Support For Darcie (Diagnosed With Leukemia on 09/04)

For: Darcie Santoro (Valliere)
Organizer: Jaclyn Mullen, Childhood Best Friend
Support For Darcie (Diagnosed With Leukemia on 09/04)  (Darcie Santoro (Valliere) )
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The Story

It's been a little over two week's since Darcie Santoro was diagnosed with Leukemia! At the age of 33, with her husband by her side and her 2 small children being taken care of by grandparents, she is in a fight for her life.

Darcie is currently in the hospital receiving chemotherapy treatment and the long road ahead of her also includes aftercare.

She is not able to work for an indefinite amount of time and her medical bills are already mounting. Her diagnosis has left so many asking what they can do to help. I set up this fundraising website to help with those expenses so she and her family can focus on her getting better and not on how they will be able to afford to save her life.

No donation is too small or too large. Please Help Darcie!

***All of the money raised here goes DIRECTLY to Darcie via her Paypal account. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 17, 2014

Posted on November 17, 2014

Update #4 comes with some long awaited and great news, Darcie found out last Wednesday that she is in remission! Her last biopsy showed no sign of the Leukemia in her bone marrow.

As you can imagine, she and her family are beyond happy and feel like the future is suddenly brighter. She will need 3 more rounds of chemotherapy, every 21 days, starting on November 17th. After that, she will have another biopsy to make sure the Leukemia has not returned.

Darcie has been feeling very good both physically and mentally since returning from her 2nd, week long trip to the hospital for a neutropenic fever she developed while her blood counts were extremely low. She says these past couple of weeks are the best she's felt since about April.

These last 3 rounds of chemo will come with their side affects and Darcie will most likely be ill again just in time for the holidays but she is ready to get on with it and get it over with. If her next biopsy is clear, she will need checkups with her oncologist once a month and then less frequently as the years gone on if all remains well. 25% of people with AML will make it to the 5 year post diagnosis mark, Darcie knows that is a low number but based on her age, health and genetic testing, she believes she will make it to 5 years and beyond.

On behalf of Darcie and her family, we want to thank all of you again for the tremendous outpouring of love and support that has been shown to them during her illness, every donation, text, email, card, meal, prayer, well wish, etc. has meant so much to them. She promises to get thank you cards out to all of you as soon as she can.

Please join us and/or spread the word that on November 30th from 4 til 8 p.m. at Pizza NY Margherita in Gainesville, the owner, our good friend from high school will donate a portion of the proceeds from that evening towards Darcie's YouCaring fund. Please wear orange (the color that represents Leukemia) to show your support for Darcie.

Posted on October 14, 2014

Posted on October 14, 2014

Here's the latest update on Darc...
Your good vibes and well wishes have been felt, Darcie was released from the hospital last Tuesday and was allowed to return to the comforts of her home for now. She is so happy to be with her children and sleeping in her own bed.

Unfortunately, this will be short lived, Darcie found out last Thursday that her first round of chemo killed the leukemia but it has already returned. She started another round of chemo on Monday, this is done as an outpatient Monday,Wednesdayand Fridaymorning, with another dose administered at home, in the middle of the night by her husband.Tuesdayand Thursdayshe goes to the Doctor for blood work and hydration. 

Monday, October 20th, she will consult with a specialist to have a stem cell transplant. Eddie and Darcie are also in communication with Johns Hopkins in Maryland, MD Anderson in Texas and Sloan Kettering in New York, these are 3 of the top cancer centers in the world and they are looking for a 2nd opinion on her condition and how to treat it properly, her condition is very serious and survival the most important, she is not scared of treatment but is terrified of leaving her young children without a mother.
Darcie and her family are truly grateful for the enormous amount of love and support they continue to receive from family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers in the form of cards, donations, gifts, dinners, emails, texts, offers for rides to doctors appointments, offers to donate bone marrow and blood, even a personal video message from a cancer survivor that she has admired since childhood, Lance Armstrong!
Speaking of kindness, to date your donations have helped us raise over $7,000 for Darcie. THIS IS IMPRESSIVE. And we need to keep the donations coming! Her Doctor told her from the beginning that fighting this cancer is her new full time job for the better part of the next year and fighting cancer is extremely expensive even with insurance.
To help us continue to fundraise, our high school classmate Marco D'Agostino is helping us host a Pizza Fundraiser in Darcie's honor. Considering her recent pizza cravings and since we grew up eating Marco's family's pizza weekly, I thought this would be a fun way to FUNdraise! 
Please mark your calendars for Sunday 11/30from 4:00-8:00 pmas we Dine for Darcie at Pizza NY Margherita, 5115 Wellington Road, Gainesville, VA. A portion of the proceeds from our dining will be donated to Darcie's You Caring fund AND if you know of anyone who would be able to match the amount that we raise, that would be WONDERFUL! All are invited to join us and believe me, this pizza is delicious!
I plan to let the local papers and news know about this event. Please help get the word out in any way you can and show the community how we are coming together from all walks of life to support our friend! 
Again, thank you for all your love and support! 

Posted on October 1, 2014

Posted on October 1, 2014

Second update: AGAIN, a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE round of thanks to EVERYONE who has donated to Darcie's campaign! 

I received an email from Darcie's mom today with another update and wanted to share a snippet:

"Hi, well, Darcie has lost all her hair.  Her cute haircut on Tuesdaythe 23rd, lasted only 2 days.   She looks good otherwise, though.  However, her white blood count has to be at a certain level before she can go home, and the count is rising ever so slowly, and actually went down today 

As of now, she's lived in the hospital longer than in her new house. Fridayshe'll have another bone marrow biopsy and the doctors will probably start another round of chemo, so not going home for 21 days in between chemo treatments is out of the question.

Keep those prayers coming - they are REALLY, REALLY needed right now."

As Darcie awaits this next round of chemo, she can receive cards and trust me, they mean so much to her! If you have yet to send her a card in the hospital but would like to do so, please message me via You Caring or Facebook and I will provide you with the address.

I am working with a friend of ours from highschool who owns a pizzeria to host a fundraiser for Darc in November (most likely the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend). Once that is finalized, I will share the details here. 

God bless you all, thank you for supporting Darcie. 

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Support For Darcie (Diagnosed With Leukemia on 09/04)

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