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The Story

As an evangelist Randal has enjoyed ministering in local churches all across this God-blessed country of ours.  On October 30th, 2009 his ministry and his life changed forever.  Per my request, he stopped by the local hospital to get a pill for his discomfort.  Four attempts later his BP finally registered… 290/190.  Needless to say, he remained in the hospital. 

Two weeks later (a week of which in ICU), he was released.  A port had been placed in his chest and because of kidney failure, he had become a dialysis patient.  Seven surgeries, six peritonitis infections and a host of other kidney related complications later, Randal still believes, “Life is great!”

Randal refers to me as a real life “Princess”.  He states, “she is the one that makes the pain, the operations, the needles and countless doctor visits bearable.  My Lord Jesus makes it rewarding.”

As you might imagine the financial demands are many.  That is why Randal needs your help.  Health experts tell us it will be a post transplant recovery period between three and four months.  He will not be able to resume ministry during this period of time.  Gifts of any size are welcome.  Know that all you give is needed and will be stewarded well. 

“I need your help”.  Thank you and continue to remember… HE Must Increase!”


John 3:30

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 16, 2014

Posted on March 16, 2014

Update #12

14 days left ...  Participate in "Respond to Randal"

Man, have I been "jones-ing"... I need my Facebook Friend Fix !!!
How is everybody?  It has been a long break in communications with you all.  Not to worry, there were no health issues I'm going to share with you.  It has been 144 days post transplant. 

First of all... my Cowboys must be planning on playing 8A level football... they are getting rid of their team.  Owners and managers make NO rational sense... much of the time.

Dwan, my Princess, is "simply marvelous".  We are constructing a strategic comeback... circumstances have a way of making us bitter or better.  Anything that conflicts with Success, we both say, "Bring it".  Got to go... here is Dwan...

Hi FB, there are 14 days left for fundraiser Respond for Randal.  With the help of many, we have been able to accumalate about 25% of what is needed to off-set Randal's medical related expenses.  Please consider making a gift-donation

Thank you for your support and for your LOVE!  Don't forget it really helps when you resend to your friends on FB.  Thank You!!!  Dwan

Posted on January 27, 2014

Posted on January 27, 2014

2nd Chance at Life

Hello everyone!

January 25th marked the (3) three month window since Randal's kidney transplant, compliments of our former pastor Todd Lamphere.  I am happy to share both guys are doing GREAT!

By now, over the last week, many of you may have either seen Randal on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel, tonight as a featured guest on TV 45's "The Good Life" (multiple airings will be broadcast this week through SuperBowl Sunday, but not during the game because I couldn't afford the advertising cost...:-), or you may have even seen him on Saturday's FOX 35's Live interview on Good Day Orlando.  You might now be wondering, how is he really doing?

From a spiritual perspective, he is soaring, thanks to his faithful donor and friend.  Randal's ministry that Jesus must INCREASE has evolved into a ministry of the "2nd Chance at LIFE"...

From a medical perspective, Randal received a great report this week...he is down to 10 meds, twice a day from the original 13 he took home with him when he was released from the hospital.  He is also down to 1 visit to the transplant center every 3 months, and has been cleared to see his personal nephrologist (kind of like anyone else's general practictioner) once a month.

From a physical perspective, there are way more good days than challenging ones, and Randal is returning to his gym workouts to rebuild his strength from which the kidney disease sapped...his skin and his eyes have never looked better...looking more and more like the "Prince of Abraham" I met just shy of a decade ago...

From a financial perspective, although with the support of many of you readers, family and friends, we have been fortunate to raise a 3rd of the funds needed to help support the medical needs that will be an ongoing part of Randal's "recovery", but we still have a ways to go...

Randal, the  Evangelist, is just now getting back into the pulpit.  His first preaching engagement in 4 1/2 years was yesterday (Jan.26th) for Pastor Todd Lamphere.

As we celebrate his return to ministry, please share the fundraising link with all you know... Barbara Beck on TV 45's "The Good Life" shared during the interview that she also had an opportunity to donate a kidney to someone she you never know who is listening or watching...

Blessings On You All and much LOVE,


Posted on January 16, 2014

Posted on January 16, 2014

Give Your All To This New Year

Hello Everyone... I've missed you all.  I don't know about you, but I'm still finishing up with 2013!  Not really, though at times it seems that way.

On Wednesday of this week the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper interviewed Todd Lamphere, my donor and me at Cranes Roost Lake in Orlando, FL.  I just received a call about an hour ago that they intend to run the story in tomorrow's (Friday 1-17-14) edition... front page!  I never imagined my story would be of such interest to so many.

I will try and post the article on FB... I admit I'm not too savy at this social media, but I'm learning.  This isn't about getting a big-head or being in the limelight... it is about lifting Him up and giving praise to Him for giving me the gift of life and a second chance to complete His will for my life.

Remember, "A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for".  Launch your dreams in 2014... I wish you all the best! 

Much love to all and again I ask that you consider sharing this post with your FB friends and "Thank You" for your financial gifts to Respond For Randal.  Much love to you all.

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