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The Story

We are a group of Richard's actor friends that would like to help his family cover any medical expenses and any other financial necessities (daughters' education etc.) his family could use assistance with. Here is Richard's story:
The blessings in my life began with meeting Kerry and marrying her on 7/13/1997. Words can't describe what I feel for her. She's my WONDER-WOMAN. We bought our first home together the following year, in Saugus. After 14 years living on Pratt street, we have made life long, best friends. Living here amongst friends has made my home a true blessing. I knew I had angels watching over me when my wife and I were given the responsibility to take care of two angels that would walk with us, or rather we would teach to walk. My twin babies were born on 8/9/99.  Being able to have the time to help raise my children from infants with Kerry has been another blessing. I feel that most Dads in this world aren't given the opportunity to spend more time with their new babies. The memories I have of them as babies means everything to me. Being able to work to support my family and also have had enough time to be part of all their new little individual experiences was a blessing for all of us. Our closeness as a unit, when they were babies, shows in their maturity now. Their such good girls. They are both honor students. Their grades are all either A's or 100%. I was blessed again, in 2005, when I was given the opportunity to purchase land and my second home in Auburn Maine on Taylor Pond. As a child I spent many summers with my family and Aunt & Uncle at their home in Maine. Each year we would go there for a week at a time. When I look back on my childhood, the times I spent there were by far the most memorable and some of the happiest times in my life. In 2005 when I purchased my home, on Taylor pond right behind my Aunt and Uncle's house, it was like a dream of mine finally came true. Kerry as well had fond memories of her own family vacations in Maine. She was all in, and was as exited as me. Some of the capitol to fund my new home came from having another dream of mine come true. In 2004, after spending time in community theatre, and a couple lucky breaks I was able to join the Screen Actor's Guild. All of the sudden I was working as an actor with the likes of Christopher Walken, Joaquin Phoenix, Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, Katherine Heigl, Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg and slew of other notable actors and actress. Some of the work I did in New York but the majority of it was work on films in the Boston area. Between 2004 and 2011 I had worked in some capacity, whether as a principal performer or a photo double / Stand-in to a Precision driver or as an extra, on every film that came through Boston. I was rubbing elbows with models millionaires and movie stars, in some cases not knowing the amount of money I was making per hour was even possible. I felt I was heading in the right direction. Working hard and professionalism was going to get me to the next audition. It was working, I was making it happen, I had the balance. In July of 2011 I was offered a job that would last about six weeks and earn for my family between 18 and 20 thousand dollars. it was a film called "Crooked Arrows". I was going to be the lead actor's photo double & stand-in. The lead actor was Brandon Routh. He is known for portraying Superman in "Superman Returns" in 2006. I had been losing some weight since the beginning of that year. I was down from 230 pounds since December the prior year to about 215 in July when the director's chose me to double for Superman. It was a good pride boost, but since about January of 2011 I decided that I needed to get to the bottom of not feeling quite right. When I had finally seen my primary care physician in the middle of March, she was not much help. My Dr's' instinct was that I had worms, like something a dog would get. After ruling that out with a gross lab test and the limits of her knowledge being reached, she had sent me to a gastroenterologist. After a battery of imaging done over the next few months I got the call. It was Kerry's first week of summer vacation. We had seen the fire works in Auburn on the forth. It had fallen on a Sunday that year so Monday became the legal holiday. Tuesday morning Dr. Segenburg, my gastroenterologist, told me I needed to go to the Mass General ER. They had found a tumor of adenocarcinoma about 3 centimeters wide blocking one of my bile ducts. Had to call the director's of "Crooked Arrows" and tell them I could no longer work the job because the shooting schedule was concurrent with the 6 weeks of chemo-rad therapy I was to undergo. I had a "whipple " in October of 2011 followed by another round of chemo. I was feeling my self again until about 2 months ago. After more imaging and blood cancer screenings its been determined that the adenocarcinoma has spread to my liver. My pancreatic cancer was stage 2 R. They tell me now it's Stage 4 because it has spread.
Any questions - please contact Elisangela DiAlencar or Elena Rozzi Pellegrino via Facebook or at
UPDATE - Richard lost his battle to cancer on Feb 21, 2013 after fighting really hard. We will continue to raise funds to help out his family. Thank you to all that donated.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 22, 2013 by elena pellegrino
Amazing! there is over $2,000 in less than a week! Many of you have generously offered to donate items for the Fundraiser Sunday 2/24 at 2pm at the Regent in Arlington. If you are interested in donating an item for the raffle - please contact 

Posted on February 15, 2013 by elena pellegrino
A generous offer of free headshot sessions by Brina - (samples:
valued at $299 - will be given to the first person to donate $250.

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