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The Story

My good friend George Wallace has cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. To have such a fate put upon someone, at such a young age, is so utterly devastating to his family, friends and loved-ones it’s beyond comprehension. George is only 48- years old.

George’s disease has progressed to the point that he is now unable to complete normal day-to-day tasks without 24-hour care from others. He currently has the use of only 35% of his heart pumping to keep him alive.

George is currently on the heart transplant list. But that could take time – time, which George doesn’t have. George’s other option is Stem Cell Therapy, which has proven to be successful for many others who so desperately want to live. This procedure uses George’s own stem cells to heal his heart and bring it back to near normal function. The only catch is that his insurance company won’t pay for the procedure.

It’s sad when we let corporations determine if someone should live or die because without this procedure – George’s chances of living are very slim. It costs $70,000. George needs $35,000 by January 10th and another $35,000 by January 20th.

Because so many friends and family have been asking about donating to George’s cause, I decided to set up this site as a good way to organize fundraising efforts. If the tables were turned, many of you know George would do the same for you, in a heartbeat (no pun intended).

Please donate what you can to help George live.

A sincere thank you from the loved ones of George Wallace

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 15, 2014

Posted on April 15, 2014

I apologize for not updating everyone sooner but I have been taking time to heal. With all the procedures complete, I am feeling GREAT! I have not felt this good in a long, long time. Every day I seem to feel a little better. Besides fighting a few bronchial problems, my health and energy level is the best it has ever been for about a year. It is hard to express the gratitude I have for all those who supported me during this time. If anyone out there doubts there are good people left in our world, just take a moment and take a look at the supporters list on my “you caring” web site. This has been an incredible journey, made only possible by all those who supported me. I cannot thank everyone enough, your prayers and support has touched my heart and I pray your generosity be repaid 100 times over. As I continue to heal I will keep everyone updated. I have returned to work, and taking one day at a time, as some days I get a little tired as I take on more tasks. It is crazy how well I feel and I’m thanking God every day for the blessings he is giving me. Family and supporters, know that you all have made this possible, you have blessed my family, and raised a sick man back to his feet, so he is again able to support his loved ones and continue his life journey, paying forward what has been blessedly bestowed upon him. I smile when I look at all the names of the supporters, some of them classmates from years ago, which is just incredible to know the caliber of individuals that came from a little east side high school in San Jose. Some are people that have never met me, which was mind blowing. My dear friends, family and job, have made me feel so deeply loved as well, it is just beyond incredible. I wish everyone could experience this feeling and I pray I can one time be a part of something as monumental as this has been for me. All of you have made such an incredible impact on my life; I cannot thank you enough for what you have given to me.

People’s acts of kindness can change the lives of those they direct it towards. May God bless you all and your families as you move forward through time, knowing you have done a great thing in someone’s life that will never be forgotten.
Love,  George

Posted on January 18, 2014

Posted on January 18, 2014

We have the most exciting update yet!! Several people have been asking and we now have the answer, and it is moving fast. With everyone’s generous donations we have reached the first portion of our goal $35,000! This has allowed us to pay the first portion for the procedure and to get started!! I cannot tell you how overwhelmingly grateful we are as we pack our bags for the Dominican. All of your hard work has made it possible for us to begin the journey to healing George’s heart and removing the need for a transplant.

As contributions continue to come in to pay for the balance of this procedure, we also ask for all of your prayers (more than ever) in the week to come. George’s first procedure and surgery will be on Tuesday and Wednesday   (1/21&1/22) with your prayers and God’s hand, this week should be full of great changes.  This is truly a miracle that you are creating and we love you for it. Thank you for keeping the Apple Of My Eye in my life!!!! God Bless You!!!!!

Posted on January 14, 2014

Posted on January 14, 2014

We have an incredible update to share with everyone!  The amazing outpour of support has taken us even closer to our goal. With new outside donations coming in totaling $20,000 and fundraising sites up to $8,180 our total is…$28,180!!!

Everyone’s love and generosity has us almost half way there, which we are forever grateful and cannot express enough our thanks! I pray everyone will be as blessed as we are to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Please continue to share with all, so they know how much everyone’s help continues to make George’s surgery a reality.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Janet

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Saving George Wallace's Life

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