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The Story

On Saturday, January 18th the Maddox Family's life changed drastically in a way most people cannot even imagine. Marlena Maddox, 35 was in a horrific car accident on I-70 near New Market in Maryland. The reason of the car accident are still not clear; however police are saying speed had a conributing factor. Driver Marshall Dokes was driving Marlena's 2002 Nissan Sentra, Marlena in the passenger seat asleep. Marshall drove off the road and into a tree. The car traveled about 350 feet from the guardrail parallel from the street before hitting the tree.

The impact of the car crash was so severe that the dash of the car crushed her legs and trapped her in the car. Marlena had to be cut out of the car which took about 20 to 25 mintues. She was then flown by the State Police helicopter to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

The extent of Marlena's injuries are terrifying to her family. Marlena is a Mother of 3 children Heather Maddox 18, Tina Maddox 16, and Leonard 12. The children along with soon to be husband Mark Benson now do not know if their Mother or wife to be is ever going to wake up or when she does if she will remember any of them. Marlena's injuries consists of her entire right leg being crushed, a broken right hip, her right arm is shattered, her left ankle is broken, her left hand is broken, three of her ribs are broken, a punctured lung, a broken jaw, most of her face is fractured,  the right side of her skull is crushed in, she has severe head trauma to the front top right part of her head in her hair line; she has severe brain injuries such as swelling. They have removed part of her skull to relieve some of the pressure. She is now out of the heavily sedated state that the doctors put her in inorder to repair her lung damage. Now off of sedation and the ventilator she is breathing on her own. However, she is still in coma. Doctor's do not have any answers at the moment. They don't know when or if she will wake up. They do not know the extent of her brain damage until she wakes up.

The family is going through an extremely hard time right now. They do not know what their future holds for them or if their mother and soon to be wife will remember them, be able to talk, feed herself, dress herself, or live and do anything remotely normal after she wakes up. they have already lost their house and have been forced to put their stuff in storage. The two younger children have went to stay with their father for the time being. while Heather the oldest daughter and Mark stay at the hospital and hope for their prayers to be answered. Mark is looking for side jobs or anything to help bring in any income to hang onto what they do have left. However with them no longer having a car and no access to their bank accounts due to Marlena's wallet being lost at the crash site; what little money they do have it being withheld from them. Heather and Mark are now going from friends house to friends house taking turns on who is with Marlena in hopes she wakes up.

The money raised here is going to go towards Marlena's recovery and to her families well being. It will help put another roof over their heads, keep food on the table, help mark to find work, and help them get through this extremely hard time. When Marlena wakes up it will be just the begining of a very long road to fully recovering. She may never be the same. This fmaily does not have alot of support from the people around them. They are hanging on by a thread to what little hope and faith they have left. Please help by keeping this family in your prayers. Any little bit helps in so many ways.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 15, 2014 by Heather Maddox
Marlena is still in the university of Maryland shock trauma, still in a coma, all doctors are saying is she is critical but stable, myself and her oldest daughter (Heather maddox) are losing the family home, but we are doing our best in this terrible situation, all the prayers and comments are greatly appreciated, Thank you all 

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