Kitten born without a paw, now needs leg amputation!

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Kitten born without a paw, now needs leg amputation! (Lieutenant Dan )
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The Story

Lieutenant Dan was born without one of his paws. That didn't seem to bother him though until now. Because Lt. Dan tends to drag the remaining limb, it has become infected and the Doctors at Magnolia Veterinary Hospital state that the leg now must be removed.

Problem - The family does not have the funds available to pay for the surgery, but they realize that they must find the funds in order to get their beloved kitten into surgery to not only prevent future infections, but to save his life. 

The estimate for the surgery is $740, but The Community Pet Project is attempting to raise $1200 - knowing from past experiences that not everything goes as smoothly as planned.

So therefore, that is why we are tasking ourselves to create a buffer for any unforeseen complications. And, needless to say, we are asking for your help in generating these funds to get Lt. Dan back up and going. And, with your help, we can do this!

In advance, many thanks from Lt. Dan's Mom & Dad & from The Community Pet Project for any consideration that is shown to this little kitty's care. You are greatly appreciated.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 12, 2014

Posted on February 12, 2014

This is the post from 

For the life of me, I cannot find all the previous posts to account that I have thanked everybody for their generous gifts to Lt. Dan. So, you know what? I'm going to thank you again by naming you below (some of you more than once) - just to be sure that I left no one out: 

Lois Momsen 
Kelly Goode 
Jenni Scogin 
Elizabeth Jenkins 
Denise Bligh 
Lois Momsen 
Kym McNulty
Stacy Wozniak 
JM Lawter 
Karen Murray 
Jordan Doegg 
Lisa Brooks 
Beth Gossett 
Jennifer Beattie 
Michelle McKelvey 
Darlene Georgiades
Lynette Powell 
Sherry Pittman 
Amanda Czartoryski
Christopher Pierce 
Christina Small 
Dale Swisher 
Amanda Stewart 
May Gordon 
Anne Hesse 
Mel Bridges 
Beth Gossett 
Terri Vela 
Stephanie Parris 
Brian Loomis 
Beth Gossett 
Antonio Francis 
Lillian V Bargisen 
Sheneen Young 
Sally Rowe 
Lillian V Bargisen 
Christine Roy 
Jill Boehm
Sally Rowe 
Wanda Wood 
Sally Rowe 
Lois Momsen 
Martha Martinez 
Sally Rowe 
Beth Gossett 
Lois Momsen 
Sally Rowe 
Julie Wooten 
Lois Momsen 
Lois Momsen 

To Recap:

The Community Pet Projectwas contacted on January 10th by a Mom in distress trying to save this little guy. Thereafter, Lt. Dan's donation page below was immediately created. 

And, it didn't take you Folks long to answer the plea for help - making it possible for Lt. Dan to realize a full life after recovery from illness, infection, amputation, and set backs. 

The donation goal was initially set at $1000. But, it was soon realized that even that amount would not cover Lt. Dan's cost of care. So, the goal was raised to $1200, only to learn that the bill had grown to $1860. 

At $1205, Lois Momsen challenged everybody to give / give more because she was prepared to match up to $200 in donations. How kind! So, the goal was again changed and became $1405. And, people gave and she matched dollar for dollar (and then some). 

In doing so, donations exceeded the $1405 and are now at $1410 (on the donation page) + $431 (from family & friends) for a total of $1841. Really beyond great!

The bad news though (if there truly is any) is that Lt. Dan's recent hospitalization, after the surgery, caused the bill to grow once more. It is now $2419 minus the $1841 raised to leave a balance of $578.

Not to worry though because Lt. Dan's Mom certainly isn't. She believes that her expected tax return will handle it. But, more importantly, she's just thrilled to have her little man at home. And, guess what??? She just reported that he is RUNNING & PLAYING!!!! hahahahahah...Now, that's a happy ending all brought on by you!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Posted on February 10, 2014

Posted on February 10, 2014

Saturday evening, Lt. Dan was taken back to Magnolia Animal Hospital in Anderson because of diarrhea and not eating. On the way there, he had an accident in his carrier, and the diarrhea got into the sutured wound.

He is now hospitalized again and the Team at Magnolia, as of yesterday, had been washing out the wound every 4 hours and applying antibiotics. As of today, however, the area is being flushed every 2 hours because it has developed redness and swelling. 

His diarrhea continues and he has been put on super strong antibiotics. I hope to get another update this afternoon and I will certainly post it. For now, please send out positive thoughts for another recovery for this little guy. 

Posted on February 6, 2014

Posted on February 6, 2014

I have posted a new picture of Lt. Dan and wow what a difference a day makes! He's standing up on all 3. Yep, shy one leg now. But, he's looking great! His Mom will be taking him home today. But, he must go back to the Doctor tomorrow to get a shot of pain medicine, which is time released. 

As for how Lt. Dan's bills are stacking up. Here's the breakdown:

Currently, his total cost of care stands at $1860. Total amount of donations are $1205 from this page, $431 collected by the family & amounts donated directly to Magnolia Animal Hospital, and matched gifts of $55 (up to $200). That brings a total amount collected of $1691. Subtract that from the $1860 and you get $169 needed. That's pretty darn close.

So, with 9 days left, let's see if we can gather a little over $169 and make it an even $200, just to give us a little buffer. So, on my end, I'm raising the initial $1200 benchmark to $1405. Now, let's all strive to reach it here on Lt. Dan's donation page.

Thanks! - Debbie @ The Community Pet Project. 

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Kitten born without a paw, now needs leg amputation!

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