again, a very determined Gab & Al did all they could to ensure their newborn son had the best chance at life. Before he was 18 months old, Jaxon had more operations and chemotherapy than you could imagine. With mummy and daddy by his side through it all, the bills mounted. But, the treatments did their job, and even though he would require quarterly ultra sounds, for the first time since their bundle of joy was born, Gabby & Al could breathe and Gabby went back to work part-time in October 2012, to help clear the backlog of bills.

Just 22 months later Gabby was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma - a blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system. As devastating as this was, the strength and courage showed by this family would bring tears to your eyes. Gabby knew, in order to try and give Jax a little brother or sister to play with in the near future, she would have to summon all of her strength and positivity into kicking this cancers arse. It’s fair to say, chemotherapy is about as fun as we have all read, heard or seen, and as if that wasn’t horrible enough, Gabby was then given the confirmation that she will need to undertake Radiation Therapy as well.

Understandably disheartened by the news, Gabby still stayed strong and focused on the positives. She could not wait until January 2015 when chemo and radiation therapy would be over and she could focus on planning her year ahead which would include her 30th birthday, and fingers crossed, more babies.

Caught up in the excitement of the year ahead, Gab & Al’s world soon shattered around them when just 4 months after Gabby's diagnosis, on the 11th December 2014 doctor’s confirmed their worst fears, Jaxon’s cancer returned. As if this little boy (and his family) has not been through enough, at the age of 5, Jax now has to endure up to 18 months of chemotherapy and further surgery to remove all or part of his remaining kidney.

With the support and strength of family and friends, the Fleming’s will get through this horrible ordeal but not without its strains. This is where I’m asking for your help. We’ve set up a You Caring fundraising page for Gab, Al & Jax and would appreciate any donations that can be made.

Our initial goal is to raise $5000 to clear some of the utility and medical bills the Fleming's have accumulated and give them a bit of breathing room to focus on their health. Longer term we hope to pay their mortgage for the duration of Jaxon's treatment. RAMS have kindly offered to go without payments for 6 months, however interest is still accruing, which will take the mortgage back to the original amount the Fleming's purchased the house for in 2009. All this puts enormous pressure on Al, who is self-employed, to work longer hours when he is needed elsewhere.

Even if you are unable to donate, please SHARE this page to help this beautiful family through this time.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 24, 2014

Posted on December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas Eve all!
Gabby & Jax will be on 9 News Perth tonight at 6pm. Please share this so everyone knows and tune in! 

Posted on December 23, 2014

Posted on December 23, 2014

Hi all,

We have had a huge couple of days! None of us can believe how much has been raised in such a short time. We knew the Fleming's situation would resonate with people but the generosity displayed so quickly and at such a tight time of year is just amazing!

We have made the decision not to up the fundraising goal as recommended. Please know the initial $5000 target is going on overdue/final notice bills which means the Fleming's can focus on what is important on Christmas Day and not have yet another dark cloud hanging over them. 

Any additional funds raised will go towards bills and mortgage repayments. Jax may require up to 18 months treatments so they have a long road ahead of them. He starts chemo tomorrow at PMH, Gabby has another radiation treatment at Sir Charles Gairdner. We will update soon. Much love xxx

Posted on December 20, 2014

Posted on December 20, 2014

We're up to $7195 today! The Fleming's want to say a big thank you to everyone. It's been a rough couple of days with Jax having his port put in on Thursday while Gabby juggles her radiation treatments. Jax is feeling much happier today though. 
He starts chemo on Christmas eve. Please continue to keep The Fleming's in your thoughts. Take care all xxx

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