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The Story

On November 9th, 14 month old Jantzen Burrow was taken to see his pediatritian for what was assumed to be a routine ear infection. His pediatritan sent him to Children's ER immediately for a CAT Scan where seven tumors were found on the base of his brain and spine. The largest of these tumors is wrapped around his brain stem.

Jantzen was immediatley admitted to Children's Medical Center of Dallas where within 48 hours he under went major brain surgery in an atempt to remove the malignant tumors. During the procedure only one tumor and half of another were safely removed. These highly-malignant, fast-growing brain tumors are known as medullobalstoma.
Post- operative complications arose for baby Jantzen. Once his draingage tube was removed it was discovered that he had a bacterial infection of the membranes covering his brain and spinal cord. This infection is known as meningitis.
Jantzen will start chemotherapy with in the next week. The doctors estimate that with 12 months of chemotherapy there is a strong chance these tumors can shrink to a managable size. Please help Jantzen, his mother Jennifer and Grandmother Martha during this difficult time.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 2, 2014 by Candace Myers
Jantzen went to be with Lord yesterday evening. He left this world in peace and wearing his favorite tennis shoes. Jantzen's family is very thankful for the love and support each of you have given and continue to give during this difficult time. Funeral arrangements:

Visitation: Thursday, Dec 4th, 6-8pm
Funeral Service: Friday, Dec 5th, 11:00am

Emerald Hills Funeal Home
500 W Sublett Road
Kennedale, TX 76060

Posted on September 5, 2014 by Candace Myers
Family, Friends, and Supporters of Jantzen,

Please forgive the lack of updates on Jantzen. It has been a struggle finding words for this delicate situation.
On Tuesday, August 26th, Jantzen underwent an MRI to see the progress of the Meduloblastoma. That scan revealed several new tumors that now cover both sides of this brain and his spine. 17  tumors total.
It was decided as of today that Jantzen would benefit most by being discharged from Children's Medical Center of Dallas, and kept comfortable by hospice at homë.

Martha Potter (Jantzen's grandma), sent me the following message today. I am sharing it because her words perfectly define the sweet-hearted, fun- loving little boy that Jantzen is......

Jantzen was just discharged. He is starting on hospice now. It is not 24/7 hospice, but several times a week, and of course as needed. He rode his car out of the hospital with a smile on his face!

I ask ALL of you to please pray for this sweet family; Jennifer Manlove, Martha and David Potter, and of course for Jantzen Burrow.

If you wish to send them sweet notes of encouragnent and prayer lifting them up during this difficult time the address is 1238 Neptune, Cedar Hill, Texas 75104

Posted on June 3, 2014 by Candace Myers
Here is the information we received today on Jantzen's MRI, lumbar puncture, and hearing test that was done yesterday. 

Lumbar puncture was CLEAR of any cancer cells!!! 
MRI shows the tumor on the brain stem is not any larger or any smaller. (Jantzen will stay on course with chemotherapy orally at home for the next six months with blood work and physicals weekly) 
Hearing test was PERFECT!!! (They reported they are glad to know he can hear them..... Maybe just some selective hearing) 
Please continue to pray for more shrinkage of rumors. Today was great news. We are definitely moving in the right direction.

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Candace Myers
Hello my fellow Jantzen supporters! 
I have a lot to update on today.  Jantzen has had several blood transfusions in the past few weeks. He has also been on an appetite stimulant that is WORKING! On April 2nd, we received the amazing news that his largest tumor showed shrinkage, so we know it's responding to treatment. Also, his spinal fluid was clear of any cancer cells. 
The next step for Jantzen is the consolidation chemotherapy stage. He will remain hospitalized for 5 days due to the need to monitor the metabolism of the new chemo meds. Another MRI will be done on June 2nd and the last phase of Chemotherapy will be done at home following the results of that MRI. 

PLEASE PRAY for continued shrinkage of tumors and that Jantzen's appetite remains healthy. Also, any financial help given to Martha, Jennifer, and Jantzen is much appreciated. Please Pray for them all on June 2nd.

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Candace Myers
Hello family and friends,
I apologize for the delay on an update on Jantzen. 

Jantzen is such an amazing little boy and he continues to fight! His feeding tube has been removed and his appetite is much improved. He is a HUGE fan of Cheetos. Yummy! He is even feeling well enough to enjoy time at the park. He especially loves the slides. Jantzen is one determined boy......he doesn't even allow his nausea stop him from playing! Jantzen is also working with a physical therapist to build his leg muscles to hopefully start walking soon. 

Jantzen is now about to start the next phase of chemotherapy. This phase is consolidation where he will receive chemotherapy three times per week and remain in the hospital for five days, once per month. 
We are specifically requesting prayers for AWESOME results on April 1st when he will have his next MRI, Lumbar Puncture, and hearing test to see how effective the treatments have been. Please pray that his testing goes smoothly and that the tumors have continued to shrink. 

Posted on February 5, 2014 by Candace Myers
Wonderful report on Jantzen today from his mother, Jennifer Manlove:

Jantzen's doctor just came in and gave the best news of the year so far.....

Jantzen's tumors have shrunk in size significantly. They were able to locate a third, additional tumor on his spine, but it appears to be shrinking in size as well. The tumors in his brain are no longer aplying pressure on his brain. I am one happy momma today!!!!!

Posted on February 2, 2014 by Candace Myers
This has been a tough week on little Jantzen. After an intense round of chemotherapy, Jantzen's appetite has diminished, resulting in the placement of a feeding tube. Jantzen was also diagnosed with an extremely contagious virus, Clostridium difficile. He wil remain at Children's Medical Center of Dallas until things change for the positive. Your continued prayers for Jantzen, Jennifer, and Martha are appreciated. Please pray that Jantzen's appetite will return to normal and tear the bacteria causing the C Diff will not cause permanent colon/intestine damage. 

Thank you all for the continued support! 

Posted on January 7, 2014 by Candace Myers
Just wanted to make a correction- the link to the Jantzen story is on www.tennisfortworth.com. Go check it out....and say a prayer for sweet Jantzen too. Thanks!

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Candace Myers
Please go see the awesome story about Jantzen at www.tennisfortworth.com. He could also use some prayers too. Thanks so much!

Posted on December 31, 2013 by Candace Myers
Hello everyone!
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. Jantzen has had an eventful December. He has been going for chemotherapy treatments two to three times per week, still at Children's Medical Center of Dallas. Jennifer, Martha, and Jantzen were all extrememly happy that they were able to spend Christmas Day in the comfort of their own home. Once per month the chemotherapy medications adminitered are of a higher potency and this causes a great deal of discomfort for Jantzen and typically requires him to be hospitilized longer than normal.
These powerful chemotherapy medications have a side effect that may hinder Jantzen's hearing. Since he is at an age where he is learning to speak this is of major concern.
Please pray for positive results of his next MRI and hearing test to be held on February 2nd.

Also, a special thank you to Lisa Kilborn, of fortworthtennis.com, and to David Webb, of Richland Tennis Center, for their sharing of Jantzen's story.

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