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The Story

For those of you that don't know Housi, he is suffering from liver failure in Bali and is now in an induced coma. He has close friends by his hospital bedside in Bali but is doing it tough. we all love and care about Housi so much and I am sure many of you are wondering how you can help. The plan is to have him medically evacuated back to Switzerland as soon as he is fit to fly. Housi is not covered by evacuation and he and his friends are bearing this cost. This fund has been established to help with his evacuation back to Switzerland with the hope of a liver transplant. Any donations you can make will be greatly appreciated. Please spread the word, leave a donation and help Housi get through this. Thanks for your help and time.

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui ne connaissent pas Housi, il souffre d'une insuffisance hépatique à Bali et est maintenant dans un coma artificiel. Il a des amis proches à son chevet à l'hôpital à Bali, mais c'est difficile. Nous l'aimons tous et je suis sûr que beaucoup d'entre vous se demandent comment vous pouvez nous aider. Le plan est d’organiser une évacuation sanitaire vers la Suisse dès qu'il sera apte à voler. Housi n'est pas couvert pour l'évacuation et nous essayons donc de couvrir ce coût. Ce fond a été créé pour aider à son évacuation vers la Suisse avec l'espoir d'une greffe de foie. Tous les dons que vous pouvez faire seront grandement appréciés. S'il vous plaît passer le mot, laisser un don et aider Housi à traverser cette période difficile. Merci pour votre aide et votre temps.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 4, 2014

Posted on March 4, 2014

Hello everybody,

Housi arrived well in Switzerland. He was taken directly from the airport to the hospital.

Soon he will go to a rest home in order to gain some strength and weight. Because of his “young age” ;) and the condition of his liver the doctors put him on the organ receiver list, he’s in 6th position which means he will have to wait about 6 months to get a transplant.

We already used most of the money you sent to pay the hospital bill here in Bali and the rest is for Housi in Switzerland because everything isn’t paid by the government.

He really want to thank you all but he’s still weak at the moment to send news.

Once again, thank you everyone for the heartwarming support.

Posted on February 8, 2014

Posted on February 8, 2014

Hi everybody,

The past days have been full of emotion. As you already know we were waiting for some news from the Swiss government. Finally a nurse has been sent to Bali to help Housi during the flight to Switzerland. And tonight Housi will take a plane to fly back home.

Thank you everybody for the support. Even if we didn’t reach the amount that we first targeted, some events have changed the deal and the amount received is more than welcome to help him out.

Posted on February 4, 2014

Posted on February 4, 2014

Hi everybody,

Housi’s condition is stable. He lost some weight because the food is far from being as delicious as it is in Switzerland, and Housi’s diet is really strict now.

We’re all still waiting for news from the Swiss government. For being in contact with the embassy in Jakarta, we know that the paperwork he has filled have been passed to a commission which statutes his case, and it truly takes ages…His only wish right now is to come back home and have a proper treatment.

He’s currently in a shape good enough to travel in a wheel chair with a commercial flight, in business class in order to be able to lie flat, instead of a pricey medical evacuation flight. We hope that his condition will remain the same until this commission finally gives a verdict.

It is a long journey with a lot of ups and downs that awaits him, so keep supporting Housi as much as you can, cause he really needs it more than ever.

Thank you and stay tuned

Posted on January 22, 2014

Posted on January 22, 2014

Hello folks,

Sorry for the delay of this last update, but we all have been really busy lately.

For the past week, Housi’s condition has improved a lot. The doctors couldn’t leave him in induced coma, because the medicine used has heavy side effects on the liver. So they decided to wake him up which took some time. They first started to reduce the medicine progressively and then they turned off the respirator, so he had to breathe by himself. First he was struggling and breathing in short gasps, but soon he was breathing like a champ.

Last Saturday he was moved from the ICU, to a “normal” room, and since then he’s getting better. We’re happy to see his legendary smile back on his face even though the journey is far from being over.

He still has the drain to evacuate the waste liquid thus it’s not filling up his belly anymore.

We’re still not sure about the coming events, as there is lot of paperwork and juggling between the Swiss government and the family…Housi has to fill these papers and answer the questions by himself. Even though he still has a lot of toxins running through his body because here they can’t perform liver dialyze, he’s able to focus (speaking German, French, Italian, English, Indonesian…) and does everything remarkably.

We showed him this website, and he was really moved by your donations and moral support messages, which are for him heartwarming. And for that he really wants to say “Thank you my friends !!!”.

So like I said before, the journey is far from being over, the numbers on the hospital bill are still piling up so any help is more than welcome. We hope to have decisive news about Housi’s evacuation soon, so stay tuned and keep spreading the words.

Thank you for all your support so far and “GO HOUSI !!!”

Posted on January 15, 2014

Posted on January 15, 2014

Update on Wednesday 15th January 2014

The last few days have been pretty good in general for Housi even though he remains ina critical state. He has continued to be kept in an induced coma and a lot of liquid in the stomach has been removed during this time. He has lost a large portion of the additional 15 liters of waste liquid he was carrying and the color in his skin has changed considerably for the better.
This of course doesnt change the fact that the liver is functioning at 0%.

This afternoon the doctors are slowly bringing him back out of the induced coma to reduce the stress on the liver. Unfortunately the medicine which is used for induced comas doesnt help with the liver situation.

Communications with the Swiss Embassy continue and we are also trying to get some form of aid from the Government there for his repatriation. He has a good chance of a full recovery if he can have a transplant in Bern Switzerland.

The next 2 days will be pretty important in the grand scheme of things and we will update everyone towards the end of the week.

The hospital bill is getting pretty massive so we still need help please. Please share the posts, link and try to help us get some more funding.

Thanks for your support and "GO HOUSI"

Posted on January 11, 2014

Posted on January 11, 2014

Update as at 12.00 Satuday January 11th 2014

The operation was successful for Housi and the hospital is now able to drain several liters per day of fruid. This is great news and helping considerably at present. Discussions are now underway as to when he will be able to come out of the induced coma.

Once the liquid is drained we go to the next step. With the liver not really functioning the transplant is the option and he may have a few months to get back to Switzerland to do this.

Overall the outlook is much brighter than a few days ago, but as we know things go up and down quickly.

We need funding folks so please continue with your support. Every little big helps.

Posted on January 9, 2014

Posted on January 9, 2014

Hello Folks. 
Here is an update at 2.30pm Thursday January 9th.

We have had some encouraging news today with the fact that tests have come back and shown the liver is not cancerous. Having said that it is still failing and producing a lot of liquid which goes into the stomach and lungs. Housi is a bit more stable and at 5pm today he will undergoe surgery to try to insert a drain to be able to begin draining fluid from the body. This has been impossible until now because he has been too weak.

Medical reports are on their way to Switzerland and we are in communication with the Swiss Embassy, the evacuation team and hospital system in Switzerland. We do not have definate information for the moment here but are simply looking at the options. In any case Housi is too weak to be transported at the moment.

The costs involved in all this are enormous and we would simply ask you to continue spreading the word. Many small donations make a huge difference to the end result.

We will try to update you further every couple of days.

Go Housi, you can do it......

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