Poor dog that was SKINNED

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The Story

This poor dog was found in a park in Southwest Detroit.  One of our men in blue contacted us when he saw this poor baby. 

We drove up to the park to meet the officer and could NOT believe what we were seeing!  This is the worst case of abuse we have ever seen! 

Someone has skinned this dog from the back of the neck to its ears.  It's fur is hanging off its poor body.

This was NOT an accident, someone purposely skinned this dog from the back of its neck all way up to its ears.  The cuts are purfect and deliberate! 

Please help us to help this baby.  We are currently at the emergency hospital and will update when we have more information.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 17, 2013 by Providing for Paws
Called to check on Patty
before going to bed for the night.  The wounds still look good, except
for one little section that had not looked good after the first surgery.
There was some muscle damage in this section, therefore vet stated
this area may not look very normal once all her healing is done. They
also said she has had a little nausea this evening because of some
medications they have let up on now.  Hopefully letting up on these meds
will help her tummy feel well enough to eat now.   Heard she is making
herself right at home now that they have moved her to the lower kennels.

Posted on September 16, 2013 by Providing for Paws
Patty finished her 2nd surgery early this morning.  Dr. Ruland said she did
not seem to be in as much pain as she had been prior.  They were able to
get enough skin from her chest to cover
the jugular area so that it would not be exposed, therefore the skin
did cover the opened wound on both sides of her neck.  However there was
not enough skin to close off the center section.  Her appetite hasn't
been much today, however that is to be expected since she just came out
of surgery this morning.

Posted on September 16, 2013 by Providing for Paws
Patty didn't have much excess skin to move to her neck. She will
have much more open area then we had hoped for. Vet is going to use
surgical mesh in the open wound. This means lots of bandage changing and
pray for no infection as well as longer
healing time. Vet also said that the skin probably died because of the
lack of good little blood vessels that were torn out when whoever did
his or her  cutting on Patty. Had to make sure she had nice healthy
vessels to attach things to. Surgery still going well, all things
considered.  Lacking so much sleep, I came home to nab a couple hours of
shut eye. Dr. Ruland will call me when all the surgery is complete.
Please feel free to stop by our Face Book pages. The 2nd link is one set up especially for Patty.
Thank you many times over for your outpouring of love, paryers, well wishes and support of our sweet girl.

Posted on September 16, 2013 by Providing for Paws

Unfortunately Patty had to undergo another surgery because the tissue was becoming dying. Below is an update last night as she was on the table.

She is currently having her second surgery. The surgeon performing the
surgery will be removing her the original portion of her skin they we
hoped would reattach. Unfortunately the skin that was was not viable and
didnt pink back up. However, the good news this was able to keep her
skin clean, fresh and healty underneath.  We we Not know what will need
to be done next, until they get in and see what they working with.

The POSSIBLE option is a "back flap" -a portion of skin from her back
can be removed and placed where she was skinned. This is a very large
section and may need mesh to help close and a drainage tube. Our hopes
is that they will be able to close the full section to avoid any further
discomfort to Patty. As if it is not closed it will need daily cleaning
and bandage changes. 
What we do know...a skin graph does not
normally take on dogs and the back flap was only a second option as we
wanted to give her a chance to use the removed skin rather than remove
skin from her back that may not have been needed.

What ever
direction the surgeon and ER staff need to take tonight and for then
next few weeks.. Patty will need all the support and prayers she can

Thank you to this community that has started from a few
in Detroit then all across MI to CT, CA and even New Zealand none of
this would be possible. 
Patty is incredibly lucky to be in such good hands with more love for than anyone could ever imagine. 

Please hug your fur babies a little tigher, say an extra prayer for
those we have yet to save, consider fostering or adopting and know that
all YOU have done is incredibly appreciated!

Posted on September 12, 2013 by Providing for Paws
We have received an update that they will not be able to re-attach her fur.  She will require a lot of care and a long recovery.  She is resting as she was giving pain meds as soon as we arrived.  Please keep praying!

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Poor dog that was SKINNED

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