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Hi im Hannah and im 15 years old! i have a cyst in my brain on a part called the Pineal gland. Everyday i have severe headaches that keep me from doing normal things teens do. I used to be a cheerleader and would have to sit out during games because of the pain. I need to raise money to get the surgery that will remove this little guy. I hate having to ask for help but i really need this and could give back so much when I'm better. Thank you allso much!

Hi I'm Hannah's mom. I have watched Hannah suffer for years with what we thought were migraines. They started when she was in 1st grade. We had been taking her to neurologists for a few years , but there had never been any testing done. In November 2011, she had three seizures in one morning. I saw this and it was heartbreaking and scary. Her pediatrician ordered an MRI. That is when we found out she had a "large cyst on her pineal gland" causing mass effect to the brain.  Over the past year plus, I have been taking her to Cleveland Clinic Hospital for treatment.  They haven't found one medication that can help her pain.  On our first visit there, they also told us she has a tumor in her pituitary gland.  The neurosurgeon told me neither one would shrink, but were unlikely to grow.  However, her cyst has grown over the past year.  Her pain has also grown so much worse this past year. I can't explain how terrible it is to watch her suffering get worse and worse.  She also has other symptoms, such as worsening vision, temporary blindness, not being able to control her body temperature, feelings of dizziness and syncope.

Hannah has made the decision herself (with my approval) to have the cyst removed. This is a very brave decision, as the pineal gland is in the exact center of the brain.  It is a very dangerous surgery.  We have however, found two doctors that perform the surgery endoscopically and have decided to go with the one in the United States.  This doctor is recognized world wide.  We know of quite a few people from our Pineal Cyst group that have had him do the surgery.  The cost is allot less than the doctor in Austrailia, and hopefully we can stay with friends in California for a bit after the surgery.  They usually release you to travel in the first week when the brain is still swelling, which makes flying painful.

Our first goal is to raise 750.00.  That will cover the consult and 6 months worth of pre and follow up phone calls.  We could have this consult this Friday, and the surgery as early as April or May depending on our fundraising sucess.

Hannah has a very sweet soul.  I am confidant that she would love to help others and pay it forward when she is pain free.  She has expressed her guilt to me, about asking for help.

Thanks for now knowing, part of her story!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 7, 2013 by Hannah Lien

You can learn more about Pineal Cyst's at this link through Facebook!

Posted on November 7, 2013 by Hannah Lien
Hi all you wonderful caring people!  Wanted to do a quick update about Hannah.  Hannah is trying to wait until next summer to get her surgery.  She said she wanted to do really well in school this year and just brought her first report card of the year home.  She made straight A's for the first time in her life!  I couldn't be prouder! We spent a week in Cleveland for testing and check ups on her cyst.  Her cyst has continued to grow.  They started her on a new medication which was supposed to help her short term.  Neither one of us had any hope in this helping.  Well, to our surprise, it has helped a lot with her headaches!  She now will have maybe one or two bad days a week, instead of maybe one good one.  The medicine reduces the cerebral spinal fluid in her head.  The pharmacist told me it will only be a temporary reprieve as the body gets used to this medicine quickly.  So I treasure this time while she feels a bit better for the first time in many years.  Unfortunately the medicine comes with side effects.  It makes food not taste good to her and gives her painful stomach issues and pains in her muscles.  She has lost weight that she didn't need to lose. I have decided not to got with the doctor we had chosen.  I am hearing of more doctors that will do the surgery.  I continue to search for the right one, and hopefully will have him or her set up when the time is right.  A friend of ours is headed right now to have surgery with the doctor that operated on Gabbi Gifford.  I am looking forward to consulting with him.  Hannah also wants to try the Mayo Clinic as another option. Please keep Hannah in your prayers.  She is a great girl and really deserves a miracle! Thank you all for your love and concern.
Hannah's Mom

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Hannah Lien
Hi All!  I took Hannah to her pediatrician today to follow up on ER visit last night.  She gave hannah 3 prescriptions to hopefully get her through the weekend until we go to Cleveland Clinic.  They are for pain and nausia.  She is still suffering with continuous "electrical zapping feelings" throughout her body.  
Thank You for all of your support,
Hannah's mom

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Hannah Lien
Hi All!  It's Hannah's mom again.  We don't have reliable internet at the house anymore so I haven't been able to post when I have wanted to lately.
Hannah and I just left the ER for the second time in the past week.  Her symptoms are getting much worse and she is scared.  We will be going to Cleveland Clinic on Sunday night for appointments on Monday and Tuesday if we have transportation, (we found out today that my car is doomed) :( and the Ronald Mcdonald house has a room.
We can't thank you enough for all of your support.  I don't know how many have subscribed to updates, the site doesn't tell me.  Please keep Hannah in your thoughts and prayers for complete healing so she can enjoy being a normal 15 year old girl.
Thank you,
With lots of love,
Hannah's mom

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Hannah Lien
Hi Everyone of you wonderful people.  Hannah has had a super bad headache all day and looks so sad.  She tried to go swimming earlier with some girlfriends.  She told us at dinner that she had thought she could get her mind off it when she got there.  But I had to pick her up after only an hour.  She tried both her perscriptions for pain and neither touched it.  She also used the excellent head ice pack given to her by her best friends mom Sherri Baughman, but it didn't help either.  Please pray for some relief in a good nights rest for her tonight.  She took melatonin which will hopefully help.  The pineal gland makes melatonin and her surgeon said she will have sleep issues and need melatonin for the rest of her life, as the cyst has pretty much destroyed her pineal gland.  Thank you for all of your generosity in helping Hannah achieve her goal to be pain free
Love Hannah's Mom

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Hannah Lien
When I went in to say goodnight to Hannah, she asked for me to go get her her ice pack.  She said the pain was so bad it was in her jaws.  She asked me to turn off the hallway light,caus even under the door, the light shining through was to much for her.  Please pray for her pain to get better. :(

Hannah's Mom

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Hannah Lien
Wanted to make an update! (:
Light headache throughout the day untill around 1 pm it got realllly bad. /: I'm about to go to my orchestra concert, I play the viola

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Hannah Lien
We have a P.O. box now!  Some people have had troble with the paypal and they have already charged us about 700.00 in fee's.  So if you would rather send money to the PO 
Box, I just went and purchased for Hannah-  Here's the address!

Help Hannah
P.O. Box 292091
Dayton Oh 45429-0091

Checks can be made out to Hannah Lien or Sheri Lien (I'm her mom)

Thank you everyone for your support  you are unbelievable!

Posted on May 1, 2013 by Hannah Lien
Reading these comments brought tears to my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means so much

Posted on May 1, 2013 by Hannah Lien
I wanted to thank everyone for the donations and support, it means so much. Really, anything helps. Seeing how much we raised even in the paast week is truely amazing, i dont think I can thank all of you enough for what you did

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