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Life can change in a second. On the morning of Tuesday, November 5th my apartment was in an explosion the started from the unit directly across the hall from mine. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

My only thought was that my 1 year old cat Ellie was still inside. My boss walked over there with me, while the whole time I was hoping that he had made a mistake and that it was a different building on fire. When we were close enough to see the building, it was for sure mine. I almost threw up. Every part of my body went numb as I watched helplessly as my life literally went up in flames. I kept pleading with everyone and anyone who would listen to please save my cat. I had this feeling that she was alive and was hiding under my bed. 

After 6 hours of standing in the rain and refusing to move from where I could see where most of my apartment was, a fireman approached me. He saw I was wearing my Pro Club uniform and informed me that he used to work at Pro Club in the 90's. He said it was like a family there, and family helps each other out. He told me that he was personally going to go in a find Ellie. Within minutes of climbing through my broken and burnt bedroom window he emerged holding onto my little girl. She had ben hiding under what was left of my bed. it was the best moment of my life, during the worst day of my life! 

Ellie was rushed to a local animal hospital and was started on pain medication and antibiotics. She had xrays, blood work taken, and IV fluids as well. They found a spot on her right lung that was burnt. The following morning her burns had progressed and she lost most of the fur on her left front leg and belly. The pads of her feet are badly burnt as well. She inhaled smoke for 6 hours inside my bedroom which had practically turned into a furnace. She was transfered to Seattle Veterinary Specialists on 11/6/13 to be carefully watched by respiratory specialists since her breathing is pretty labored. They have been giving her high flow oxygen. She may require a skin graft on her burnt body. Her medical bills are piling up like crazy, we are hoping to raise enough to cover them. She's got a rough couple of months ahead of her until she fully recovers, but she is one tough cookie :)

I may have lost all my things, but I didn't lose everything. I will rebuild and move forward, I just feel so blessed to have Ellie girl alive. She is the one thing I cared about losing. Thank you for all your love and support!!

Here is King 5's video coverage on the story:

You can also "Like" Ellie's facebook page where I will be posting updates to as well:

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 27, 2014

Posted on January 27, 2014

Hello everyone! Ellie is doing great! She is pretty much through all the tough points on her road to recovery, and now she just has a lot of rehabilitation to go through. After her last surgery she had a seizure as she was waking up. SVS kept her overnight to monitor her and she did not have another one.

When I picked her up the following day, I got her home and realized that her tail was about an inch shorter...I was very concerned so I called and asked what happened, and they weren't sure since nothing was done to her tail. Then the vet tech called back and said that they looked in her bedding and found the end of her tail. It orginally had a burn from the fire and appeared to have been smashed somehow as well. They said that the end of her tail was dead and was just being held on by the scab on her tail that happened to heal and fall off naturally when she was there. It is not causing her any pain and is pretty much healed over so nothing will be done about it. 

It's hard to believe that almost 12 weeks ago our whole lives were changed so suddenly. I am thrilled that Ellie is finished with surgeries and is healthy. She is literally the only thing I cared about, and like I've said a hundred times before I feel so blessed that she is alive and doing better! Thank you for all the continued emails, letters, cards, prayers, good thoughts, and love :) We love you all and appreciate it more than words can explain! 

Posted on January 3, 2014

Posted on January 3, 2014

Greetings everyone! I hope your Christmas and New Year's was as special as ours was! I am very happy to report that Miss Ellie is doing wonderful. She is playful again, she loves to play hide and seek (like old times), and is as loving and friendly as ever! Her bandage changes are going as planned and her burn is continuing to heal. I can tell the wound is starting to become slightly itchy since she keeps trying to lick her shoulder where the E-Collar is. 

I am also excited to share that on Decemeber 26th I got engaged to my high school sweetheart :) Ellie, Ryan, and I can't wait to officially be a little family! I posted a picture of the three of us right after the proposal. The ring was tied around Ellie's neck, I love that she was able to be part of the special moment!! 

We are hopefully that 2014 will continue to bring a year full of love and happiness! 

Posted on December 22, 2013

Posted on December 22, 2013

Hello everyone! Little miss Ellie is doing great. She has not had pain meds in 10 days! Yay! Her bandage change on Wednesday went as scheduled and they said that she is continuing to heal beautifully! Her next appointment in on Monday. The staff at SVS are fantastic! They clearly love what they do and they are also great at what they do, so that makes bringing her there so much easier. 

Ellie and I are going to go to my parents for Christmas! She has become a good little co-poilet in the car! Plus she loves my mom's cooking so she will be very content. 

Before the fire, Ellie used to spend a lot of the day sitting on the window sill, people and bird watching. Since the fire she sadly has not been able to get up to the window sill, until Friday when the ramp I ordered her came! She is now able to walk up to the window (she is under a strict no jumping rule until fully healed) and sit on her new memory foam window perch. She actually didn't even sleep with me last night, instead she slept on her perch and was up a lot of the night looking out the window. Life is slowly returning to a new normal :) 

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