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The Story

Every fairy tale goes a little something like this: the princess meets up with her prince and they live happily ever after. That’s what we all would like to believe in – happy endings where love wins out and conquers all.

Once upon a time…

Beth, a nursing student at Arizona State, met her best friend, Jason, at a Diamondbacks baseball game. Amid the boisterous crowd and Jason’s equally boisterous friends, Beth and Jason exchanged numbers and so began their relationship. Every day since their first meeting, they had to be together - the princess and her soon-to-be prince.  Their love blossomed as a friendship and grew, over time, into a love story that was meant to be. As Beth tells it, “Jason and I were best friends from the beginning, which is how I knew we would end up married and together forever.” Forever began on October 1, 2009 with a small, simple beach wedding. “Friends forever…united in love” 

Forever is now in jeopardy. This fairy tale love story of Princess Beth and her beloved Prince Jason is being threatened by the evil scepter of cancer. Diagnosed in May of 2012, one year after the sudden death of Beth's mother, this turn of events recast  this princess and her prince into a nightmare. At first, doctors did not know what type of cancer Jason was being ravaged by, nor what his prognosis would be. Princess Beth refused to accept uncertainty; if Beth and Jason were going to battle cancer, she wanted to know details. Amid a flurry of paperwork, MD Anderson was the place to go for an answer, and Beth and Jason got one: ureter cancer, one of the more rare forms of cancer. A rigorous plan for chemo was crafted by a team of doctors – necessary since this form of cancer is so rare. Prince Jason fights to keep going- he has had urostomy tubes to help drain his kidneys when the tumor occluded his ureters, and has recently undergone surgery for a colostomy and pain pump. The deepest and most painful cut- he can no longer hold his 2 year old son, Beckett.

How do you tell a little boy, a precious prince himself, that Daddy is sick, in a fight for his life? That Daddy wants to be there when he learns to play baseball- a passion Daddy loved? Beckett just wants to be nestled in the love and security of Daddy’s arms... his innocence prevents him from understanding that Jason is fighting for the chance to hold him, and Mommy, once again. Yet, even being so innocent, Beckett is perceptive enough to know that something is wrong. He gives Beth and Jason kisses when he sees their tears, and asks "payers {prayers} for my dad?"; he is just like Prince Jason, kind, nurturing and compassionate.

Such a young couple in love with a beautiful son – ready and willing to make a difference in each other’s lives. Princess Beth tends to others’ needs as an ICU nurse, working nights full time to support her family, and attending school part time to become a Nurse Practitioner. Prince Jason delivers messages from loved ones as a UPS employee, although currently on disability. Their plan was to have more children and enjoy their careers, family and count their blessings. 

The medical bills are daunting and multiplying at a staggering rate; just one of Jason’s chemo medications is $9000. In Beth’s own words, “
I have no vacation time at work and I'm not quite sure how we'll do it, but we have to. They (MD Anderson staff) are more hopeful down there and they are the ones that are ordering his chemo. Even with insurance the bills are cumbersome.”

This story isn’t just some fairy tale turned tragic. This is the life Beth, Jason and Beckett now have… and it is life they are willing to fight for but they need more love and more financial help surrounding them to beat an adversary like cancer.

This family deserves a HAPPY ending. The Princess and the Prince, with their little boy, are willing to do the fighting…and for those who are touched by their honest love story, we ask that you help them reach a happy ending by making a contribution to help defray the formidable costs ahead.

“All in all...cancer sucks and it changes everything. What we, at 27 and 31, planned for a year from now has changed completely. We have to take it a day at a time and no further than that.  Sometimes minutes at a time. And at this point, we hope we get another year together. We want more but we've learned that absolutely nothing in this life is guaranteed. So we go on...."

Any donation you can afford is deeply appreciated. Passing along this story of love and hope is appreciated. The ultimate goal is for Jason to recover. The immediate goal is to help defray medical costs so this loving family can focus on positive energy and health rather than anxiety and worry about bills.

With your help, we can help write a line in Beth and Jason’s story:

And the Princess and her Prince, along with their beloved little boy, lived happily ever after.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 16, 2014

Posted on June 16, 2014

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last updated this page and felt I should at least put a brief update. Many of you are following the updates on facebook...not sure who follows what or how often. 

Jason has been deteriorating more all the time. He has become very weak and (surprisingly enough) even more frail. He gets frustrated with how fast he fatigues lately. His pain has become increasingly more difficult to control and I hope that as this progresses the pain is something not only medication, but God will help control. Speaking of God, I watched a documentary the other day about the healing ministries and it literally took me to my knees. In a nutshell, the documentary was about regular people, believers in Jesus Christ, that go out to random people on the street and pray healing over people that are in need of it. There is actual footage of the blind regaining their eyesight, the deaf regaining hearing, tumors disappearing, and those confined to wheelchairs that actually get up and walk...then push their wheelchairs home! It was amazing! Those who were healed were amazed and awed at the power of Jesus' healing mercy. The message from the healing ministers was simple...just go out and do it! Jesus gave us all the tools to perform miracles in this life and to heal the sick through his name. We need only to lay our hands on the sick and command healing to their bodies in the name of the Lord. Several people have prayed healing over Jason lately and while I haven't seen his tumors shrink in front of my eyes, I have seen him go from being in excrutiating pain to falling asleep comfortably within a matter of minutes (after saying he felt a warmth rushing all through his body). All because of the power of prayer. Does everyone get healed? Quite simply the answer is...yes. However, and I've struggled for years to get to this conclusion, the healing doesn't always physically occur in this life.

I believe every situation that occurs in our life is meant to bring us closer to God. Now whether we follow and see the signs is another story. We CONSTANTLY try to fight God and think we know better...we don't even know we do it. We call that voice inside of us intuition..telling us, advising us against something we want. But then when we choose what WE think we need and it crashes and burns, we blame God for our troubles. Why me? Why are you letting this suffering occur? But if we listened to that "intuition" advising us against something, perhaps we would see that God was trying to intervene and save us from that suffering in the first place. We do have free will after all. I'm not trying to create a parallel between having cancer and ignoring God...therefore you get cancer. Absolutely not...that's not it at all. My point is simply that we need to let God lead. Give up trying to be in control of your crazy life (I'm a prime example of this NEED for practice!) and ask God to take you where your MEANT to go. The understanding will come later and ask that your understanding be lead by faith. We have an entirely loving and compassionate God who is likened in Scripture to a parent. When we suffer, he suffers. When we hurt, he hurts. When our hearts ache for peace, God's heart aches for us to reach out to him for it. Its there just waiting for us to recieve it. And the best part is that it's free! It comes with no strings attached, no conditions...his love is simply unconditional. We need only let him in and start listening. I'm working on that part...listening. Listening to God's timing instead of insisting on my's a work in progress but I hope I'm getting better. 

So, let God lead you where you are MEANT to be. Whether that takes you to Africa, to a new job, or to the bedside of someone dying from cancer....let GOD lead you and figure out the rest with him when the time comes. I think what has helped me through this the most is realizing that GOD didn't allow this to happen and that I have never truly been alone through this experience. Not only have we met some amazing people who are now great friends, but GOD has walked me through this. HE has known this suffering and he's always been there...even when I was mad at him and didn't know if I should believe anymore. He never left me...instead he sent me answers to my prayers and sent signs that I prayed to see. He listened, he answered me, and he loved me through it all. Even through my doubts. I didn't deserve it and I don't deserve it now, but I know GOD will love me (me=my family ;) ) through whatever comes. This is true for all God's children...for every single person that walks this earth. We need only let GOD lead. 

Posted on April 12, 2014

Posted on April 12, 2014

It is with much regret that I tell everyone that Jason is not doing well. He had a procedure Monday to remove an infected port-a-cath and afterwards has had issues with bowel obstruction again. What this means condensed...we are back to the beginning. Back to where the hospice journey began. Ive had a sickening feeling in my heart for about a week and I just feel like this might be the end of the road. Granted, we have been here before and God gave us the miracle of time. I can only hope and pray for that again. The only caveat to that prayer is who exactly I'm praying for and who it is benefitting. Jason has fought this battle arduously and with great optimism. Until recently he has been that he is tired. He is tired of hurting and of having to rely so much on others for his daily care. It pains him to not be able to participate in life the way he's used to and he just wants to feel normal again. If love could fix him, he'd be fixed...we all know that. But God has other plans...don't ask me what they are because I haven't a clue. I only wish I could understand. So, this will be my prayer.
(It is easier for me to write this now because I don't know if I'll have it in me later. )

Dear God, 

Please send your Holy Spirit down upon Jason and our family. Wrap him in your heavenly mercy and love. Comfort him with your fatherly warmth in both his waking and restful hours. Hold him in your arms and take away his pains, his frustrations, and all of his worries. Love him as only you can and let him feel the strength and power of that love. 

Please give our family the strength to be strong for Jason through these days. Give us smiles to replace our tears and happy thoughts to replace the sad memories that cancer has left us with. May we always remember and be ever thankful for the time we have had together. Time no one said we would have, but were blessed with by your grace alone. We know that it is not from this physical world that we come, but from our true home in heaven. And that we will all be called home to you at some point in this journey of life. If it is time for Jason to come home, please greet him with open arms. Please allow his most beloved friends and family that have gone before him to show him the way and keep him in line! ;) We also know God that there is no sorrow, no pain, no time in your heavenly home. Jason will know he will see us all if no time has ever passed. However, those of us left behind will feel the pain of physical time. Please grant us the strength to remember his laugh, his touch, his courage, his loving nature, and give us the courage to go forth with life sharing the gifts Jason will leave with us all. Just as Jason wants us to. We thank you for keeping Jason with us this long and we are all blessed to have borrowed time. Please keep him with us as long as Jason wants and needs to be here. For this I pray with my most sincere heart. 


This is my prayer is written from my heart and it is how I feel I've prayed for a long while...I hope it will be yours as well. 

Thank you for all the prayers thus far 

Posted on February 7, 2014

Posted on February 7, 2014

Sorry it has taken a while for me to write any updates! Spring semester has started for me again and between taking care of the boys, homework, tests, and working out going back to work I've been pulled ten ways from Thursday! goes. 

Jason had a difficult recovery period after his most recent hospitalization. He was diagnosed with sepsis, which is an umbrella term for a very serious bloodstream infection that has created systemic effects, and became deathly ill. He was given aggressive iv fluids, blood, and antibiotics. After a week or so at home he started to improve little by little. Then this past week we all got sick with whatever this nasty bug is that's going around. Beckett had horrible fevers and respiratory problems, which Jason inevitably got. My body was able to fight through the respiratory stuff but unfortunately I got the stomach portion of that bug. It was not pretty for any of us! We pretty much quarantined our house, took baths in Lysol, and drank green tea and mucinex like it was goin' out of style! Jason is still somewhat sick, battling the chest congestion, but hopefully he will kick it soon! I made sure he was on antibiotics quickly and started him on breathing treatments, decongestants, etc right away so I'm hoping that helped. We shall see. He still battles pain on a daily basis with the pressure in his pelvic area being the worse. He had a nerve block performed on Christmas Day and it helped somewhat, but we may be looking at needing to do that again. Jason really doesn't want to do it because he says it hurt, but if it helps as much as it did the first time it's worth it. Jason understands that too and we will just have to see where this goes. 

Now the serious, mushy stuff...

Jason and I have talked a lot about the past lately. Some of it is reminiscing on fun times while other times it's a deserperate inward attempt to mentally retrieve those days again. We look at pictures and Jason doesn't see 'Jason' anymore. He sees someone that is frail, thin, and has "tubes everywhere". He sees someone broken. We've spent a lot of time, usually at night after Beckett is asleep, talking about that. I listen to his frustrations, his tears, and I cry with him sometimes because I feel frustrated too. But then I remind Jason of what I see. I see my best friend. I see a kind, genuine hearted young man that loves me with a passion unparalled. I see a fierce young man who looked defeat in the eye and has refused to lose the game to cancer's rules. I see the person I love unconditionally. I see the person that, one day, I will have to love enough to let him go. And I pray every day for that day to be a long ways away. But at the end of the day I still see Jason. Just the way I've loved him for all these years! Always have, always will! 

And Jason usually apologizes to me, "I'm sorry you have to go through this. If you wouldn't have met me, you wouldn't have to deal with this.". And I understand that too but I would do again in a second. There have been so many good things that have come from this journey. Beckett being the biggest blessing of all! Any other choice or path I could've chosen would never have ended up with that little angel being in our lives. He has made some of our darkest moments brighter and has given me reasons to smile when I didn't feel as if I'd ever smile again. I wish I could have the same life, same people, just different circumstances. Cancer sucks...take that away! All I know is that God has a great plan in action here. I've struggled with that thought for a long time now...succumbing to God's plan and praying for that instead of my own plans. But it says so in our Lord's prayer, "thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven"...thy will, not my will. No matter how much I want to change it, my plan could never be better. Because God sees things we cannot and puts things in motion to bring us closer to Him. "The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs- heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him." Romans 8:16-17. 

Keep praying! We feel it and we need it! Pray for better days of comfort specifically for Jason and days where he can spend some time with Beckett. Beckett really wants that. Breaks my heart to see him miss out on it. No kid should have to endure this kind of pain but Beckett is tough and he is doing ok. Just pray for my boys please! Thank you to everyone that has donated so has made a huge difference in Jason's care. 

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