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UPDATE: Julie has made it two-thirds through chemo as of mid-August. She is tolerating it okay but is now starting to suffer from the accumulation of the chemo build-up in her body. Her fingers and toes are painful from the neuropathy, making it difficult to do simple household tasks and the fatigue can be brutal on the days after chemo. She gets a few good days per week, energy wise and tries to fill them with fun outings when she can in addition to getting things done around the house and work a little, if possible. The doctors and other patients keep reminding her that she may not be able to work full-time for 2-3 months after chemo! This worries her since she is self-employed but she is determined to do as much as she can while laid up and later, when she is healing from the chemo. Your generosity has been CRUCIAL for her to get through this year without worrying about covering basic expenses, getting acupuncture to ease the pain, purchasing supplements, and paying out-of-pocket medical bills. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything you've done. She is getting well quickly because of YOU. Love, Team Julie

The friends and family of Julie Negrin are raising funds to support her through her second, possibly third, cancer diagnosis in three years. Despite the many health problems she’s had since she was a teenager, Julie is upbeat and positive through her many medical problems. She became a nutritionist and health educator because of her own experiences – she loves teaching kids and adults how to stay healthy! Unfortunately, her recent diagnosis of colon cancer, and most likely ovarian cancer, has been a tough one so we’re reaching out for help.  


After a long recovery from three surgeries to remove melanoma in her leg in 2011, Julie moved from New York City to San Diego where she was ready to embark on a new life. Unfortunately, in November, 2013 she learned that they found a cancerous polyp during her routine colonoscopy. Julie has a history of Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and a sister and father with Lynch Syndrome which is a genetic mutation and puts her family at risk for at least four cancers. (Her younger sister, Laura had colon cancer at age 27 and her dad, Marv recently had stomach cancer but thankfully, both are doing well today.)  Because it’s presumed she has Lynch, along with a history of UC, doctors will remove a large section of her colon. While she was dealing with this diagnosis, they discovered large, solid masses in her ovaries which they believe is cancer but won’t know for sure until they are surgically removed on March 14, 2014. If it is ovarian cancer, we are praying it’s early stage. They will also be removing her uterus because she is also at risk for endometrial cancer.


Julie was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when she was only 17. When she realized that mainsream medicine would only suppress the symptoms but not heal the disease, Julie began studying how to improve her immune system through diet and alternative treatments. Despite being told that UC is “forever”, Julie managed to heal her colon after ten years of being sick. She knows firsthand what a difference a nutrient-dense diet and ancillary treatments can make. Julie wants to build up her strength and recover quickly from her surgery so that she can get back to teaching cooking classes to kids and training others how to become health educators! Many immune boosting treatments are not covered by insurance. Additionally, she will be responsible for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Julie is self-employed and often works on her feet so we are uncertain when she can start working again, especially if chemotherapy is necessary.


Julie has worked tirelessly on behalf of children and families for the last fifteen years and is a devoted auntie to eight nieces and nephews (plus many more kids). We need her to continue her important work and playing Chutes & Ladders with her nephew who never lets her win. Julie is already thinking of ways that she can transform this difficult diagnosis into an opportunity to help others in similar situations. Giving back to community and finding meaning in this challenging experience keeps her going, as does your love and support.

THE LYNCH (who steals organs):

If you or someone you know has Lynch Syndrome, please feel free to email [email protected] Julie is interested in connecting with other Lynch families and learning how they have handled prevention and treatment for multiple cancers at once.

Her surgery is March 14, 2014 at University of California San Diego, Thornton Hospital.

Thank you very much for the emails and calls in support of Julie. Your love and friendship are carrying her through this difficult journey. We are inviting you to continue with us in prayer for Julie and invite you to contribute funds towards her therapy and recovery.

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For those who prefer, cards and notes, can be mailed to:

Julie Negrin 1670 Kettner Blvd #323  San Diego, CA 92101

Thank you for your support,


Laura Negrin Haleva & Ruthie Grunvald Edelson
The Negrin Family
The Jassen Family
The Grunvald Family

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 17, 2015

Posted on April 17, 2015

Wonderful Supporters! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to post an update. I wanted to wait and see if my six-month appointment yielded good news or bad news before getting too excited about anything. I just had my colonoscopy and ovarian cancer check up and so far, they didn't find anything that indicates the cancer is back. YAHOOO!! Still waiting on the biopsies from the colonoscopy which will be a definitive answer as to whether any cancer is growing but the doctors were not concerned. I also recently had a mammogram and all-body check for melanoma and nothing there either!!

It's been a rough couple of months. I was in survival mode last year and just ploughing through the treatments. But the last couple of months have been hard emotionally. I've had to face the fact that I must get checked every 3 months for the ovarian cancer for the rest of my life. Ovarian cancer is not a great cancer because the cells can escape, hide out in the pelvic area, and grow into tumors down the road. It's also really hard to diagnosis and especially hard in my case because my CA 125 tumor markers were never raised in the first place (this happens in about 20% of ovarian cancer cases). 

But I'm preservering and working part-time at a high school in downtown San Diego where I'm developing a culinary program for at-risk youth. Your donations were so incredibly generous and made such a huge difference in my life. I hope you know that. They got me through 2014 and allowed me to focus on getting better instead of stressing about how I was going to pay the bills!


I still do updates every once in awhile on my blog if you want to check that out. Here is the last one which is kind of old but I may start posting again soon since I'm working on developing content to help other cancer patients through their treatment and post-treatment experience. The post-chemo can be almost as traumatizing as the treatment itself because we are left with no emotional support, no medical attention, and no resources on how to heal our battered bodies. They give the last chemo treatment and say "see ya in three months!" I'd like to help people through this time and busy working on reaching out to colleagues for ideas on how they can contribute.

Latest blog post:

Take care and know that you made a really big difference in my life. Much love, Jules

Posted on February 2, 2015

Posted on February 2, 2015

I'm sorry I haven't posted in here in SO long. I wil post a couple of updates so that you know I'm doing really great! I could not have gotten through this without your support this past year. I feel so incredibly lucky that I had your help!!! I'm starting to work again which I'm thrilled about. My body is still tired a lot so I have to pace myself but all in all, I feel very lucky to have made it through 2014 and getting strong again!!

I don't write a lot of blog posts anymore but you can review them here:

Here is my update from my three-month check up with the doctor. Everything looks good!!! YEAH!!!

GOOD NEWS (YEAH!): My tumor markers (CA-125) are still at 2 which is the number I had when I ended chemo (everyone's baseline is different). It's not the best indicator for me because it was only at 3.25 when I was diagnosed - but it's still awesome that it has not increased in the last few months. My doctor thinks everything else is looking great. They will continue to monitor me every few months with blood tests and reviewing symptoms.

Unfortunately, we won't know if there 
are still some "dormant" cells running around in there - not as easy to track as colon cancer. But I will stay on top of my appts and listen to my body - which I always have but it's crucial from now on. Please listen to YOUR body, get regular check-ups, don't put them off. I'm VERY, VERY lucky that mine was caught relatively early (for ovarian)...VERY lucky. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT during this crazy journey - I've been trying to write a formal thank you blog post but having trouble finding the words. Stay tuned. Will post photo with HAIR soon. LOTS of LOVE & GOOD HEALTH to all of you for 2015. Love, Jules

Posted on August 15, 2014

Posted on August 15, 2014

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've written an update. I have been posting on my blog at if you click on the orange tab that says RSS, you can sign up to received my posts when they come through. I will try to be better about posting here a swell. My most recent post is "Dear Cancer...a letter to you."

I've had a rough couple of weeks. My dad lost four feet of his colon but, thankfully, is doing fantastic. Still hard to be so hard from my family. My parents can't fly to me and I can't fly to them which is torture. I like to be there and take care of them during times like these. I'm 2/3 done with chemo and starting to really feel the side effects. The neuropathy in my fingers is getting to me - tingling, heat, and tenderness makes it difficult to do simple household tasks. But I'm taking high doses of glutamine and getting acupuncture (thanks to your generosity, I can do this!) which is helping. I'm trying to cook a little because it makes me happy and I like to prepare nourishing foods but it's getting more difficult now.

The fatigue is tough and I have some other strange, small symptoms (itchy eyes, skin issues) but all in all, I'm trying to stay positive and enjoy good energy days when they turn up out of the blue like a sunny day in Seattle. I am still getting acupuncture 1-2 times a week which I think has made a HUGE difference in fending off the side effects and keeping me strong. I don't know how I would be making it through this experience without it! And of course, my wonderful support system has been phenomenal. I'm so SO lucky to have all of you rooting for me and giving so generously. Thank you again. I'll try to update again soon. Otherwise, you can find me over at my blog! Much much love, Jules

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