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The Story

**Please look under the UPDATES to see more of what has gone on since April 6th.**

*** Updates can also be found at RYAN SCHANZ'S BRAIN CANCER BATTLE on Facebook***

On Monday, April 6, 2015 Ryan had a seizure at work and was rushed to the hospital where a mass was discovered on his brain. By Friday, April 10th surgery was performed to remove the tumor. Surgery went well, but a week and a half later, Ryan was told the unfortunate news, his tumor was malignant and would require additional treatment.

Ryan would like this to be a place where people can leave positive messages of support. We will do our best to keep this page updated during his fight against cancer. Any funds raised will help cover the cost of his hospital stay, his treatments, and our travel to appointments.

A note from Ryan (5/1/2015) - 

Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, and gestures over the past few weeks. What we've experienced could not be more unexpected, but our ability to press forward has been driven by the amazing friends, family, and medical professionals around us.

Many of you are aware of the timeline of events; most of you may recall more than I do. I'll never remember many of the things that occurred. For those of you unaware of my current status, please rely on our updates to Facebook to keep up to speed. As we move forward there will continue to be questions without answers and changes to the procedures and fight I'm engaging. We will continue to need all the love and support you can give, but a constant cycle of discussing our battle and answering questions can be overwhelming. A beautiful life will be one lived focusing on each day and cherishing the people we have around us, not dwelling on things beyond our control.

We will tackle this in every way we can, but any additional support can alleviate some unavoidable stress. We will rely on you to share our story with others to help keep the story moving.

We truly appreciate and value all of your ongoing support and thank you in advance for understanding our need to share my battle as we are comfortable and able. There's no predicting what direction this will go, our focus will remain on being positive and how to be an amazing family while still given the opportunity.

Ryan Schanz 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 24, 2018

Posted on April 24, 2018

3 years.

April 5, 2015- It was Easter, Ryan felt great. We spent the day in Mason with family. The next day, our lives changed forever.

With Glioblastoma, not many people make it to three years with no recurrence. On April 6th we saw Ryan's oncologist and again his MRI was clear, no signs of recurrence‼️‼️‼️


You would think the longer you go without it coming back, the easier it would get. You think maybe it won't come back. Unfortunately, we know that GBM always comes back, you just never know when. Today it felt like we were holding our breath all day and when we got the good news we could finally breathe again. It doesn't get easier.

For now, Ryan will continue his monthly Temozolomide and get his routine MRI every couple of months, the same plan we've followed for about two and a half years now. Here's to another year fighting the good fight against brain cancer. Hopefully Ryan's story will provide hope to those just beginning their battles!

Posted on February 27, 2018

Posted on February 27, 2018

We want to share something really exciting for us... we bought a piece of property today! Land where we hope to someday build our next home.
This is something that we wanted to accomplish a few years ago, right around the time Ryan was given his cancer diagnosis. Ryan and I are both planners, but cancer changed all that. After his diagnosis, Ryan would joke that he was only planning three days out. If the topic of moving ever came up, he'd say, "let's do what's best for you and the boys" because the statistics had us so scared that he might not be around to be part of buying our next home or purchasing land. Now, almost three years later, we're ready to follow through on some of those plans we made together so many years ago. We're ready, but we're also anxious because with brain cancer, you can't make any plans without considering the what-ifs and even waiting a year to build seems like a really long time.

Our new lot is in a great location for our family, right near our oldest son's elementary school (right now we do school of choice). Our goal had been to move before he started kindergarten, but our new goal is to at least move before our youngest son goes to kindergarten (fall of 2019). For now, we'll drive by our land almost daily and daydream about our future home 🏡

Posted on January 8, 2018

Posted on January 8, 2018

When we decided to put Ryan's MRI off until after the holidays we didn't really expect it to get scheduled for first thing on January 2nd.
When we got the results yesterday, his oncologist had barely walked through the door when he said, "you're good again".
Then came the usual conversation of what to do next... We all agree that because Ryan tolerates his chemo so well, he should just keep taking it monthly (which his oncologist reminded us again that he really has no data to support this). With Glioblastoma, there aren't many long term treatment plans to prevent a recurrence. For now we'll take Ryan's clear MRI as a win in the battle against GBM!

We just hope for continued health and happiness in 2018 and hope the same for all of you! Thanks for the support, the likes, the comments and for sharing in our journey!

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