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The Story

It's time for all of us to pull together and extend the same support that Nita Makris and her family/staff of the Stage Stop, in Rockin' Raleigh, have offered to the community countless times over many, many years. We all know Ricky, aka "Slick Rick", as he's always been a part of the Stage Stop experience. Whether you've seen him spinning tunes, introducing the next band or just acting silly to instigate a good time, you know he's a great guy.

What you may or may not know is that he is recovering at The Med from gunshot wounds sustained while intervening a robbery that took place in the Stage Stop parking lot. Details will not be disclosed at this time as all of the events that took place are currently under investigation.

What we do know is that Ricky's recovery will be extensive and just with anyone who's lost the ability to work, bills will start to accumulate at a rapid pace. Ricky does NOT have any insurance that covers "out of work" expenses. This is where WE come in...all of us who've spent quality time at the Stage Stop over the years rockin' out to the soundtrack of our lives.

Nita and Ricky have hosted many fundraising events for numerous people of our community...chances are good you've attended a few yourself. With every charity event, from each annual MDA Jam or for just one individual in need, Ricky gets on the mic and encourages everyone to reach down in their pockets to pull whatever money they can as it always goes towards the greater good.

How about we pull together and do the same for him? Some can donate more, others maybe less but the one thing to remember is this: NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL! Every single bit helps!

Feel free to include a message with your donation. Ricky will see all of your words of encouragement which will only help him feel that much better!

Please donate as much as you can and keep Slick Rick in your prayers.

Thanks :)

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 16, 2014

Posted on August 16, 2014

Hello all,

It's been awhile since I've posted an update but this has only been because you have all had access to speak with Ricky directly for some time now.

If you haven't, I am happy to report that he is recovering remarkably well. He has since left Nita’s residence and is now back at his own home where he has resumed life with his favorite, four-legged friend. It will be some time before life as he knows it resumes however, under certain restrictions, he has been cleared by his physician for light activity.

This will be my final post as the fundraiser will be coming to a close within the next 48 hours. And although technically it’s an “update”, it’s really just a last and final THANK YOU…

Every one of you made a difference in Ricky’s ability to survive the horrid events that he had to endure. Whether you made a donation to his fundraiser or took time out of your busy day to ask God to help bring him and his family through this traumatic event, you all didn’t make a difference, you made


I spoke with Ricky yesterday and again, just as he says every time we talk, he said, “I never knew that I had this many friends…the love that I’ve gotten from everyone during all of this is amazing.”

So again, I say on behalf of Ricky, Nita and the entire Stage Stop family…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

YOU ROCK!!!!!!



Posted on June 6, 2014

Posted on June 6, 2014

Hello all,

First I just want to say, again, thank you to all who have donated to Ricky’s fundraiser. Even if you were financially unable to donate but continuously shared his fundraiser link then chances are good that you generated funds as well by spreading the word that the fundraiser was around. Regardless of which category you fall in, thank you.

I just got off of the phone with Ricky and as I’m sure you all know, he’s been released from the hospital. He is now at home taking time to heal both mentally and physically. I told him that I was getting ready to post a new update and asked him if there’s anything thing that he wanted to say to everyone who’s reading this. This was his response:

“ I just want to think everyone for the love, support and prayers. It means so much to see everyone come together to help me out. I am very thankful. The only other thing I can say is, ‘wear a bullet-proof vest!’”        
Slick Rick   

It will be a long while before Ricky gets back to work but he has stated that once he’s feeling up to it, he will be heading to the Stop to hopefully see some of the many people he calls friends.

Now that he’s out, he will be updating everyone on his status via his Facebook page.

You rock!


Posted on May 29, 2014

Posted on May 29, 2014

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay between updates...just like most of yours it's been a crazy week!

So, as of the last update Ricky was still on the ventilator and heavily sedated...well that has since changed! Most of you probably already know this but just in case you missed the news, they took him off the vent yesterday morning. Although he's wasted tired and groggy, it looks like our boy is indeed getting better. Awesome.

Nita and I have spoken in depth about the road Ricky is getting prepared to travel. We all know that Ricky is a professional cyclist and has proven many times over that he's at the top of his game, however, it doesn't matter how many races he's won nor the endurance he’s shown while trekking the mountains of Hawaii...the road to recovery will be his greatest challenge yet. It will be a long, long road with lots of twists and turns but he’s gonna make it through just fine. Do you know why?

Because of you! All of you! Every single person who donated, again, no matter how large or how small the amount has made a significant difference in Ricky’s recovery process. Even if you weren’t able to donate but helped with sharing the link to his fundraiser, you too have helped make the difference!

We are still a bit of distance from our goal but the donations are still coming in. Not only are the donations important but so are the healing words of encouragement that Ricky will be reading in the very near future. Please continue to share the link and please continue with all of the well wishes!

Again, words cannot express the gratitude. If Ricky were writing this he would say, “Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!”

Just as a reminder, although Ricky has been taken off of the vent, he is not in the condition to accept visitors at this time. As soon as he’s able, Nita will let you all know.



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