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The Story

The bikers were enjoying their beautiful Colorado ride when it suddenly happened. The tragic accident took only a second - the memories will last a lifetime. Accidents happen, sometimes to the nicest and most generous people you know. 

It was early evening as the six of us turned south and headed home to Boulder after a fast, fun sprint on our road bikes. The sparkling mountain views and rolling hills of St. Vrain had provided us a great ride. Suddenly, wheels touched and it happened in an instant.  Bikers were down, riders were hurt. I turned and saw a bikers worst dreams realized.  Bikes down in the road, riders getting up from the asphalt - except for one.  Alma was injured and not moving. First aid training kicked in as I knelt next to Alma where she lay motionless in the street. Alma was breathing but unconscious and not responding. 911 calls went out as riders tried to help. It felt surreal as we protected our friend where she lay in the road. At last, paramedics arrived and lifted Alma carefully onto their back board. Alma's eyes fluttered open. The race to the hospital began.

Alma's emergency operation that night was a success.  The bleeding in her brain was stopped. Her life was saved.  Her broken bones and cracked ribs would be dealt with at another time. Four days after the accident Alma's doctors tell her rehabilitation will take at least six to twelve months.

Now is your opportunity to help Alma as she has helped so many others.  Alma's insurance will not begin to cover all of her medical costs.  Her injuries will not allow her to work for months.  Your contribution will be used to help your fellow biker deal with her mounting medical expenses from the accident.  Also, your donation will provide Alma an emergency fund while she is unable to work.

Please give with your heart as you use your hard earned dollars to help Alma recover.  Your twenty dollar contribution will be a positive step in her healing.  Your fifty or one hundred dollar contribution will help our fellow biker with medical costs in a very big way. You can help Alma right now and get her back on her bike and riding again!  

As Alma completes her operations and leaves the hospital, you will see pictures of her progress here. You will also see the results of your generous donation as Alma begins walking and finally rides once again.  We know Alma will heal more quickly and deal with her medical expenses better due to your heartfelt contribution.  Be sure and click on "subscribe to updates" at the top of this page so you can keep up with Alma!

Look for Alma biking our Colorado mountains again sooner than you'd ever think possible! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 1, 2013

Posted on September 1, 2013

Neil, Blade, Donna, and myself enjoyed riding Super-James with Alma yesterday!  Alma continues to ride hard and looks fantastic in her new white helmet.  To many more adventures with her and everyone else!  - Dan G

Posted on August 31, 2013

Posted on August 31, 2013

It's a fun holiday weekend and guess what???  

Alma is actually back on her bike and riding again!  Her recovery has been nothing short of amazing!  I personally witnessed several doctors telling Alma that she would be in rehabilitation for at least 6 to 12 months.  Alma has progressed from the point of clinging to life on the night of May 16 to today, where she is riding right now as I write this update.  Alma is tough and a fighter, but I'm thinking her recovery is as close to a miracle as I've witnessed for some time. 

In just a little over 3 1/2 months after her tragic accident Alma is back on her bike!  Through brain surgery, broken bones, rehabilitation, and just standing up, Alma has fought back.  She has done more than the rehabilitation doctors have asked, she has kept moving, she has maintained a positive outlook on life - even through all of her pain.

Your support here and in person has been one of basis of her ability to stay positive and keep after her recovery.  She has spoken again and again about her friends and the kindness they show.  Your help with funds and with your encouraging words has been a very large part of Alma's amazing recovery.

You will see a new video posted this week from Alma herself with her personal update on how she is doing and what comes next.  Also, look for the photos showing Alma's return to riding this week and the ride she is doing today up to Jamestown.

Finally, look carefully at the latest pictures and notice Alma's new biking helmet.  She is wearing the next generation of helmets with an inner shell to protect her still healing brain.  Don't worry, she is riding slowly and with care as she is very aware of her physical state.  As she said to me this week while riding across a beautiful Colorado sunset;           "Now this is my rehabilitation!!!"

Cheers to everyone, Randy

Posted on July 25, 2013

Posted on July 25, 2013

I am terribly sorry for such a long delay in updates. This last month has been very busy. However it has been a great month for Alma as she has continuously progressed towards a full recovery. Although the accomplishment of this goal is still very far ahead of her, she tries her hardest to get a step closer every day.

Alma's broken ribs, pubic remus, and sacrum are all healing nicely and only cause her pain when she overexerts herself. Her broken clavicle will most likely heal completely as well but since surgery was not performed it is taking much longer.

As for the most traumatic of her injuries, the epidural hematoma, she has once again impressed everyone with her ability to overcome something so life changing. Her scar is becoming less noticeable as her hair grows longer, her energy levels have increased an enormous amount, and most importantly she learned how to knit! The patterns and counting associated with it are very good physical therapy for her brain; what’s more, she has been playing Sudoku and other mentally challenging games in order to boost her brain power to a whole new level of awesome!

Alma is looking for people to play cards or chess with (or any game for that matter). So if you think you have what it takes feel free to challenge her someday!

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