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The Story

A message from Dreux:

In the wake of Dain's accident Friday night, the outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming in the best way.

Here's what we know: we have a fight ahead of us. That's good because Dain has always been a fighter. You can thank Sarah Jane for that.

We also know that we can celebrate each incremental improvement, each instance of courage Dain has shown, and all the love that is being shared with our family.

I'm not going to overstate, or understate, how Dain is doing currently. There were some smiles and some laughter today. The kid can't turn off who he is. We all know that.

The physical challenges aren't insurmountable, but they are very much going to take all of our resolve and all of your continued support. 

"We can do anything together" - that's something he and I have lived by, and that's not changing now.

Dain's spirit is not broken. His body is very damaged. But you WILL see him again, and he will have a hug and a kiss for you. Know those things above all else. 

We love you all right back. Thank you. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 29, 2013

Posted on December 29, 2013

Another great showing last night at the Granada!  The winners from the raffle are posted below.  Don't forget to stop by PapaKeno's or Jefferson's for some tasty food today - 10% of all sales go to the cause!  

Dempsey's Gift Certificate:  Alison Lungstrum
Quinton's Gift Certificate:  Steven Schmille
Lawrence Country Club Brunch for 2:  Dan Watkins
Morningstar Pizza Dinner for 2:  Kirsten Watkins
Gillius Limited Addition Shirt:  Brandi Bell
Hobbs Gift Bag: JD Finch
Mass Relaxation Gift Certificate:  Matt Klein
Studio 511 Cut and Color: Jack Bell
Headmasters Cut and Color:  Penny Baxter
2 KU Basketball Tickets vs. TCU:  Scott Hudnall
Lawrence Country Club - Golf for 4:  Justin Langford
Sporting KC Tickets:  George Haff
Merchants Pub and Plate Dinner:  Kayvon Seraf
The Summit Membership:  Kathleen McKlusky
Taos New Mexico Stay:  Anna Kimbrell

Posted on September 4, 2013

Posted on September 4, 2013

The latest update from Dreux and Dain. Nothing, but truth and love.

On: Days, Nights, and Time Spent

Fully immersed in the rehabilitation process for just shy of two weeks now, it's been a wonder to watch Dain's recovery.
Rather than wax poetical about all of his hard work, I'd prefer to give you a brief "highlight reel" as it were.

Best New Equipment: The Power Wheelchair
What a marvel of modern technology! It tilts back at a 45 degree angle (important for him to do periodically), the 'legs' kick out into a Barcalounger position, it's fast, it has a suspension system...the thing is damn sweet. Oh, and it's comfortable for him. That's kinda important.

Best Quote of the last week: "I could definitely outrun a serial killer in this thing." - spoken over his left shoulder as he burned out down a hallway during his 'driving test'. Unlike his automobile test back in the day, he passed this one on his first try.

Worst Day of Weather: None. If I didn't know better, and you asked me about the weather during our time here, I would paraphrase an old Toni Tone Tony song and say "It never rains in North Western Washington." But it probably wouldn't be a #1 hit.

Old Abilities Re-learned: This has been one of the coolest things to watch. It's cliche to say that we take little things for granted. I think almost everything we do on a daily basis we assume is a given. One of our greatest lessons has been that there is SO much Dain can still do, it's just a matter of learning to do things differently. Brushing his teeth, using a knife, fork and spoon, putting on a t-shirt, checking his email and phone messages ...even drinking a cup of water. These are the moments where you can see his tremendous focus, strength,and resolve. And sometimes frustration. But as we said/laughed about last night, he's only 2 weeks from having part of his spine, yeah. He's incredible.

"Thank You Jesus" moment: There are a lot, but one we get enjoyment out of everyday is that he has no dietary restrictions. His expression during his first bites of bacon was priceless. Last night we snacked on pork belly mac and cheese. Cookie consumption has slowed (we couldn't keep up our initial pace forever), but whole milk consumption has not.

Quintessential Seattle Moment: I've really stepped my espresso game up the last few weeks. While it's emerged slowly over the years (once upon a time I drank Mocha Breve's. Whew.) Dain turned me on to Macchiato's recently, and it's increased my Seattle Street Cred to new well as my heart rate, blood pressure, and general excitability. 3 times a day.

Old Habits Don't Die, They Re-Animate: If we're not sleeping or late-night snacking, we're up watching scary movies (see above quote). Sometimes we do all at once. It's amazing.

Biggest Smile: The day he first began to learn how to use a computer again. We all can agree DC has been a Facebook "trendsetter" over the years...and his desire to see his messages and learn communicate with you all again is enormous. Two days ago he started to sift through his mountain of well-wishes and new friend requests, and I could have used a pair of sunglasses (in Seattle, right?) he was beaming so much.
Thank you for that.

Projected Departure: Right now, our goal is to complete in-patient rehab sometime in late September, barring any setbacks. But this is a book with many chapters. We hope to continue intensive out-patient therapy for the next 12-16 months...the window in which we'll see the most gains and improvements from this severe injury.
It's not a race or a marathon. Just a new journey down a road not often travelled. So stay with us, as companionship is often an Explorer's best resource.

Love to all from our hospital on the hill,
D and D

Posted on August 28, 2013

Posted on August 28, 2013

Week One Update:

Seven days ago Team Dain asked for your help to lift up Dain, Dreux, and Sarah Jane. You responded with more love and support than anyone could have ever imagined. 

Love from Washington and Kansas. Love from old friends, new friends, and people who Dain has never even met. Love in all its possible forms and expressions. Love.

Numbers can't capture what has happened. Words fail far too often. But we will continue to say thank you and to share our progress, the progress we have all made together, as Dain moves forward on his new path. 

Team Dain Supporters: 1,474
Team Dain Contributors: 477
Team Dain Donations: $44,301

Thank you and much love.

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