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The Story

Stephanie Pryor is a 26 year old single mother of two children. Layla is 9 and Landon is 6. Stephanie is known by all, and loved by many, including her father, siblings, and children. On Sunday, September 23, 2012 she had a four-wheeling accident which sent her into the ICU at East Texas Medical Center. She was at a baby shower in Flint, TX and was riding around on ATV's with a friend. Dust was getting in her face so she decided to take another route. When Stephanie did not arrive at their meeting spot, her friend went to go check on her and found the ATV on her. The handlebars were laying on her neck cutting off the oxygen. By the time she got to Stephanie, she wasn't conscious or breathing. Her friend Mary was not able to get the 800 lb ATV off of her so she had to run back to the house to get help. They were able to get the ATV off. There was a woman by the name of Lindsey who brought her back to life by preforming CPR. We can't even begin to thank all of the people involved in the time from Stephanie being found to this moment. As of today, Thursday the 27th, she is still not breathing fully on her own and is currently in a coma. She is making progress with her movements and activity. We are praying and hoping for the best of recovery for her. We are asking for help due to her lack of insurance and the amount of time that she will be in rehabilitation once she is released from the hospital. All donations will be sent directly to a donation account through Chase and used for Stephanie's recovery as she will need to be in an assisted living rehabilitation facility to undergo vigerous therapy to regain what she lost in the accident. Here is a link that you can follow to understand more about Stephanie's injury and what treatment is needed. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, The Pryor Family

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 4, 2012 by Pryor Family
We have scheduled a benefit at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tyler, where Stephanie worked for three and a half years for November 26th. We will have a car wash, silent auction, and a wing eating contest. We need pledges for the wing eating contest, and item donations for the silent auction if anyone is interested! We need 3 firefighters and 3 police officers to sign up fot the wing eating contest so get the word out and let us know and we will shoot you all the details! The rehabilitation facility will be coming tomorrow to evaluate Stephanie and we are hoping that they will accept her into the program. As of now, each day is a struggle and we are still fighting for her recovery. We are hoping that with rehabilitation, she will be more manageable and will have a better chance at a normal life. Her two children miss her more every day and we need her in a state of mind where they are able to visit her more frequently.
Also, we will be hosting another benefit sale, hopefully next weekend. The money is running low as her medication is costly. We need more items and if you are willing to volunteer some of your time to help organize the sale or even help during the sale.
Thanks again everyone for your time, donations, and mostly, your prayers.

Posted on October 14, 2012 by Pryor Family
Sorry for the delay in the update, everyone is juggling kids, flu season, and taking care of Steph. Stephanie will be coming home to Jennifer's on Wednesday. As she is not yet following commands 100%, she is unable to attend a rehabilitation program. We will be training to be able to meet all of her needs, as there is no longer any medical need to keep her at the hospital. She has started to follow some commands, even kissing Jennifer on the cheek. :) She is progresssing daily and we still need everyones thought's and prayers. The garage sale is still scheduled for next weekend (19th-20th) We still need donations and we need them all in by wednesday so that we can label everything! 
Call Jennifer to pick up your donations at 903-372-8014

Posted on October 8, 2012 by Pryor Family
As of today, the hospital has informed us that they will be discharging Stephanie into our care, possibly by the end of the week. She is still not following commands so they cannot send her on to rehabilitation. We do not want her going into a nursing home, that is just not an option, so she will be going to Jennifer's where we can hopefully get her to start following commands and get her into rehab so that she can relearn motor skills and speech. We had to hire a professional aid to sit with her at the hospital during the day when we are unable to be there because she is still aggressively fighting for her freedom!
The aid will continue caring for her once we get her home, and we will have to pay for her extended care through this fund so PLEASE continue to donate!
Also, we are taking donations of items to have a sale in effort to raise more money. We are hoping to have enough to have the sale Oct 19-20, so please let us know if you have nay items you would like to donate. We will pick them up or you can drop them off! 

Thanks everyone!

Posted on October 8, 2012 by Pryor Family
As of today, the hospital is wanting to send Stephanie home possibly by the end of the week. She is still not following commands, so they cannot send her to rehabilitation. We had to hire a full time professional aid to sit with her and the hospital during the day because she had started to try and remove her IV, Trach, and her restraints. The aid will continue to work with Stephanie when she is sent home, and we are hoping that she will begin to follow commands so that she can go on to rehab and gain all of her motor functions and speech.
We will be paying for her care with this fund so please continue to donate and spread the word! also, we are still taking donations of items to have a sale for her. We are pushing for the 19-20th, so please let us know where to pick up your items before then, or drop them off at Jennifer's.
Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and donations, Stephanie's recovery depends on all of you and your help! 

Posted on October 7, 2012 by Pryor Family
Stephanie has been moved out of ICU into trauma recovery. She has been breathing fully on her own, but they still have 28% oxygen going in to her tube. She is determined to get out of her bed and is not liking the fact that she has no control of her movements. We are asking that everyone please give her some time to get through this stage of recovery and hold off on visiting her.

Posted on October 4, 2012 by Pryor Family
9:17am She came out of surgery just fine! They took her completely off of sedation and she was WIDE awake!! It was a beautiful thing to see after 10 hard days. She is looking at us, making great eye contact and trying to get out of her restraints. It's still a long road ahead, but progress is being made!

Posted on October 3, 2012 by Pryor Family
We are asking for more prayers today. They found a bleeding ulcer in her stomach yesterday and started treating that. Today they started the stimulant to aid her in breathing on her own. All seemed to be going well until she began vomiting blood. They have received consent to use a camera into her stomach to locate the source and hopefully quickly and easily fix it. 
Everyone continue praying as we navigate through this difficult stage of her recovery and look for the best possible outcome. 
Look for another update later when we are able to see how the procedure went.

Posted on October 2, 2012 by Pryor Family
Update 11:01pm - They started to wean her off the respirator today and didnt have the best results with it and they want to try a stimulant tomorrow to see if it helps. My father noticed today that if you call her or talk to her that she will turn her head towards you. The Docs were talking about long term treatment which will be almost impossible without funding because she does not have insurance. So please everyone keep praying, donating, and sending your thoughts. We appreciate all the support that we are receiving. We created a flyer and if you can take it and pass it around and give it to churches that would also be appreciated  The link to the flyer in the following formats pdf, doc, and docx so that if you have word or adobe reader you can still open it and print it.

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Pryor Family
Today  we have learned that they have put a hold on transfering stephanie to the neuro ICU because she is better of in the trauma ICU. Right now the are focusing on her breathing and because of that they feel it is best to keep her there until she is more stable. She was opening her eyes and having more body movements  today but it seems she has no control over them. We are starting to understand that this is going to be a long road to recovery. Were all sad but know she is strong and with the best treatment available we have faith she will one day pull through. Tommorow morning she will have the feeding tube put in place through her stomach which will be more comfortable for her. We ask for prayers so she makes it through without complications. Thanks for everyones support.

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Pryor Family
10:30pm Stephanie is making more progress today she received a feeding tube in her stomach and had no complications with it. Also, The Docs are talking about weaning her off of the respirator over the next couple days. Her eyes are able to focus a little more and, although, she can not focus yet they say it appears as though she is starting to fixate on things with her eyes. Mainly just lights but it is progress.
Thank you everyone for your prayers, your thoughts, and your donations The Pryor Family appreciates every bit of it and it really does help.

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