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Lyme Disease Treatment Funding for Deborah Davis (Deborah Davis)
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The Story

Deborah has always been a spunky, energetic, active, bubbly young lady who loved her life and used it to glorify her Creator and help others. Seven years ago, Deborah was bitten by a tick on a camping trip one summer. From then on she's battled flu-like symptoms, constant migraines, joint pain, muscle aches, gastrointestinal distress, dizziness, numbness in hands and feet, etc. Doctors did not know what was the cause of these symptoms, so they dismissed them.
In September of 2012 Deborah went on another camping trip with her BSA Venture Crew and was bitten again. Less than a week later she noticed a rash and from then on her health took a swift turn for the worst. It was her senior year of high school. Because of how horrible she felt and how quickly her symptoms grew in intensity and number, Deborah had to quit the Varsity Cross Country team and was unable to try out for her school's soccer team (which was her favorite sport). Deborah went to doctor after doctor after doctor and no one had a clue as to what was causing her to be so ill.
As the months went on she became extemely sensitive to light and noise! . She experienced a cognitive decline similar to Alzheimer's, and her fatigue was so debilitating, it was all she could do to participate in daily activities. Deborah became bedridden in February of 2013. In 2013 we found a specialist who eventually concluded that she had late stage neurologic Lyme Disease. He strongly suggested that we start her on IV antibiotic therapy right away.
Because this disease is so political with two standards of care, we've been battling insurance companies, trying to get them to cover the expensive meds. While battling insurance, Deborah's quality of life has suffered. She has been hospitalized four times, once been in the ICU, has had multiple ER trips, and we've completely lost count of how many doctors she's been to. Finally, after all this time we've found a specialist willing to take her on as a patient and treat her.
We are currently on our third month of treatment and are starting to see some positive changes! However, our insurance company is on again, off again with paying for treatment and will not pay for her treatment in full. This leaves us having to pay around $3k-5k out of pocket each month! And with a dad having recently moved out of the home and her younger sister fighting the same disease (now wearing a heart monitor and being treated out of state) as well, finances are in the negative numbers with credit at its limit!
Every cent of donations we receive will go to helping Deborah get her young life back! Which is the life she's been daily fighting to keep against the debilitating effects of this dreadful disease. With your help we would love to raise as much as we are able so we can continue to pay for Deborah's costly treatments each month (she is needing about 6-12 months to go depending how well her body takes it)!!! On behalf of Deborah and her supporting family members and friends, we thank you so much for your generosity!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 17, 2014

Posted on May 17, 2014

We have an update!
But first, a note from Deborah:

Hello everyone!
I just can't believe the overwhelming response we've received with the fundraiser! I'm so Blown away I'm just waiting for all of my emotions to catch up with me! Thank you all so very much! I have no idea how I can even thank everyone!!! Every cent of your donations is such a blessing; a blessing I never thought possible! Thank you so much for your generosity! And thank you to all those who wrote such kind words of encouragement and comments!!! I really cherish them all!

To all you fellow "lymies": thank you for sharing your experience with this disease as well as the many different treatments that have worked in healing your bodies! I pray we all find ourselves completely healed soon!

To all my fellow unashamed believers: I'm just blown away by your generous donations and prayers! I honestly had no idea my story would affect THIS many people! It's really mind boggling! Thank y'all, and may The Lord bless you richly! "Everybody say: 1-1-Six !!!" ;)

Most of you guys don't even know me, and yet you gave generously from the kindness of your hearts to help with my financial needs for treatment!!! I am truly touched, and with a grateful heart I praise God for each and every one of you all!! Even when things seem they're at their darkest, The Lord always proves true. This is just a testimony to the reality that The Lord ALWAYS provides for His children! Even if it's in ways we never would have expected!!! To God be the glory for all of this! I'm so overwhelmed! I just wanted to write y'all personally and let you know how thankful I am! Love you guys and praying for every single one of you! God bless!
~Deb :D

We aren't sure how much we are going to raise the financial "goal" to eventually be. Doctors are saying Deborah will be needing treatment for about 6-12 more months (depending on which doctor and how well Deborah's body reacts to the treatment meds). The minimum amount we need for the rest of the treatment course is around $30,000 (that's $5000 each month for 6 months)!!! Needless to say, that's a LOT! So please, keep spreading the word about Deborah's testimony and the fundraiser to all your friends and family! Who knows what great things The Lord will do? Like many of you have said, HE Is a miracle worker!!! To Him be the glory!

With much love and thanks,

The Davis Family

Posted on May 11, 2014

Posted on May 11, 2014

Hello everyone! We are so thankful and excited for all the generous donations we've received already! Just thought we would check in and update you all on the new financial goal we've set for the fundraiser! We moved it from $5,000 to $8,000 so that we can get funding for at least two months of treatment under our belts for Deborah! In addition to the financial goal being raised, we've also extended the end date of the fundraiser (which may be extended later on if needed). Feel free to check out the changes and please remember to share this fundraising event with all your friends! We thank you again so much for your support to fund this much needed medicine! Already we are seeing wonderful changes and feel as though pieces of our old quirky, quit-witted, fun loving Deborah are coming back! They are minor changes compared to everything else, but they are changes nonetheless and bring us hope of her eventual full-recovery in these next months.

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Lyme Disease Treatment Funding for Deborah Davis

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