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The Story

It all started with what seemed like a simple headache... 

Van and SaMonna’s favorite little guy started complaining of head pain on Friday, February 14, 2014.  Having just gotten over a stomach virus, his complaints caused his parents no real alarm.  The pain continued through the weekend, so first thing Monday morning SaMonna took him to the doctor’s office.  After a thorough examination, it appeared that Brayden was simply demonstrating symptoms of migraine headaches.  They were sent home with a list of migraine-producing foods to eliminate from his diet.  Since the Watts' household already practices healthy living, most of those foods were already excluded from their diet. 

After returning home, Brayden's complaints of a headache continued.  In the middle of the night, he awoke out of his sleep, crying about the pain in his head.  SaMonna gave him some medication and he was able to go back to sleep.  Early Tuesday morning, in response to Brayden's continued complaints of pain and discomfort, they rushed him back to the doctor and panic began to set in.  What was going on? They just wanted answers and for the pain to stop. After a second thorough examination, Brayden's pediatrician was still unable to identify any significant cause for his headaches, but ordered a CT scan. 

On Wednesday morning the CT scan results came back, but were unable to generate any additional information. Everything "appeared" normal.  SaMonna was unable to accept these results at face value and began to strongly express her concerns to Brayden’s  doctor.  She was advised to follow the dietary guidelines given to rule out migraines and to schedule a follow up in two weeks.  With an unsettled spirit, SaMonna contacted another physician, Dr. Theodore Watkins, a close family friend and mentor.  He quickly consulted with another specialist and they collectively agreed that Brayden needed specialized attention, and fast. 

SaMonna was able to get an appointment to see a Pediatric Neurologist on Friday at Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C, but that was two days away. SaMonna asked God to prompt her if two days was too long to wait and she closely monitored Brayden for the rest of the day.  He played happily and "appeared" to be his normal self, only complaining of slight head pain two or three times that day.  Later that evening (Wednesday), SaMonna received a follow-up call from Dr. Watkins.  He informed her that he wasn’t comfortable with waiting untilFriday for the appointment.  Shortly after the call, Brayden woke up again screaming about the pain in his head.  SaMonna and Van found themselves rushing to the Emergency Department around 1am Thursday morning. 

…The battle is just beginning...

Once at the ER, an MRI was performed which revealed that Brayden had a growth on his cerebellum. Brayden was immediately rushed to Children’s Hospital for further investigation.  After a flurry of additional tests, it was confirmed that Brayden indeed had two brain tumors on his cerebellum. Surgery to remove the tumors was scheduled for the following Monday, February 17, 2014. 

The surgery was proven a success in that both tumors were completely removed, however more concerning news was shared by the doctors post-surgery.  Brayden was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of pediatric brain cancer.  SaMonna and Van were advised that the cancer had disseminated to other areas of his brain and aggressive treatment was necessary immediately.

…Where we are today…

In less than a week, SaMonna and Van's lives have been turned upside down.  They had limited preparation for the emotional and financial toll that the next few months would have on their family. But, God knew and He has made provisions for EVERY need they have to be supplied. 

This site has been created by family and friends to help offset the financial expenses that SaMonna and Van are facing.  As they prayerfully continue on this journey with Brayden, they are holding onto God with arms of faith.  Some of the SIGNIFICANT expenses facing the Watts family on this road include, but are not limited to medical/prescription costs not covered by insurance and travel costs associated with Brayden's out of state treatments (e.g., housing, food and transportation).  Your amazing support will greatly help the Watts family with the emotional and financial challenges ahead.   

...What your gifts will be used for...

The initial amount of $45,000 is going to cover the out of pocket medical (e.g. deductibles, co-payments, not-covered benefits and medication), travel, prescription and supplement (e.g. fruit and vegetables for juicing) expenses for the first phase of Brayden’s journey to healing (e.g. 1 of the 4 prescriptions required this week WITH insurance cost $1,600 out of pocket).  As treatment progresses and additional expenses arise, we will adjust our goal accordingly and pray for your continued support

UPDATE: Now that the first set of bills have been received it is evident our intial goal of $45,000 was too low.  Brayden is in the beginning stages of his journey and already his medical expenses are astronomical. Due to this we are increasing his fund goal to $100,000.  Thank you for your continued support.

This site allows friends / family to send gifts using a paypal account or credit card. If anyone prefers to send a check, please email godhealbrayden@gmail.comfor the mailing address or with any questions. Please note, these gifts are NOT tax-deductible.  
...Facts Are...Truth Is...

Fact: Brayden has a serious diagnosis...
Truth: God is a healer!

Join us on this journey of faith! God WILL get the glory! 

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up. James 5:15

Link to SaMonna's testimony given at Breath of Life's Women's Breakfast March 1, 2014.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/9hot5xtdl8z1v7h/SaMonna.m4a

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 3, 2014 by Family & Friends

The other day Van and I were at the store and he passed by a teenage girl who had the same surgical scar Brayden had.  A few moments later I ran into her and realized it was one of the beautiful children we had met in Philadelphia.  Of course my eyes started to water up.  Children should not have to suffer with diseases but it’s the reality of the world we live in.  Everywhere you turn someone is going through.

Throughout this experience many individuals have shared with me their trials and suffering.  People are hurting.  We live in a jacked up world, but were it not for grace!  Though trials sting, when you trust in God He will show you the beauty in them.

This will be my last post on this site.  I’m not sure how long you caring will have it available, so to be safe I will look into transferring the posts to my website.  If you know of anyone who is going through a trial similar to the one we’ve endured please share the posts with them.  Prayerfully our journey with Brayden will be a source of encouragement to them and anyone dealing with adversity.

I also solicit your prayers.  The Lord is calling me to a life of ministry.  What that exactly looks like I’m not completely certain.  However, I do know that as long as I follow His lead I’ll be alright.  So please pray with me in that regard.

For now I’m going to continue to try to share encouraging words and the love of God through my blog.  You can check it out at www.samonnawatts.com.   Your support has been amazing and we, the Watts family love you all!

Posted on August 23, 2014 by Family & Friends

It’s been about a month now since Brayden took his rest and I’m here to tell you that God is amazing.  He is the only reason that our family is keeping it together.  Prior to actually finding myself in this situation I would always think that I would never be able to handle the loss of a loved one.  Even as we went through this journey I blocked the thought out of my head because it was too painful.  When Van and I would talk about it our thoughts were continually on SaVanna.  I just knew I wouldn’t be able to handle explaining the situation to her and comforting her.  The thought of the pain she would experience was unbearable for us as parents.  Then there is Van.  He said from day one that if Brayden passed he would be done.  He declared that he would not be able to handle it.  Yet, this morning I can tell you with full confidence that God still sits on His throne!

If there ever was a time that we needed to be in the word it’s now.  We were in it hard when we were seeking God to heal, but now we need it even more.  The devil is relentless.  He understands that God has a remedy for every situation that we go through and because of this he wants to keep us out of the word.  It’s so easy to find yourself laid out in tears feeling physically and emotionally paralyzed with no desire to seek God.  I had to fight this and force myself to search God’s word for comfort during this time.  So let me tell you what I know.  When I get into that word I start thinking about God’s character, about His goodness, about His love for me, about the things He has prepared for me, and about the things He desires for me and all of a sudden I start praising!  The tears that were rolling down my face are now accompanied by a big ol’ smile.  I can’t explain it but even in your pain God WILL supply comfort!  Hallelujah!!  He’s doing it for me and Van.  Don’t get me wrong, we hurt and we cry but we find God even in the midst of that.

I’m learning to take control of my mind.  I think of Brayden all day long.  I can look at pictures and smile.  What I can’t do is listen to certain music.  It just makes me too emotional.  The times when I feel like I’m going down a path of negative emotions I pray and pull out my phone to read my scriptures.  It works every time… well  every time I  do it. LOL.  Sometimes, I just want to wallow in my tears and I do.  However, I really don’t do this often because I feel much better when I decide to turn my focus toward God even if I still need to cry.  Like I said, He’s amazing. 

Van is doing much better than he or I would’ve ever imagined.  He gets up every morning and has his time with God and it sustains him.  He even is starting to be social again.  Last week was his first week back to church and we had dinner with friends afterwards.  If you know Van you’d understand this is a big deal.  This is a man who says if anything ever happened to me he would move to some secluded place and be a hermit.  LOL.  I just knew he was going to shut down the outside world, but he didn’t!  He’s my support when I’m down and I’m his when he’s down.  He’s stronger than I could have ever imagined.  Side note- He’s strong but he is still Van.  If you come to him consoling him about Brayden he might give you the side eye.  He doesn’t want the hugs of comfort (he and I are totally different) talk to him as you would if this had never happened.  He will appreciate that.

SaVanna is doing pretty good.  The past week she hasn’t asked about or mentioned Brayden as much as she had been.  She was praying that God would bring him back every single day.  Yet from day one she didn’t cry or act sad.  Her young age is a blessing in disguise.  She gets that he’s gone but she doesn’t get it.  She understands that mommy and daddy feel sad because before she leaves either one of us she tends to ask will we be ok?  It’s the cutest thing.  So one time I told her no I wouldn’t be ok and she quickly replied, “Ok mommy, I’ll stay with you.”  I was just messing with her to see what she would say.  She is really the sweetest child.  She’s always been a mama’s girl but the week Brayden passed she was looking out for her daddy.  She offered to sleep by him and she would rub his back making sure he was alright.  

It is adjustment for all of us here at home.  SaVanna does not like to be left alone.  We had a play area set up for the kids in the basement.  This was their main hang out spot.  Obviously, that has all changed.  SaVanna is fine playing by herself but she doesn’t want to be alone.  If you go to the bathroom she wants to make sure that you don’t leave her by herself.  I can’t go anywhere in the house without her being right on my coat tails.   So we make an extra special effort to give her all the attention she needs.

Then there is the issue of the noise.  I was confident we had the loudest happiest kids in the world.  Now the house is silent.  You don’t realize how much you miss it till it is gone.  Van mentions it all the time when he comes home from work.  The noise is gone and he misses it.

Well, I just wanted to send out a little update on us.  Ya’ll we are surviving!  All of the prayers you send up for us are being answered.  In no way is this an easy road, but it could be much worse if Jesus wasn’t carrying us.  We still laugh and have a good time with each other despite the pain.  It’s a day by day thing.  I know there are stages of grief.  I haven’t looked them up nor studied them because I don’t care what they are.  I’m choosing to take this thing day by day and God has promised to help.  Each morning I pray for His strength, His comfort, His peace, His joy, and an extra portion of His Holy Spirit.  I know that TODAY, His grace is sufficient for me and that is all that matters.  Be blessed!

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.  2 Corinthians 12:9

Posted on August 4, 2014 by Family & Friends

Brayden’s Praise Party was wonderful.  I can honestly say that was the best memorial/funeral I’ve ever attended.  We gave the Lord the praise He is worthy of.  In life or death He is worthy of the praise.  Everyone looked beautiful in their white.  The music was beautiful and the atmosphere was filled with the presence of the Lord.  This has been quite the journey and it has ended in victory!  Brayden’s battle is won!  Hallelujah!  Can’t wait to see my little guy and YOU when Jesus returns.

If you would like to see the service online please use the link below.  Be blessed and keep praising Jesus!  http://new.livestream.com/sligochurch1/events/3241626/videos/58224846

Posted on August 3, 2014 by Family & Friends
Hello Friends and Family,
For those who will be unable to attend the funeral services in person, it will be streamed, and the link and instructions are below:

Please click on the link below to join us virtually for Brayden's Funeral and Praise Party Part II, which will be streaming live on Sunday August 3, 2014 at 11:00am EST. Just click on the link, and in the 'Worship Live' box, you will be able to view the service.


Posted on July 29, 2014 by Family & Friends

We are about to have a Praise Party!  Brayden’s funeral will not be a sorrowful ceremony it will be a time of praise and thanksgiving!  If possible we ask that those attending where white, or light colors such as khaki.  Why?  Simply because this is a celebration of the white robe God has waiting for Brayden in eternity.  The service will be held this Sunday, August 3rd at 11:00 am.  The address is Sligo SDA Church, 7700 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912.  Please join us as we lift up praises to our mighty God.  For those who can’t attend live streaming information will be posted once available.

Posted on July 27, 2014 by Family & Friends

I feel compelled to share this.  At the very beginning of this journey God clearly spoke to my heart.  When I first received the news that Brayden had a tumor God told me that He would bring me through this trial victorious, which He has.  I never presumed that it meant healing here on this earth.  I couldn’t safely do that because that is not what He said.  That is the only message I received directly from God.  Several months into the journey I began receiving messages from third parties.  Based upon these messages I assumed that God was confirming that Brayden was healed.  God never spoke this to me directly.  I had to clarify this seeing I boldly proclaimed for the last month of this journey that God said Brayden was healed.  Healed eternally yes, but not in the physical.  God is not a man that He should lie and He doesn’t play with our emotions.  Based upon my testimony I don’t want anyone to think that God told me something and didn’t fulfill it.  I have no explanation for the messages I received from others.  Just wanted to clear that up so that I don’t misrepresent God in any way.  Be blessed.

Posted on July 26, 2014 by Family & Friends

God is faithful.  This morning Van and I prayed over Brayden.  I asked God to end this pain and either heal Brayden today or put him to sleep.  Several days ago we had come to the conclusion that it might not be God’s will to heal Brayden.   Though it’s not what we want we trust God to have His way because He is a God of love.  About 15 minutes after we prayed my precious little son went to sleep in Jesus.  He finally had rest.  It’s super painful but at the same time Van and I felt relief.  It was torture to watch our son in such a state and to know that he is now at peace is a relief.  Painful but a relief.  I pray that this news doesn’t discourage anyone.  God knows what we don’t know and our greatest desire for Brayden is that he make it to the kingdom and he will.  We are confident that when Jesus comes to take His children home, Brayden will be among that number.  This life here on earth is less than a second in time compared to eternity.  To know that we will spend ceaseless ages with Brayden in glory is worth it all.  I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that we are going to feel.  Losing a child seems like one of the greatest pains we can experience on earth, something God the Father is familiar with.  However, God promises to comfort and be our strength.  Van and I are holding Him to that. :)  Your support through this journey has been tremendous.  God bless you all and continue to keep the faith.   God be praised!

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Family & Friends

The Watts’ family is still holding on!  We are patiently waiting for the Lord to move in our situation.  The wait ain’t easy, but God is working on our hearts during the wait.  As Van and I reflect upon the situation we realize that faith has not been perfected in us.  God allows trials to work things out in our characters promoting spiritual growth.  We are confident that God has healed Brayden and we are waiting for the manifestation of that healing.  Nobody can convince us that God is not going to heal our son.  However, we find ourselves entertaining fear and God doesn’t like that.  Fear works contrary to faith just as the enemy works contrary to God.  Fear also results in torment. 1 John 4:18 tells us,“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”  Mercy, I ain’t got time to ALLOW the enemy to torment me.  As a child of God that’s just plain stupid.

Furthermore God has not given us the spirit of fear, the enemy has.  We have seen some scary stuff and we have feared.  Fear creeps in when we see Brayden struggling to breathe, when we see his heart rate drop too high or too low, and when his blood pressure is really low.  We entertain fear when it’s hard for us to sleep peacefully at night because we are always looking to make sure Brayden is still breathing.  God does not like that.  How can we believe that God is taking care of Brayden and still fear?  We have nothing to fear. 

God is growing us through this situation.  He desires that we have perfect peace while going through the storm.  It’s similar to the story of Paul in Acts chapter 27.  He is on a ship during a terrible storm.  The angel tells him not to fear and that no soul would be lost only the ship.  At that point Paul was at perfect peace.  He didn’t allow every wave or crack of thunder to cause him to fear, nor did he let the destruction of the vessel that was supposed to carry him safely in the water to shake him.  He was at peace without fear.  God showed me, that he expects the same from us.  If Brayden doesn’t swallow to take another ounce of food, if his blood pressure drops down to nothing, or if lungs fail to get oxygenated, I am not to fear.  My only job is to trust the God who created Brayden fully believing that He will restore him.  Not on the other side of glory but here on this earth. 

God checked me and basically told me to “stop trippin.”  Here I am posting things about our victory being won at the cross, yet I was still trippin’.  God I get it!  Lord continue to work on our hearts.  My motto is “living the extraordinary life in Christ,” and God is showing me that I haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg.  As Christians we are to live and walk in victory.  That’s what the cross did for us.  So I’m here to tell you that Van and I have kicked fear to the curb! The enemy will not have that stronghold over us any longer.  As a matter of fact, we slept peacefully last night fully trusting that God was taking care of Brayden and of course He did.

I’m continuing to study the word regarding fear.  I plan to do a post on my blog next week about it because it is so detrimental to the Christian walk.  In regard to Brayden, he is perfectly fine.  He can’t talk, walk, move, or eat, LOL, but he is fine.  No longer our we focusing on the waves, we focus on the God who controls the waves.  He’s not worried so we aren’t worried.  Be blessed!

Posted on July 18, 2014 by Family & Friends

Good morning!  It is a beautiful morning!  God continues to send His peace and His strength in the midst of our storm.  Glory to His name!  I don’t say this because it sounds like the right thing to say.  I say it because it is truly how my heart feels which is why I’m so thankful.  How can a family go through what we are going through and feel such peace?  Only God, and for that I’m ever thankful.

Since we’ve been released from medical care we have turned to hospice care.  Not because we believe this is a hospice situation but simply because we need their services.  Things like a hospital bed and the ability to have someone come to the house in an emergency.  During the admission process they made it very clear that they are not in the reviving business, they are in the “make you comfortable til you sleep,” business.  Yea we get all that, and in turn we made it clear that this was not that type of situation.  So, based upon my responses it appeared that their services were not available to us.  Regardless, I wasn’t budging.  I wasn’t going to say things that I didn’t believe simply to get care.  Long story short, God worked that thing out.  We are receiving their services with their clear understanding of our position.  God did us one even better by having the staff that is assigned to us stand in agreement with the FACT that Brayden is healed!  I mentioned our wonderful nurse in a previous post.

So Wednesday we had a visit from the doctor assigned to us.  This was his first visit.  As I saw him walking up the drive way, my stomach began to turn.  You see, every time we talk to a doctor the news is heartbreaking.  Before he walked in the door I yelled out, “Bump you devil!”  LOL.  Yes I took it back to the 90’s with Bump You.  Hee hee.  I needed to put him in his place.  Messing with me trying to get me worried about what doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters in this situation is what God said.  When we greeted him at the door he had that I’m sorry type look on his face, which is understandable.  He came in and looked at Brayden, his demeanor changed and then he said, “I’ve gotta say, I’m pleasantly surprised at what I see.”  At this point Brayden is still not moving or talking.  He is laying there very alert, looking around very peaceful.  Van asked the doc what he expected to see, and the doc responded, “based upon the MRI reports…you’ve seen them right?”  I told him I knew he expected to see a child at death’s door.  He did not disagree.  Again, I’ve got to shout out, “Whose report will you believe?”  No MRI, CT Scan, Medical record, or whatever, can stop an almighty God.  God says life, reports say death.  God rules!

We are totally in God’s hand regarding Brayden’s medical care.  The other morning he woke up with a high fever.  This was scary.  I immediately called a doctor who is family to us.  He was not available.  In an instant I was checked.  Duh call on God.  We then laid hands on Brayden and prayed.  When the prayer was finished the fever was gone!  No Tylenol, no other remedy but God!  Yesterday, we encountered a similar situation.  Brayden began to start chomping his jaws, slamming his teeth together.  My mother was there and knew that was a prerequisite for a seizure.  Our hearts sank.  I wanted to cry but it was no time for tears.  I could hear another family member just crying.  Ya’ll this thing is painful, but we got it together.  The four of us who were there (the Claibornes) laid our hands on Brayden and prayed, pleading with God to stop this.  We anointed him with oil and just cried out to the Lord.  God answered.  No seizure and the chomping stopped.  Praise Him!

This is our Job like experience.  I say Job like because it really can’t compare to what Job had to suffer but it feels similar.  We had a visit from a social worker.  He is a believer.  He talked with me about Job and the fact that even in that situation God doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.  He’s God.  He is creator and ruler of all.  Are job is to trust Him.  Period.

It has become so clear to me that this situation is so much bigger than Brayden, me, Van, or SaVanna.  God is doing a mighty work.  He is testing the faith of not only us but thousands.  I’m telling you what I know based upon the messages I receive and how far reaching Brayden’s story has become.  Only God could orchestrate that and what He orchestrates He does to fulfill His purposes.  If this was me, nobody would care, but God knows that people’s hearts would be drawn to an innocent child, so he chose Brayden.  When we were trying to get pregnant and throughout the pregnancy I prayed specific prayers about Brayden.  I asked the Lord to bless me with a child who would be like Caleb, Joshua, Moses, Daniel, Samuel, and the 3 Hebrew Boys.  I wanted a child who would stand for God and do a mighty work for Him.  This wasn’t a fly by night type of prayer.  I was praying hard and if I had known that God would answer in such a way I would’ve adjusted my prayer. LOL.  It would’ve been more like, “God just have my child make it to the kingdom.”  LOL.  God answers prayers.  Not in the way that we imagine them being answered, but for His perfect will to be fulfilled and for that I’m thankful.  I’m certain that Brayden has been chosen to do God’s work.

Finally, as I’ve stated so many times before, God has blessed us with a community of believers who I now consider family.  Our facebook community has put together a nightly prayer line to lift up this situation until the manifestation of Brayden’s healing is revealed.  Ya’ll I’ve never met these women and they have never met Brayden.  That’s God.  The prayer line is every day at 6 am and 7 pm eastern standard time.  The number is 712-432-1500 dial in code 230513#.  Join us as we intercede on Brayden’s behalf.

Be blessed.  Trust God in your situation fully believing, not this lip service crap, that He is willing and able to do the impossible in your life!

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Family & Friends

Let me first start off by saying, I’m so encouraged!!!  God has truly blessed me with what I’ve come to consider my “extended family.”   Friends, aquaintences, and folks I have never met have rallied themselves around my family to support us through this process.  For the past couple of days I’ve been in the pit.  Monday was so hard for me, I was weak and worn down.  My body actually felt numb and I was constantly on the verge of tears.  Late last night I go on facebook and I find nothing but messages of encouragement.  Messages that were there prior to me posting about how I was feeling.  You guys are family.  We are all part of the family of God, but I really consider you family.  Only family could show the type of love and support you all have shown.  When I was too weak to lift myself up you all prayed for my strength and God answered.  Amen!!! My spirits were truly lifted today.  Another day in the fight!

As I mentioned last time, Brayden had a mild seizure on Friday.  These seizures knock him out and it’s very disheartening to see all the progress he made disappear in a matter of seconds.  He was no longer able to eat, so all day Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday he was unable to swallow.  He’s already skin and bones and lost 7 lbs!!!!  Dude needs nourishment to survive.  That really bothered me.  To look at your son lay in the bed in a listless state, unable to talk, unable to move his limbs, and unable to eat is a serious burden.  It hurts and I had to wrestle with God about the process.  Brayden is going to be healed, that is not a question, but the road to healing is a painful one.  I obviously want a microwave healing but God very well could be on that crock pot healing.  He’s God, He knows what’s best.  Maybe there are more lessons to learn, more pruning needs to take place, God knows what we need so I don’t question Him.  It makes me think of David.  David was anointed King years before he actually became king.  I’m sure he felt like we feel, wondering how long.  To make matters worse in his waiting period he was chased down like an animal by Saul.  Like Brayden’s situation, that too had to suck!  Yet, God in His wisdom was preparing David to be the greatest king Israel would ever have and I must believe He’s preparing our family for something as well.

In regard to Brayden’s progress, today is a new day.  He is very alert and aware of us.  He follows us with his eyes and though he can’t verbally respond it appears he is mentally back to where he was.   His body is very limp and frail but now he can swallow so we can work on getting his strength up.  We give him liquids through a syringe and it takes him about 25 minutes to drink 8 oz of juice.  That is a long time but if I have to sit by his bedside all day long so he can get nourishment, that is what I will do.  Believe it or not this is great improvement from yesterday so we are so thankful!  His nurse came by today and was very pleased with his progress.

The enemy tried to sucka punch me yesterday, but today I’m back in the fight.  He can’t win, He won’t win, He is defeated!  Not because of any strength we possess but simply because the God of the universe is fighting our battle.  Fight on Jesus, fight on!

BTW, based upon our last hospital visit Brayden should’ve been gone before the weekend.  I guess God disagreed!!!!!

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