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Kemo Sabe means Faithful Friend (Puggles & Pitties)
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The Story

Kemo has been called Kilo his whole life. We changed it to Kemo, short for Kemo Sabe,  which means "faithful friend."  

He was just pulled from the shelter today (11/10) and was on the road to his new albeit shorter life as a Faithful Friend. Dropped him off at the vet so he could be examined on Monday but the vet called not an hour later concerned that his belly was so distended, he was panting heavily, and he was experiencing belly pain.  Xrays showed a stomach full of air but not yet bloat.

They think he's been sucking down air in reaction to pain he's experiencing in his back and rear legs.  They are definitely arthritic and there's a collapsed vertebrae in his lower back.

We didn't expect this kind of expense right away but we don't want to give up on him right away. Please help us help him!

More info to follow shortly...

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 12, 2013

Posted on November 12, 2013

11/11, 8 pm


He's SUCH a good boy!  He's met almost all of his foster brothers and sisters and was just fine with all of them - from the female boxer to the male chi; 8 yr old zen master to 2 yr old spaz.  He did GREAT!!

His vet bill came to just over $900 once I bought the special food that they want him on - lo cal and lo protein to help him lose some weight and because he has some type of kidney issue that the vet wants to keep an eye on.

I'll post the bill and pics of him on here once I can get myself together tonight. Right now he's asleep on the sofa - the ENTIRE sofa I might add (I'm sitting on the dog bed on the floor).  He sleeps with his eyes open - and he snores!

I'm going to leave the YouCaring open for the rest of the week. Any additional monies contributed will go towards Kemo's future care. He needs bloodwork done once a month to check his kidney and liver function; he'll be on pain meds for the rest of his life due to his back, hip, and rear leg issues; and he requires a special diet that is insanely expensive. 

I'm truly SHOCKED at how much has been donated in just 24 hours. I had no idea there were any pledges toward his pull. I saw his picture late on Saturday night and went to pick him up first thing Sunday morning. Not because of money, but because no senior dog deserves to spend his final days in a shelter, scared and alone, sleeping on the cold concrete floor. His situation moved me, and I went and got him.

He reminds me of 2 dogs I've pulled in the past. The first is well known to many people, Nico from the South Los Angeles shelter who was pulled several years ago. My reaction to Kemo was the same that I had toward Nico - I just knew I had to get him out of the shelter, even if it meant taking him straight to my vet for compassionate euthanization.

The other dog is not really known to anyone, but he was an elderbull I pulled out of the El Cajon shelter in San Diego a few years ago. I pulled Rufus at the request of the late, beloved, Catherine Hedges of Don't Bully My Breed. The initial plan was to eventually send him to her in Chicago but when I got him I realized he was not long for this world and a transport of that length, to the harsh winter of that region wouldn't be doing him any favors. So he stayed with me almost 9 months, until he finally had a stroke and had to be put to sleep. I just went back and looked through my pictures of Rufus and he and Kemo are almost IDENTICAL. The only obvious difference is that Rufus had labby ears and Kemo has ears very much like a Shar Pei. 

Anyway, those rescues are two of the ones I'm most proud of helping with, so I didn't think twice about pulling Kemo.

I'll post more updates about Kemo, but will start posting those on the rescue website. I invite you to check it out here:  Posts from the website are automatically sent to the Facebook page, so you can also "like" P&P on FB to receive updates:

Thank you all again so very much for your help with Kemo Sabe. It was completely unexpected, but without it, his second chance would have ended 24 hrs ago. It's because of YOU we were able to proceed with the emergency vet care he needed.

Love & licks,
Kelly & Kemo

Posted on November 11, 2013

Posted on November 11, 2013

9:41 pm, 11/10

Hi everyone!  Thank you all so very much for your support of Kemo and his second chance! I've updated the photos section with the shots I took today, from seeing him in the shelter, his car ride to San Diego, his estimate from the vet, and finally some pics I took at the vet when I was waiting for his bloodwork results to come back.

I've gotten a LOT of questions on FB about Kemo but there are so many different threads going it's hard to keep track of what I'm posting where. So I figured I'd post a longer update here with several answers to the questions I'm getting most frequently.

Regarding his condition - It's not bloat, it's just a TON of air in his tummy. The vet thinks he's been essentially gasping in pain for a long time and that's how all the air got there. So she's giving him a lot of pain meds and antacids to relieve the air and the pain.

She did 1 set of xrays for the belly, that's how we saw the air.  She wanted to get 2 more sets of xrays - lower back and lungs - but I told her she could either do bloodwork or more xrays and she choose bloodwork since she thought she knew what the xrays were going to show.

The bloodwork showed possible diabetes - elevated glucose levels but he's hasn't been eating - so she wants to redo that test when he starts eating. The results also showed some kidney levels out of whack – BUN and kero-something. She said it’s possible that these are elevated because he hasn’t been drinking water so it’s something else she wants to redo once he’s better. She's also going to do a urinanalysis to make sure there's no blood in there.

For tonight, he’s getting pain meds and antacids via IV with saline to help flush his kidneys and see what those levels do. He’ll also have access to wet food all night in case he feels like eating.

She wants to keep him 2 nights but I’m going to call late tomorrow and see if he’s responding to the treatment at all. Depending on what she says will determine whether I decide to put him out of his suffering, leave him there for another night, or bring him home a day early.

So, the estimate is $1200 but I’ve only requested $750 in the YouCaring post since that’s essentially what I had spent at the time I created it and I don’t know for sure that it will be as high as $1200. As I can confirm the amounts I’ve spent with the vet, I’ll increase the YC amount.

I asked the vet about giving out their # to accept donations directly and they said they would prefer I not do that unless absolutely necessary. So if anyone must pay the vet directly, please contact me and I’ll give you their number.  

Thanks again to everyone who cares about Kemo Sabe!


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Kemo Sabe means Faithful Friend

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