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The Story

Frosty was found nearly frozen to death. When she arrived at Carols Critter Care she was in a frozen "C" shape and in the death cry.  She was quickly tucked under Carol's  shirt while heating buttons were warmed. She slowly thawed out through the night and survived.

Supportive care was started the following day.  She was put on LRS, antibiotics, cream for frost bite, given nutrical and 50 % dextrose. Through the next 48 hours, Frosty would go thruough good moments and bad moments.

On January 3rd, she began displaying short breath open mouthed breathing. It would come and go throughout the day. However, that night as it continued to get worse, she was taken to Fitchburg Urgernt Care in Fitchburg, WI. The team took x-rays and found her lungs to be full of pneumonia and a secondary infection. Her blood sugar level were in range. Her fecal was negative, body temp at 95, frost bite on ears and feet, emaciated, blind in one eye due to freezing, and no feeling in her back legs. She can not move her back legs. She was put on a nebulizer for a few hours and appeared to be doing well.

A continued care plan was created and as Frosty was being discharged she crashed. Started open mouth breathing and having troubles regulating her body temp. It was at that time that the decission was made to have her admitted to Veterinary Emergency Services in Middleton, WI. They are a 24/7 emergency care facility and can give Frosty the proper around the clock supportive care she needs.

Frosty has a strong will to live and though, making baby steps, has been continuing to improve. Help is needed to pay for her medical expenses. We expect several more days in the neonate ICU at Veterinary Emergency Services and are seeking doantions.

Please help share Frosty's story. When she was found the outdoor temps in WI were between 10 and 20 degrees, with single digit temps in the evening. We are now looking at dangerous temps of windchills in the negative digits. Help Frosty save the lives of other outside animals. 

Thanks for your donation!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita
Frosty went for a recheck and things are looking wonderful.  There was no signs of pneumonia in her lungs.  A bronchial pattern still persisits. But the vets decided to stop her bronchialdiolator.

She still on the dewormer for that nasty parasite.

Her impacked baby canines all fell out. She no longer has 8 canine teeth. Just her 4 adults now.

On Sunday 2-16-2014 the dead end of Frosty's tail fell off.  It was quite tramatic. She was playing and came down from a jump and snap went the tail.  She lost about 2 inches of it. She ran hissed, spit and growled not knowing what happened.

At the check on the following day the vet said her tail end looks good. But she came home with some pain meds.

Along comes Wednesday 2-19-2014 and Frosty is starting to have issues breathing again. I can hear her wheezing and she is struggling a bit.  It's decided that she go back on the bronchialdiolator - so I had to make a special run back out to Madison to get her meds.

Thursday came with some eye trouble. So she was put on some eye medication.

Now today - Friday 2-21-2014 Frosty is back on the upside. She's been running around and playing.

Frosty had a wish list created for her on a few days ago. Thanks to everyone who continues to help and support Frosty.  I could have never done this with out everyones help.

Thank you Very Much!!

Love Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Posted on January 30, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita
Frosty went back to VES for a recheck, xrays and medication adjustments and refills.

She continues to gain strenght and is now playing like a little kitten.

Her xrays showed the pneumonia is still present, but clearing. 

She will see a cardiologist on 2-11-2014 for her heart.

She still has rapid breathing, but she is not in respriatory distress as in the past.

Her tail is the same. There is a dead portion that will either need to be surgically removed or it will fall off on it's own in due time. Frosty is not strong enough to undergo anesthesia at this time.

She has gained weight!  She is now 3 1/2 pounds.


Frosty was on NBC 15 Madison news this morning.  I will post video I shot of it using my hand held video recorder and just shooting it from the computer screen.

Frosty got a new toy in the mail yesterday and she is having fun playing with it.  I will get that video up and new pics as well.

You can find Frosty on facebook - Frosty the Frozen Kitten.  She does daily updates there.

Carol & Frosty

Posted on January 20, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita

Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Frosty had her first of many follow up visits today.

Overall she has improved since being sent home 5 days ago.

She has gained some weight. When she left she was 1.12 kg and today she is 1.36 kg (3 pounds)

She is running a temp of 102.9

Her breathing is still rapid; this will be the case fro many weeks to come.

Their is a small amount of clear discharge from her left nostril which may be a viral upper respiratory infection. This however will not change our treatment plan. I just have to watch her for respriatory distress.

Xrays show persistent pneumonia, but more of her lung fields are clear than at her discharge 5 days ago.  Her films will remain abnormal for some time to come.

We are continuing to aggressivly treat the strongylitisis worms in her lungs.

Frosty got prescriptions refilled and doses adjusted due to weight gain.

Her tail is that the watch and see stage. She is not strong enough to undergo sedation and surgery at this time. A portion of the tail is dead from frostbite. It may fall off on it's own before  she is even ready for surgery. If it does, than that is fine.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting, praying for, donating and helping Frosty thru her recovery journey.

You can find Frosty on facebook at Frosty the Frozen Kitten.


Posted on January 16, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita
TEAM FROSTY / update
Frosty the Frozen Kitten came home yesterday 1-15-2014
Thanks to the world for helping this little kitten. Had she not had the help from everyone involved she would not be here today.

She has a long journey ahead of her. Many vet apointments, and follow up visits are in our future.
She will have more chest rays to make sure the pneumonia and worms are clearing / cleared.

Because of the Strongyloidiasis parasite she has to return montly for 6 months for fecal checks once her 10 wk run of dewormer/antibiotics is done.

She's been sent home with tons of medications and fights taking she is regaining strength!

It was discovered on Monday's visit that her tail did suffer some frost bite and at a later date she will need to have a portion of it removed. Vets can not do this right now because she is not strong enough to go under anesthia.


TEAM FROSTY 1-16-2014

Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Frosty had a great night. 

She eat like a champ.

Took her meds with some resistance.

Explored her new area.

Eventually she figured out potty box.  No accidents on the floor at all this morning

She has a very faint Meow... sort of hard to hear it. She purrs much louder then she meows.

She got to have some big bed blankie snuggle time last night before I dozed off.

We get up early here. 2 am as the alarm goes off what else do I hear??
Jingle Bells coming from Frosty's area.  Grabbed the video camera

Be sure to follow Frosty on Facebook @ Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Posted on January 15, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita

TEAM FROSTY / update 1-15-2014

Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Frosty had a good night.

She is eating well

Her tail needs to be watched and depending on how things progress she
might have to have surgery to amputate the dead portion of it. Right now
she is not strong enough for sedation.  In the mean time that bad
portion could fall off on it's own.

She got moved to a bigger
cage so she has to get up and move more to get to food, water and her
box.  She pee's in the box and poops outside the box and then tries to
bury the poo by scratching the side of the box 

She likes to snuggle with her stuffed puppy.

A script has been called into a pharmacy for a BRONCHODILATOR. She will
need this to come home.  I will pick it up later today once I'm plowed
out. Insane snow drifts this  morning.

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita

Fundraising update.

Frosty is coming home Thursday 1-16-2014 instead of next week or later, as we had last thought on Thursday 1-9-2014.

I'm not sure how to "close" the fundraiser for her.  So I went in again and changed her total to show funds have been reached.

Please be sure to read the updates below as they are loaded with TONS of important information.


Posted on January 14, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita

Fundraising update.

Frosty is coming home Thursday 1-16-2014 instead of next week or later, as we had last thought on Thursday 1-9-2014.

I'm not sure how to "close" the fundraiser for her.  So I went in again and changed her total to show funds have been reached.

Please be sure to read the updates below as they are loaded with TONS of important information.


Posted on January 14, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita
TEAM FROSTY / update 1-14-2014 am

Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Guess who gets to come HOME Thursday?!

She will be on a bunch of meds for many different things.

One of which will be an oral script for a bronchodilator. We will go
this way instead of the machine and the albuteral/breathing treatments.

She was removed from the oxygen and her IV's on Sunday night.

Been doing well.

She is standing and trying to walk, but is wobbly.

Her tail was completely shaved - after yesterdays visit when I found
that lump. Turns out it is indeed frosty bite as originally thought. So
her tail (feel) as you stroke the length from butt to tip I was feeling
"normal normal normal, bump, super skinny" The super skinny part will
probably fall off. Didn't think to ask if they felt they should just
amputate now while she is there. Brain fog.

She continues to eat well and clean herself.

When she is home she needs to be quarantined from the other animals the
coarse of her meds.- which for the Strongyloidiasis is a 10 week
treatment, and then every month for 6 months she needs a fecal.  Long
time in Quarantine!  Guess these eggs can shed at any given time and
Strongyloidiasis is very contagious and deadly.

Thanks again for all the help, prayers, support and donations to help Frosty. Thanks
for not being that negative nellie and for being a rock thru all this.

Frosty and I appreciate it so much.

Power in Prayer!

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita
TEAM FROSTY!  /update 1-13-2014


I had to pinch myself at today's visit to make sure it's still not a dream.

Frosty the Frozen Kitten is doing amazingly well. 

You know when you have that feeling that everything is going to be ok?  That's how today's visit went.  Nothing like last Thursday into Friday where things seemed so gloomy with her set backs.

Frosty is much stronger.

I watched her get into a sit position many times.

She was grooming herself

She was purring

She can bear some weight on her back legs.

She can take a few steps, she's wobbly, and dont go far. But she's
moving!  She will step step step step and then her side hips sort of
swing her to a sit position.

She ate soggy kibble for breakfast!

She pee'd in her box and pooped outside it.  Then during the visit pooped on me.

I did find a strange lump/bump on her tail and asked to have it check out. She didn't like the area being touched.

I have some cute pics to share too, as soon as my son comes saves me.
Somehow they saved to the internal memory of the camera and I have no
idea how to pull them.

Thanks for all the support, prayers and donations.  At this time Frosty
has met her fundraising needs. These will help pay off her vet bills,
her supportive care, meds, etc that will be coming home with her, her
follow up check ups, her wheels if she needs them, she will get spayed
and vaccinated,etc.  If at that point there are still funds remaining
I'd like to use them for the other animals here in rescue, and animals
that will be coming into the rescue if that is ok with everyone.

Carol & Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Carol Infalt & Alyssa Tranchita
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TEAM FROSTY / update 1-12-2014 pm

I'm so afraid to post this!! Someone pinch me!  Knocking one wood and crossing my fingers, spinning in circles 3x.

Frosty the Frozen Kitten is off all IV fluids.

She is down to 3 lt of oxygen (from 5lt this morning. 10 when first admitted)

She is getting herself into sits and trying hard to stand!

She still can not walk.

She is eating like a champ.

She had Chest Xrays done today and I"ll get those results tomorrow.

She has no idea what a litter box is

Poops are still puddling like consistency.

She has been cleaning herself.

She is purring and making muffins!

Oh I hope I didn't just jinx this. I asked the tech a few times "Are
you sure we are talking about Frosty?"  She said "Yes, I'm looking right
at her."

I pray she keeps moving forward. This has been such an amazing update!  I hope I'm not dreaming.

Thanks for donating to Frosty and saying lots of prayers for her!

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