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The Story

On September 18th, Jodi Mata was in a horrific fire and is in critical condition at Butterworth Hospital.  She has been medically induced into a coma.  Jodi has had a rough couple of months with the loss of her mother and now she has  this trial to endure.  Jodi has ALWAYS LOVED her cats and so sadly she lost both of them in the fire as well.  So heartbreaking!  This fundraising page has been started to help relieve the financial burden of medical expenses As Jodi does not have health insurance!  Please share and if you can donate to a girl with one of the biggest hearts I know, please do!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 2, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: well she has completed her stay at Mary Free Bed! She goes back to Butterworth tomorrow for surgery at 7 am where they will do some more grafts, deal with some infection and make sure her hands and arms are in final healing stages. From there Jodi will be discharged and all further treatment will be on an outpatient basis! She can't do much more until her wounds heal and then they will start more serious rehab and prosthetic prep. I am concerned because she has no place to stay yet and so will probably stay with Amy and I until that is all worked out but Roadbed is not set up for, nor are Amy and I capable of giving her all the care she may need. She has help coming I hope but keep this all in prayer, I'm trusting in God to deal with all this that's for sure!

Posted on November 27, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: She is now at Mary Free Bed!!! She is walking, only has oral meds and has her knee brace off. She has been thru three dressing changes and is handling it well. She will start therapy tomorrow, I'll let everyone know how it goes. Thank you so much for the prayers!

Posted on November 18, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: Today was a big day, we did a dressing change in the room and Jodi saw her arms and hands for the first time since the fire! Dr. Do removed the old dressings and discussed in detail with me, Amy, Jenny (her sister) and Jodi's friend Dave the status of the wounds. Jodi was a real trooper through it all. She cried, was concerned about how small her arms and hands had become but was strong enough to move her thumb stub on the left hand. The grafts look very good and are healing very well. She still has some injury on the right hand that may require removal of some more of the Ulna and some wrist bone but otherwise the rest is healing in nicely. Her knee is doing very well also, the muscle flap is shrinking down nicely and the skin grafts doing well. On top of all that, Jodi walked 75 feet before the dressing change, is going to the bathroom in her room and had them remove her pain med drip! She is on her scheduled pain meds and that's all, pretty gutsy maneuver all considered. Jodi was resting comfortably and about to have dinner when we left her. It is truly amazing to see how much she has progressed since that fateful night, thank you all so much for all the prayer for her, it has worked and is working!

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: Well it appears that 95% of the skin grafts have taken according to Jodi's Dr. That is great news! The remaining small percentage he thinks may grow in but doesn't expect to have to do much more right now. He put a pin in both forearm bones to keep them from rotating to help the wrist heal and all in all it seems to be working well for her. The knee is healing and looks good so far, she is able to keep it pretty stable so there isn't a lot of negatives right now. Jodi had skin removed from her thighs to support the grafting and other than that new pain, her pain is pretty much under control right now. She is sitting up in a chair, stands on her own for a few minutes and even takes a few baby steps in PT. She really enjoys getting her hair washed and being able to take a little more care of herself, she even wrote a few words for the first time. She is excited to have a window for when she will go to Mary Free Bed for recovery PT and OT so that gives her a goal but we don't have a real date as of yet. Friday (15th) they will do the first dressing change on her arms in her room and that means she will face seeing her arms and hands for the first time, keep her in prayer over that please! They were going to do all that on Tuesday but decided against it due to removing staples and other factors. She will have lots more surgeries yet to come according to the Drs. but they will be done on a routine basis as she heals and goes on with the PT. Jodi is so thankful for all your prayers and support and asked me to pass that on to everyone! More to come!

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: the updates may be a little farther apart right now. Jodi is doing very well physically. The knee cap is healing and in the next week or so they will be taking a piece of her calf muscle to create a covering for it. From there they can do skin grafts and it should heal fine. Her back and shoulder are doing very well and they will start grafting as early as next week! Saturday they will take her back in to surgery to redo her her dressings on her arms and hands. All in all this is great news. Emotionally she is riding a roller coaster, she is successfully dealing with pain med reduction but not thrilled with how much more she is facing. She has psychologists and social workers helping her through it. She is open to some visitation if you like but remember, there is still a high infection concerns. She loves the cards by the way! More to come...

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: this has been a pretty good day for Jodi, she went to surgery to have her wound vacs changed and is doing ok. Over the weekend they got her pain meds working according to her and she even called me this afternoon just to talk! Everything now depends on the none scan test for jeer knee cap and the Integra working on her arms. Hopefully the Social Worker and Psychologist working with her will get her ready for the next big steps, seeing her hands and the grafting process. Keep praying folks, and thank you!!

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: Well this morning was a little tough on Jodi, she now has no fingers on either hand. What's more, the Integra on her right knee did not take hold, her knee cap may not getting the blood it needs and could be dead. If that is the case they will have to remove and reconstruct her knee cap starting over ongetting tissue and eventually skin to cover it. Jodi has been in a lot of pain accordingly. Good news is that both arms and hands are well enough that they put the Integra on both and she only has limited dressings on her shoulder and upper arm! Her healing quotient is very high and her back and shoulder doing spectacular. She will need skin grafts on her lower right side but otherwise it is doing well too. Doctors say she will need a couple more weeks to help with the knee so she will be in the hospital potentially another 4-5 weeks. She will then need extensive occupational therapy so we will see what happens there. We got Jodi set up with a audio Bible which she said she listened to all last night and it really helped her deal with the pain and overwhelming nature of all this. Her Grandmother is spending time with her and that helps too. She is undergoing bone scans today for her knee cap, I will let you know what the results are when I get them. Jodi's Dr. Do called me last night after the surgery, he is one of the best and most informative I have ever met or worked with! She is getting excellent care there. She now has a CarePage you can go to on Spectrum Health's website and can have cards and letters if you want. Either send them to me at 5010 Division Ave Kentwood MI 49548 or email her if you like! Thank you so much for all the prayers, they are working!

Posted on October 9, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: We met with the Drs this morning and discussed what is next in Jodi's treatment. Jodi heard that she will lose the remaining two fingers on her left hand. That was a little rough but the Dr pointed out several options for her including possible splitting of the metacarpals (hand bones) to provide fingerlike use of her hands, her remaining thumb bones being able to form grips and huge advancements in prosthetics. Jodi was obviously disappointed by the news but at the end of the discussion, encouraged. Her pain control is still and issue and they are working to wean her down on some of the narcotics but keep her pain under control. She is still going to have painful episodes to go through but she is out of damage control and now into healing and reconstruction. The good news is they are proceeding with putting the Integra on her arms and once that is the case, she will be down to much less often surgery, ergo less intrusive pain. We are working to get her some voice activated tools for journaling as well as some day and night cycle corrections for her sleep cycles. This will help with mental pain and help her focus on the positive aspects of her future and not dwell on the negatives. All in all she has been very strong through this and when she sets goals is working to achieve them. As time goes on please focus your prayers for her on knowing and understanding the blessings to come, remaining positive and focusing on one day at a time ok? Thank you all for supporting her!

Posted on October 8, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: guess who is sitting on the side of her bed and even stood up on her left leg!!! She is doing good with PT. We have a meeting with the Dr. tomorrow at 8am to talk about what's next she may lose more finger on her left hand. They are going to put the Integra on her forearms Thursday. Her spirits are good and pain is under control for now. Hopefully she isn't pushing to much...prayers working!!

Posted on October 6, 2013 by Kristin Hileman
Update on Jodi: visited her this afternoon with Mom, things went pretty well. Jodi spoke and joked around with her Grandma but after getting tired took a little nap. Upon waking she found she was in a great deal of pain so they got it back under control. Dr says she will go back into surgery tomorrow morning for more debreedment and prep so that on Thursday they hope to put the Integra on her hands and arms to start building a dermis layer. Once that grows they can then start skin grafts to get her hands and arms healed up. All the rest of the burns are doing very well so the Drs are very pleased with her progress. She is having a hard time keeping comfortable but otherwise is doing well. She is very upbeat at times and then overwhelmed but keeps saying she is so blessed and thanks everyone for the prayers!

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