Ella is ready to roll, can you help with our dream

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The Story

Before you educate yourself on our story, please know we have a goal set that in 31 days with 1000 people giving $31 in the month of March (which happens to be Ella's 31st month of life) we will raise $31,000.  ARE YOU IN?

Ella Lanay Hunt is a joyful 2 1/2 year old little girl.  In her minds eye she is just like all her other toddler friends.  Physically her world is eons different.  Ella has SMA type 1.  Her disease cripples her body from making the neuron to create muscle tone.  Ella cannot hold her head up, sit up, swallow or breath independently.  Ella has to lay flat due to the lack of respiratory support and muscle tone, however, when properly supported she can ride sitting upright in a powerchair.  To be able to sit up and look out the window as we drive is a gift Ella has not been afforded yet.   As Ella has grown to over 3 feet tall and the challenge of having a vehicle to fit the growing family has become cumbersome (as she takes up an entire middle seat) and Ella travels with a "mini ICU" (multiple machines and supplies) to accomodate her needs.  Ella has two very loving brothers who are also growing :).  The time has come to equip the Hunt family with a wheelchair van that can meet their needs (including a medical support person to sit next to her at all times for suctioning).  Ella has to travel 5 hours to see her specialist several times a year and all her ICU stays are in Madison, WI as well.  The Hunt's have been able to save enough money needed for half of the costs, but are hitting a roadblock on the remaining amount.  This van will provide a safer travel for Ella's body as she can ride in her stroller or wheelchair versus being transferred from the van to the stroller at every stop.  Ella is quarantined in the winter due to the cold/flu season so the goal is to raise enough to get the van by spring.  This way, the Hunt family can make the trip to Madison, WI safely and comfortably as well as enjoy the summer months crossing items off their bucket list.  Thank you in advance for having a heart to love this angel in this way.  The Hunt's, although deeply challenged by the diagnosis, feel blessed God gave them an angel such as this to care for.  You will become one of Ella's angels and a part of her legacy.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 5, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
What a whirlwind this experience has been for us.  31 days has come and went and has left an eternal footprint on so many hearts.  The fundraiser will remain open as we have additional expenses in outfitting the van that can be covered with the remaining donations.  We are HUMBLED and GRATEFUL....words cannot express!!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU ANGEL ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on March 29, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
Ok framily (friends and family!) we are only 102 donations away from the goal.  We are starstruck honestly.....amazing!  Challenge ends at midnight on Monday! 

Posted on March 27, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
Only 220 ($31) donations to go to reach 1000 ($31) donations in 31 days.  We are simply in a state of shock as we see this community come together for a little girl.  Ella needs you and you are stepping up!

We have until Monday to finish the goal in 31 days.  Share away!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on March 23, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
369 ($31) donations to go!  Thank you for ALLLLL your support.

If able, come to Beef O Bradys in Granger tomorrow for the great giveback to help Ella.  Also, on Saturday come out for breakfast at Osceola Grace Brethren Church Apple Road 8-noon to help support the cause as well!

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
399 to go! 11 days left! We can do this.  Thank you to all you have shared and gave. Words cannot describe our gratitude!

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
WOW!  We are 497 $31 donations away from hitting our goal.  We have 15 days to finish it.  Our family is standing strong in our faith and belief that our mighty God will accomplish this goal so that He may be glorified!  How exciting is such a time as this!  Keep sharing friends.  We love you

Posted on March 2, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
We are super excited and humbled at the generousity of the community.  Due to Ella's condition of not being able to sit up, our space is so limited.  Right now, to travel as a family is very difficult and the longer she gets the harder it gets.  In a matter of three days, we have had over 100 people donate $31.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!  We will update to Ella's Facebook page more details later today.  Keep sharing so this dream can become a reality.  Love you Ella's angels!

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
In just four short days, we will announce the exciting opportunity to unite together as a community and reach an audacious goal.  We are super excited and hope you will be as well!!!!  Plan to share this page!

Posted on January 15, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
We are feeling so humbled and honored to have your support.  When that first $20 came in, we all did a happy dance!  We were like, ok that is so amazing I think we are done.  Hee Hee.  Seriously, we are at $600 with outside donations already.  That is amazing!  We are also going to host a few restaurant give backs to help with more funds raised.  It's go time!  We can do this Ella's angels!

Posted on January 7, 2014 by Dan and Erica Hunt
Friends!  The following is a big step for our family.  We have a huge need for a larger transportation vehicle for our family (to accomodate all of us plus Ella's equipment and chair).  We have yet to ask for support in this way and frankly are nervous in doing do.  We know, however, that this need is greater than what are able to provide on our own and the need is getting more intense the taller Ella gets (and the boys too).  Due to Ella's condition, she has to ride flat as well as carry a mini ICU everywhere we go to meet her medical needs.  Please share this with the social media world and prayerfully this spring we can move forward on a new van for Ella!

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