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The Story

Dear Family & Friends-

Barbara's life was forever changed on Sunday evening, November 24th, when she was the pedestrian victim of a hit-n-run driver.   She was taking the bus home from the country club, where she had just spent the day doing what she loves to do, making others happy through food. 

We are extrmely blessed that she survived and are now living the realities of dealing with the short and long term effects of her Traumatic Brain Injury, broken bones, damaged organs and everything else that will prevent her from stepping foot in a kitchen, to earn a living, for at least a year.  She will be at U KY Medical Center at least through the end of the year, and many months of inpatient, then outpatient therapy throughout 2014.

Barbara worked as a Chef in two different kitchens (Keeneland Race Track & the Andover Country Club), to help support "That's How We Roll", her beloved food truck. Unfortunately, like most small business owners, Barb does not have health insurance. 

With no income, and no health insurance, we are doing what we can, as a family, to provide financial support for both Barbara, and her son, Michael, but it's way beyond our means. 

Any contribution is a blessing and greatly appreciated.  Words cannot expresss how grateful we are, as a family, of your love and support during this challenging time. 

With Love & Gratitude-
The Screeney Family

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 3, 2015

Posted on August 3, 2015

Barbara tries to accomplish normal tasks (i.e. pre-accident activities) in spite of living with constant pain.  In addition to the broken bones and head trauma Barbara suffered injuries to her kidneys and spleen.  As a result, her Urologist has tried different procedures to alleviate severe bladder issues. Although to date, the procedures have failed, we are hoping the next one succeeds so that Barbara can get a full night's sleep.   Other issues include extreme pain in her right foot and in her left leg.  Even though she has had many tests, (x-rays, MRIs etc.) and extensive therapy her pain has not ceased or eased.  We have seen several specialists and their conclusion seems unfavorable with one exception.  Her Spine Specialist has recommended Cortisone shots.  Barb is on a waiting list for this process and we are hoping it works. Meanwhile she still wears the very fashionable purple brace and a collection of compression stockings.
Every day free of doctor appointments or therapy Barbara works in her vegetable garden or does household chores.  She stays in contact with friends mostly through facebook.  Recently, a friend called her with news that her teenage Godson drowned and the family couldn't afford a funeral.  Barbara initiated a fund raiser for the family.  She met with the food Truck coordinator and contacted the local NBC news station.  The food trucks donated their day's proceeds, Barbara was interviewed on live tv and the family was able to put their son to rest.  Barbara is once again a local celebrity.  We arrive at a doctor's office or in a store and people say, "I saw you o TV".
Barbara's memory and comprehension have improved but, still have a very long way to go.  Her primary mental exercise is playing Words With Friends.  She usually has several games going simultaneously. So if anyone wants another Words partner just send her a FB message.
Once again thank you for your prayers and donations.  Since employment is not in the forseeable future we are extremely grateful for your support.  Remember to keep Barbara in your prayers.

Posted on May 18, 2015

Posted on May 18, 2015

It has been one and a half years since Barbara suffered horrific injuries.  Over the course of this time she has endured therapy, multiple tests, medical procedures, and various medications. While her memory is getting stronger she still  has a long way to go before she regains comprehensive skills and short term memory.  She has progressed physically as well as mentally until this past week.  She now seems to be in the most pain since her release from the hospital.  Last week she saw 4 doctors: neurologist,  urologist, nerve specialist and spine specialist. After it was determined that she has nerve damage and a pinched nerve she was prescribed nerve medication to ease her pain but it doesn't seem to be helping.  She has left a message for the Neurologist who prescribed the nerve med and is waiting for a response.  This morning we were able to get her PC's office but, because she has two dental appointments this week, (one of which is surgery) she cannot be seen until Friday.  Pool therapy has been recommended but Barbara cannot climb up the stairs to her pool deck so we are waiting for a call from the Rehabilitation hospital.  She has also been referred to Pain Management so that's another call that we expect. The spine doctor has referred Barbara for a series of steroid shots to relieve the pain caused by damaged vertebrae.  We are waiting for that call as well.   Meanwhile she has been taking Tylenol regularly between the doses of Tramadol.

In spite of her pain she is being typical Barbara.  Her young friend next door was hurt during his Little League game yesterday.  So Barbara is baking him cupcakes in ice cream cones decorated with frosting, sprinkles and cherries so they look like Carvel Cones. 

Please keep Barbara in your thoughts and prayers with hope that she will soon feel better.

Posted on March 24, 2015

Posted on March 24, 2015

The New Year has been very busy for Barbara. She spent a few weeks in New York after the holidays. Once she was home UK Dental began preparation to repair the damage done to her teeth. During the extraction surgery several broken bones were found in her gums. The surgeon was able to remove the splints before inserting the temporary bridge for her lower teeth. Barb thought the students did an amazing job creating her temporary apparatus!

A recent visit to the Spine Clinic revealed additional problems including some scoliosis, collapse of disc height, fluid 
collection surrounding her right hip bone, irritation of nerves due to weak discs. Additional therapy for hip was added to the mix to alleviate her pain while standing and walking. Therapy continues on her shoulder where surgery was performed to reduce swelling and scar tissue. She also continues therapy for her lower right and left legs.

Barbara's neurologist increased her memory medication and I have noticed her cognitive skills improving.

Through all this she remains in good spirits. March Madness brackets are keeping her busy! This week she is testing a batter for cannoli shells for a customer order.

In a few weeks she will be travelling to Kansas City for Liz's confirmation and Sweet Sixteen.


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