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My name is Marie and I am in desperate need of help. My husband, Luis, and I have been married 8 years and have 4 children: Atticus (7), Liliana (6), Xaylin (3), and Evan (1). February 25th, 2012, our only daughter, Liliana, who was four years old at that time, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We were devastated. I was scared more than anything because the mobile home we are living in is falling apart- literally. See video of the damage at: http://goo.gl/i3hYml

Here’s what our reality is: we live in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom singlewide mobile home that was built in 1985. The only room in the house that is halfway decent is Liliana's room and that is because we took her first disability check and Luis fixed all the major damage in it. Even though he fixed it, it won’t last forever. The floor is particle board and has warps and cracks in it under the flooring. I had to take the bed off the rails because it was poking holes thru the floor. The floor of the closest is completely rotted underneath the platform Luis built to cover it. Right outside of her room is the laundry room and main bathroom. The floor in the bathroom was rotted as well. Luis replaced the plywood recently, but the beams are still rotted. The walls around the bathtub are molded as is the inside of the sheetrock. There is no toilet or sink in it at all because the floor was too rotten to hold it. The floor outside the bathroom, in the laundry room, is split with about a ½ inch gap, through which you can also the ground outside. The kitchen floor is rotted out underneath the sink and the countertop is bowed up due to water damage. The vinyl that covers the floor is ripped halfway up and we keep the hole covered with stick on vinyl tiles. There is a live wire above the stove where there is supposed to be a hood, but there isn’t one; only the wire sticking out the wall about 6 inches. The floor in the living room is not rotted but is uneven and has gaps in it. Almost all the power outlets in the house are sticking out of the walls. The wall around the front door is crumbling and the door only stays shut due to the sliding lock Luis installed. The back door is completely off the hinges and is just pressed up against the frame. The floor in the boy’s bedroom has holes all in it; the only thing keeping you from falling through is the carpet covering the holes. The bottom half of the window is completely gone and covered with plywood, except where the window air conditioner is. There is a place in one corner of the room where the wall is separating from the floor and you can see the ground in between the crack.  There are holes in the walls and the bathroom that adjoins it has nothing but a toilet and sink in it. The walls are wet and rotted thru, if you press on it,it collapses. The walls in the living room have holes in them and are wet and rotted as well. We have only window air conditioners and electric heaters. My daughter, Liliana, has a bedroom and the two oldest boys, and I share the other room. The baby sleeps with me, and my husband sleeps on the couch.

Luis has been working on it, but it is pretty much to the point of no return. He was informed a few days ago that it's beyond repair and if a strong wind comes thru, it will most likely collapse because there are not enough anchors and the foundation has shifted.  We have no income at the moment other than Liliana's disability and we are stuck in the home. We want to try to raise money to buy a double wide so we don’t have to take the risk of our children getting sick or hurt due to the living conditions we are in. I have previously found a used 6 bedroom double wide for 35,000 dollars! If you are able to help us raise money to get another one, just a used one, that would be amazing! Thanks, Marie Baza.

Also visit Liliana at: www.facebook.com/prayfornana

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Posted on September 6, 2013

Posted on September 6, 2013

Thank you everyone who has donated and shared! :) One step closer to moving!

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