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The Story

Mike “Geppy” Gephart is a strong, witty, generous, guy who loves music, travelling, and being with his family and friends.  He has played bass guitar for most of his life and has been in bands such as Free Beer No Cover, The Weavils, Twisted Configuration, The Great Garbonzos, Boney Fingers,  Father Mac, and The Phry, just to name a few. And when someone in the valley needs a bass player for a gig, Gep steps in.  He has played with Michael Boyle, Iggy Rae, Bobby Evans, and countless others. Even greater than his love for music is his love for his family.  He is a loving father to two young girls and a supportive husband to his wife, D. Geppy has a charm about him that makes him pretty difficult not to like, and it’s been said that there aren’t many people out there that he doesn’t like back!

On March 12, 2014, Geppy was involved in a serious car accident on his way home from work. Thanks to the efforts of the first responders, he survived this horrible accident. He did, however, sustain many broken and fractured bones, as well as a very significant and severe head injury. He spent more than a week in ICU, and his recovery is expected to be a long one.  He has many weeks, months, and possibly even years of rehab and therapy ahead of him.

Geppy’s wife, D, has displayed an amazing amount of strength and courage during the past few weeks. Staying on top of his continued roller coaster of recovery, driving back and forth between home and the hospital, taking care of a 3 year old and a 4 month old without her partner and dealing with paperwork from every angle.  If this list wasn’t long enough, D has also gone back to work, as she has now suddenly become her family’s sole bread winner.  All of that would seem like enough to bring anybody to their knees.  In addition to all of this is the significance of being married to a guy that is so extremely loved by others. Through the countless bands he has been in over the years, Geppy has acquired thousands of friends and fans. And they ALL want updates.  D has been strong under pressure and has been nothing but generous, opening up her private life to, in some cases, strangers. She does this because she understands. Geppy is just really easy to love, and, as she stated recently, “people love Geppy.” People have been coming out of the woodwork with offers to help, and here is your chance! We have started this website so that the people who so desperately and generously want to help Geppy and his family will have a way to do just that.

It’s still early in the game, here, folks. Nobody is sure just how long this recovery is going to take or how expensive it is going to end up being. What we do know is that the medical bills have the potential to be HIGH even after insurance pays its part. We also know that it’s going to be a long time before Geppy can get back to work and as we all know, life doesn’t slow down for anybody, not even Gep. There are still mortgage payments, daycare costs, and general bills that are going to need to be paid, and the Gephart Family’s income has been drastically reduced.  I have seen the outpouring of love, prayers, and offers to help all over the internet. It’s time to pitch in. It’s time to do some good for somebody who has done good for pretty much everybody who knows him.  Thank you in advance for your donation. 

Donations can be made through this website or sent to:

Mike Gephart Benefit Account
PO Box 1003
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 14, 2014

Posted on July 14, 2014

A final update from the Gephart family, written by D~


Its been what I can only call an incredible journey, this far.  Full of miracles, and too many tears and too many sleepless nights and too much stress, but I'm glad every single day that Gep is here and he's fighting his way back to what I call the New Normal.

I would take this over the alternative.  And for that, I'm grateful.

Lets not mince words, it was a hellish spring.  It has been a horrible summer. 


Even as gep's bones and muscles and joints heal and strengthen, the brain recovery is less visible, and probably more impactful. 

Since Gep and I weren't perfect people at the start of this saga, its no surprise that the stress is showing the cracks.  But at the forefront is always the girls. We're both trying to make sure they thrive and enjoy their summer as much as possible, and have as positive a future as we can secure for them.

With the donations we've been able to replace our old Minivan with a Kia Sorento.  It's not fancy, but it will give the four of us a heap more leg room. 

Gep is positive it will haul what needs to be hauled for gigs. 

If I could leave you with a few final thoughts before this web is closed down.

Life is short.  ENJOY the ride with people you love. 

And as I sing to my girls every night -

Don't worry about a thing. 

Every little thing WILL be all right.  

Posted on June 28, 2014

Posted on June 28, 2014

I am sorry to report that I made an error when posting the amount raised by the Gepstock benefit. But this is the good kind of error! The actual official number for funds raised at Gepstock 2014 is $14,666.59! How wonderful! Again, thank you to everybody who participated! 

Posted on June 27, 2014

Posted on June 27, 2014

Gepstock 2014 was a HUGE success! A day full of stellar bands, loads of family friendly fun, many raffle prizes, good food and drinks, and great friends coming together to help the Gepharts. A friend of  mine recently referred to the way that we group ourselves together in today's society as somewhat tribal. I call it a village. Whatever you want to call it, looking around at Gepstock on Sunday it really hit me what a fantastic group of people came together to make Gepstock happen. This wasn't just Geppy's friends and family, not just coworkers, not just old friends or new friends. Not just current or ex- band mates.  Geppy's entire tribe got together to make this happen. What a phenomenal thing to witness. He has obviously touched a great many people in his life and we are all so lucky that he is still with us. My hope is that we have proved to D~ that it wasn't just words-that she has an entire village of people here that will literally pick her up if she falls. That Geppy really knows how happy we are that he is here, and staying positive, and healing every day. The highlights of the day (for me) were Geppy playing his bass on stage with Salsa Manzana, and watching Gep and D's daughter, Q-(Tip) dancing with her cousins. This event could not have gone as perfectly as it did without each and every person that participated. Offically, The Gepstock 2014 event itself raised $12,914.59!!!! That, plus what has been raised on this website(including satellite benefits,) plus donations collected from T-Shirts, puts us SO close to our goal of $30,000.00. A number we only dreamed we could achieve. If you have not already donated, now is the time! If you have, Thank you! 

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