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The Story

Ross in need of diagnostoc testing
Some of our followers may remember this adorable little puppy who came in to ACL back in February when his senior owner reached out for help. The man had several dogs who were not fixed, which resulted in several litters of puppies. The senior citizen reached out to ACL for help and admitted that the situation had become overwhelming. Ross was the smallest of the Beagle/Lab family but we figured he was just a runt or maybe had been from a separate litter that we were unaware of.

Ross has been in foster since his arrival, and has had medical concerns along the way including stomach and appetite issues as well as stunted growth and development. All of his siblings are twice his size and have already moved on to their forever homes. Ross was taken to a specialist who recommends diagnostic testing that is outside ACL's capabilities. 

We are reaching out to our supporters to ask for help raising some money to get Ross the testing he needs so that he can be treated/diagnosed and move on to a brighter future. This fluffy little guy is irresistible and we would love to get him the medical care he needs to grow into a healthy and happy mutt! We need to raise $500.00 for diagnostic testing so any donation amount helps!

Help for Rudy's Skin
Rudy was picked up wandering by himself looking for whatever he could eat and use for shelter. Upon rescuing him and bringing him to the Animal Care League it was obvious he had a skin condition and the staff at the ACL began treating him for mange. Unfortunately, his mange didn't disappear and continued to get worse. After visiting with a specialist it seems as though Rudy has skin allergies and a staph infection. He needs ongoing treatment to help him overcome his medical issues which includes medicine, special food, and lots of rest. Thankfully he has an amazing foster home that is taking care of him but his vet bills are staggering and will only continue. Please consider helping Rudy by donating to the ACL medical fund. 

A Second Chance for Jesse

Jesse was given a second chance by the Animal Care League who rescued him from Chicago Animal Control. He was clearly not taken care of, or left to fend for himself before animal control picked him up. Now that ACL has him we are dedicated to getting him healthy which includes treating his kennel cough and putting weight on him. He needs medicine and good nutritious food to help him become healthy again. Please consider making a donation to help Jesse get his second chance at a new life. 

The Dog who Started it All... Theresa.

One very special dog came to us in November.  Then known only as OPAC2374, she was found in an alley late one night by an Oak Park Police Officer.  Cold, matted and filthy she was brought to the ACL for care.  Upon intake, the little Shih Tzu Mix was found to have engorged teats indicative of a recent litter of pups (who were nowhere to be found).  In addition she was unable to use her hind legs.   A few days before OPAC2374’s arrival a stray Mom cat and her 8 kittens were also brought to our shelter.  The Mom cat had mastitis which was making it painful and difficult to nurse her baby kittens.  It was decided that the kittens would have to be bottle fed.  After a day of staff, techs, and volunteers trying to keep the kittens’ bellies full (a huge task with 8 of them), our vet had an idea.  She decided to see if OPAC2374 would help to care for the in-need kittens. 

We were truly amazed when this dog, matted and displaced and unable to even stand, took these kittens on as her own.  OPAC2374 quickly became “Mother Theresa”.  In the weeks after Theresa cared for and protected her unlikely litter, giving the kittens a chance at a new beginning.  At about 6 weeks of age Theresa’s kittens were able to eat on their own and were put into a foster home.  Now, we are hoping to give Theresa her own chance at a new beginning.  Although with exercise, regular meals, and lots of TLC Theresa is doing much better she still has some lameness in her back legs.  She will need diagnostic testing to determine what is actually wrong.  These diagnostic tests are above and beyond what the ACL is able to do in-house, and if surgery will be needed Theresa’s medical care could be in the thousands.

With the New Year comes excitement for new beginnings.  This year the ACL looks at one very special dog’s story and hopes that it will inspire people to help us in providing hope for new beginnings for Theresa and many more animals in 2014.  Please donate to the Animal Care League Medical Fund today.  Your donation will help us get Theresa the medical care she needs and will allow us to help other amazing, selfless, and inspiring animals who may have a medical need in 2014.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 29, 2014

Posted on May 29, 2014

I would like to give a sincere thank you to everyone who has given to this fund.  We continue to have animals come through our doors with medical needs and this fund has given us a chance to provide the best possible care for many of them.  Our goal is to get the fund to $10,000 so that we have a bit of a cushion as situations arise and we know that with our supporters we will get there.

A few updates...
Morris is still in foster and looking for his forever home.  He is off of bed rest now and is ready to get started in being a young, active dog.  For info on adopting him please visit

Rudy was adopted by a wonderful family and his skin is getting better and better every day! We could not be happier for him!

Ross is our current issue.  This sweet puppy just doesn't seem to grow and has had medical issues since his arrival.  We have taken him to a specialist who has recommended further diagnostic testing to determine if there is a major underlying medical issue.  We are looking for help to raise $500.00 for that testing so that we can get him on to bigger and better things!

Please visit our Facebook page for more info and updates and thanks again for your support!

Posted on February 28, 2014

Posted on February 28, 2014

Thank you to all who have contributed to the Animal Care League Medical Fund.  Theresa is doing great and is in a foster home where she will likely be adopted!

As we try to build this fund, we are presented with another animal in need.  Morris is a 1yr old Pit Bull Mix who came to us from Chicago Animal Care & Control.  Morris was found as a stray on the city's South Side.  Skinny, and covered in scrapes it seems that Morris had been trying to find his way for awhile.  Upon arrival to Animal Care League, it was found that Morris had a swollen knee and was limping a bit.  Morris didn't let that hold him back, he was so happy to have a soft bed and a bunch of friends that it was hard to tell that he was uncomfortable. It was found that Morris has a torn ACL which will require a $3000 surgery to repair.  So it seems that Morris's hope for a new beginning has come with a road block.  We are asking for anyone who can give even a few dollars, to add to our medical fund so that we can get Morris the surgey he needs without depleting our entire fund.
Thanks in advance!
Morris and Animal Care League

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