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From Beth Aweau, Scott's sister:

My brother Scott is currently fighting for his life in the critical care unit. I cannot go over all of the circumstances, but it started with a sore back/twinge when folding his clothes, to the ER where they said he had sciatica, and the drugs from the contrast dye and the medicines all hurt his kidneys. I will give you the run down of all of his current diagnoses. You will need to google if you want more. I don't have time to answer questions, I am so sorry about that. Please keep in mind now that while he is just a little overweight, he is a young, healthy guy with no past medical issues other than some clustered blood vessels in his liver that they have been watching for six years now, okay. 

He was admitted in acute kidney and renal failure. Then he was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis (a break down of the muscle tissues), a UTI that crew out E.coli (he is getting antibiotics), bacteremia (he is getting antibiotics), acute liver and kidney failure (he will need a liver transplant and dialysis for his kidneys when he is healthy enough to do these things) and he had a silent heart attack Monday early morning. He has ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), which caused him to go into cardiac arrest, they brought him back after 5 minutes. He is currently intubated and cannot speak. 

But through all of this, thinking that I would be losing my brother/son (he is 11 years younger than me and I basically raised him), to being extremely hopeful. Today he was coming out of his sedation and he could answer yes and no questions. I asked if he knew who I was, nod. I told him I would be there for the day and he gave me the biggest smile and it made me cry. I told him my niece Ashley (Bain's mommy) was coming and another huge smile. I have never been so happy in my entire life.

So, if you could please, please, please keep him in your good thoughts and prayers. He needs them to continue fighting through. I've been trying hard to do a bedside vigil, as one of the last things he said 2 days ago when I asked how his night went was, "I hate to tell you this and I am sorry, but it kills me when you leave." That made my heart squeeze and I started to cry. I told him I would be with him as long and as much as I could. He told me he understood that I had to work... 

So, at some point my videos are going to run out. I have them scheduled to go live till next Saturday. I will just encourage you at that point to go back... I have almost a thousand videos for you watch and hopefully "enjoy!" I really truly enjoy you and I have missed trying to catch up with a lot of you. Thanks for your time and your prayers!!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 30, 2014

Posted on March 30, 2014

I am posting a video right as I type this. I took Scott to an infectious disease doctor and they have started at ground zero.  He was stopped from the antibiotics that he was on and started on a new IV antibiotics.  So a PICC line was inserted into him.  

They just recently "re-certified" him for another two weeks' worth of therapy.  He is doing well, but he has no strength in his shoulders.  I took him this past week for MRIs of his thorax and lumbosacral spine on Monday, and bilateral shoulders on Tuesday. 

The findings of the back MRIs revealed T11-12 diskitis and he is being referred out now to an orthopedic back specialist. That will happen some time this week. 

His eye appt came back normal. That's good!! One less thing to worry about. 

I am now just waiting on results of the shoulder MRIs. The therapists think he may have a tear of a muscle. If he does, then yet another referral outside. The best part of that would be that I could have him see the orthopedic surgeon that I work for, as he specializes in shoulder replacements.  

Posted on February 28, 2014

Posted on February 28, 2014

2/28/14: (this is for 2/27) So for today's wrap up! I went up early for the care plan meeting and arrived with Scott dressed and in his wheelchair waiting for me outside of his room. 

Social work reviewed how they go in and assess his level of depression (if any) and talk to him to make sure where he is at. I asked him just today if he was sad or depressed about being there and he said no. He realizes it is just what has to be done. 

Activities coordinator said she has some car mags for him. I told her no need, he has like 14 that have come in since he has been hospitalized and has shown no interest in them. 

Dietary went over his weight--they have it all wrong saying he is back to his baseline. I was like what? He's lost 66 lbs. She said no they have him documented on entry at 253 (that was his last weight a week ago), and that it went to 273 with the "water weight" and then to 319. I said you have it backwards. He came in at 319, as that is what it was at his PCP appt which I attended with him. She said "you know not all scales are right." I said "but they do not differ by SIXTY SIX POUNDS!!!" Do you know that she sort of "whatever'd" me?!? I don't take very well to being whatever'd. Just saying. I said you better go check your records because you are wrong. Hello? Who knows better? Mama Hen or the person who sees his chart once a day??? I also pointed out how big and baggy his clothes are. I said who in their right mind would be wearing clothes that raggedy? lol

The charge nurse on his floor was there and went over his status. One last day of antibiotics and then a chest x-ray to see if the pneumonia is gone. I told them to consider extending it as he has a boil now that they are draining. They reviewed ST/OT/PT and said that they hope to have him done with his speech therapy by 3/14 and physical and occupational therapy by 3/27. These are "guesstimates" and that it may be shorter or it may be longer, but that is what they are shooting for.

We then went to the CCU. Jose was there (who was one of his nurses) and Sabina the ward clerk. His speech therapist was there and chatted with us for a little bit as well. Jose remembered him and said "hey Scott, man you've lost a lot of weight! But looking good!!" and of course Sabina and I hugged and shed a tear. She was a great support by sharing her story with her son being in the same condition as Scott last year. It gave me hope, so I let her know that and how much I appreciated it. She said the next time we come, she wants him walking through the door 

I then gave Scott the option of going the back way through the hospital (which connects to the long term bldg) or out the front, which would take him outside. He chose outside. We didn't stay outside for very long, just a few minutes, but he said it felt good to be out.

We then got him back in bed for about an hour before his PT appt. Amanda said she'd take it easy on him since Justin over-worked him in OT and he was in pain. I asked her about that, if she thought the extreme pain was because of the neuropathy or is it something I need to have looked at. She said Justin thinks he has a subluxation of both of his shoulders and that he is going to need a lot of work to strengthen his shoulder muscles back up. So he probably won't be back to work any time soon until he can work that out. You saw the video of one of his walks. He did it again, and then they did leg exercises using a band and then some to strengthen his quads and hamstrings. Amanda said she wanted him out of bed at least three times a day if not more. She said ideally one more time at night. So I guess after he digests dinner, then we need to get him up and out of the bed. She also wants him out of the bed over the weekends as well, exercising his legs and arms pushing his own wheelchair. 

His orthopedist came and drained more fluid off the left knee and injected him with twice the dosage of medicine since he's a "big guy." Lol. It was very painful. Hated to see him like that. He says it now feels good. 

So that's it. Justin wants him to start going to the bathroom on his own. No more urinal or bed pan. That will be challenging after a long hard day of therapy, but I guess again it is a case of no pain, no gain.

Posted on February 21, 2014

Posted on February 21, 2014

I can't correct, but it is "tooth and nail", not bone. Geesh lol

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