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The Story

We need your help. Elissa was diagnosed with cervical cancer on March 20, 2014.

After a trip to MD Anderson medical center in Houston, several tests and biopsies and missing her beautiful baby, Brooklyn's first birthday, it was discovered that she had a second cancer, Neuroendocrine that had spread through her lymph system.

She now is doing chemotherapy treatment in Eugene, Oregon and fighting this horrible disease that affects so many lives.

This is where you can help. Please donate $5, $20 or $100, anything you can to help our beautiful Elissa to live. All the donations will go directly to Elissa for treatment and care.

Thank you,

Elissa's Army

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 20, 2015 by Her Army
Dear family, friends and Elissa's Army members,
I'd love to send each of you a hand written thank you note, but please accept this note as my heart felt appreciation. 
I'm overwhelmed with all the prayers, support and help given to Elissa and my family during Elissa's journey with cancer. 
For those that have donated to Elissa's Caring Fund,  Elissa's Memorial Scholarship and to Brooklyn's College Tuition Fund, thank you falls short on what I'd like to say. Your generous donations have 
allowed our family to have a memorable trip to Maui, paid medical bills,  assistance with travel expenses and most of all will allow a Roseburg high school student  to  continue their education. In addition, it  will assist  our
daughter eventually to attend college. Education was so important to Elissa. She strived to raise Brooklyn with the goal of a college degree and career to allow her to become a smart, strong 
independent women. 
So many of you have given of your time and resources ,I  hope some day to pay it back and give as willingly and as generously as you all have. 

Sincerely, Brad Bogardus

Posted on November 2, 2014 by Her Army

It’s been almost 8 full months since Elissa was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She has been battling her disease with chemo and radiation.  This week her 5 and half-week course of daily radiation and once a week chemo will be completed. Her oncologist wants her to start a daily oral chemo medication. 

Eilssa and I are thankful she has such a professional and caring health care team. Her doctors and staff have gone out of their way to think out side the box and get her the right treatments.  We are thankful for everyone’s efforts and prayers.  Elissa’s Army has been a huge support to our family. 

Elissa will continue with daily oral chemotherapy and have further scans in December. We have faith and trust in her medical team. It has deeply touched both our hearts to know Elissa has such a wonderful group of supporters, friends and family that has
done so much for us. Elissa’s Army with your love, encouragement and prayers have all made a significant difference. 

We pledge to keep fighting and getting Elissa the care she needs. With your support and the love of our families we will stay strong and faithful in our beliefs.  God has blessed us in so many ways, but most of all with your support. I only hope  some day we can give a portion of what we have received. 

God Bless you all, Brad

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Her Army

Elissa will begin 5 and half weeks of radiation tomorrow in Eugene and also receive chemotherapy once a week. We are both staying hopeful and strong in her fight to beat cervical cancer.  It’s hard to believe we have been battling cancer for about 6 months now. 

We want to tell our families, friends and others that have offered support, donation and continue to pray for us how much that means to us. The love and support given to us is overwhelming. If we haven’t thanked you personally we want to take the time to tell you in this update, that each of your prayers, notes of encouragement, food, babysitting, and other help is truly appreciated.

Thank you all for everything you have done. Most of all thank you for your prayers for Elissa to regain her health and beat this terrible disease. 

Sincerely, Brad and Brooklyn

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Her Army

I’m happy to report that Elissa finished her last round of chemotherapy in mid August.  Thank you to everyone that sent a card or note recognizing her strong positive approach to getting through all six rounds of chemo and the neulasta injections. Your continued words of encouragement help both Elissa and me. 

I’m amazed and proud of Elissa’s strength and grace through this ordeal.  Her beauty is not just a “pretty face”. It runs deep within her character and personality.  Brooklyn and I are so lucky to have this strong, loving woman in our lives.

We now are waiting for a PET Scan and an appointment with the surgical oncologist to be scheduled to see how effective the drugs were at stopping and killing the cancer cells.  We are very hopeful that Elissa will be eligible for radiation to her pelvic area and/or a combination of surgery and radiation.

I will post updates as our journey continues. Thank you for your concerns and encouragement as our family goes through this ordeal with cancer.  Please continue to pray for Elissa to have remission and healing.  Remember to support local cancer research efforts and organization, so we can find a treatment and cure for all forms of cancer. 

Brad and Brooklyn



Posted on July 30, 2014 by Her Army

The fifth round of chemotherapy has been completed.  Elissa is anxious for the final 6th treatment session to begin the middle of August.  We are very optimistic that the PET Scan, after that final chemotherapy round, will show that even more of the cancer has been effected by the drugs and that she will be eligible for radiation and or a combination of surgery and radiation.

Elissa participated in the local Douglas County Relay for Life.  She remains positive, strong and hopeful. We both appreciate the numerous prayers, cards and help that we have received from all of you. There is no way everyone’s generosity can be repaid.

Cancer seems to touch everyone’s life.  It isn’t easy for those with the disease or their families. I urge everyone to take an active role in their local organizations or cancer society either raising awareness or funds for a cure, so others in the future won’t have to go through what Elissa is having to endure. 

Thank you again, Brad, Elissa and Brooklyn Bogardus
#elissasarmy.com   @elissasarmy.com

Posted on July 7, 2014 by Her Army

Elissa finished her fourth round of chemotherapy just before the Fourth of July weekend. The chemo makes her very tired and fatigued for days afterwards. She generally sleeps for several days before bouncing back.  Elissa is still fortunate not to have the severe side effects many people experience.  It does take Elissa a few days to gain her strength and appetite back. She remains very positive and up beat with her attitude for all that she deals with. 

Elissa has another full body PET Scan scheduled mid July. We are optimistic and praying that it will show the same effective results that the first comparison scan showed. Elissa had her internal kidney stent replaced and the Neulasta shots continue to boost her production of White Blood Cells, which help her immune system. 

I would like to ask for continued prayers. Elissa is so strong in her faith and attitude towards fighting and beating this terrible cancer. I’m very proud of her and the strength she has. My strength comes from all the support my friends, family and strangers have offered and from Elissa herself. 

Thank you again for the generous donations, concerns for our family and for the prayers for Elissa. Elissa and I both appreciate all that everyone has done.  I will continue to post updates as we wage war against this terrible disease.

Sincerely, Brad and Brooklyn


Posted on June 9, 2014 by Her Army

Elissa saw her surgical oncologist this week for an exam and comparison of her most recent PET and CT scans. After two rounds of chemo the doctor told us that the chemotherapy is working.  He felt the tumors were physically smaller in size and the PET scan “hotspots” weren’t as hot. The recommendation is to go forward with further chemotherapy using the same drugs. He would like her to complete 6 sessions of the chemo with the goal of shrinking the areas of cancer into the “box” or pelvic region so Elissa could be eligible for radiation.  

We will travel to Eugene this week to start the third round of chemo and meet with her medical oncologist. She continues to need a booster injection after chemo to stimulate her bone marrow to make white blood cells.  Elissa remains strong, health and with a positive attitude. She has been fortunate to have limited side effects to the chemo drugs, unlike many people. 

Elissa gets so much joy and support from her friends. The prayers and all of the well wishes mean so much to both of us. Once again, all I can say is thank you for everyone’s generosity and support.  I do believe the power of prayer is having a hand in how well Elissa is managing her cancer and the treatments.

Thank you, Brad

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Her Army
Elissa goes to Eugene this week and will receive her second round of  chemotherapy if her white blood cell count has improved. She is receiving booster shots to help boost her immune system and her bone marrow to produe new white blood cells.

So many friends, neighbors and even those we don't know have helped with donations, meals and prayers. It's amazing that we've received such generous help.

Elissa remains positive and continues to appreciate all the love and concern expressed to her. I'd like to thank everyone with a personal thank you, but please forgive me if I have to take this opprotunity to say thank you in this update.  Sincerely, Brad and his family

Posted on May 8, 2014 by Her Army
Next week Elissa stars her second session of chemotherapy in Eugene. Elissa cut her hair in anticipation of the loss of her hair. She's noticed some hair loss at this time, but the doctor said it would really start falling out after the second round of chemo.

I'd like to continue to thank everyone for the donations, well wishes and prayers. It amazes both Elissa and me that we have so many friends and family that have helped, as well as, caring individuals we haven't even met. You are all so generous and caring.

As Mother's Day approaches I want to say a few words about my wife, and what an amazing mother she is to our daughter. I have to thank Elissa for all the love and care she gives Brooklyn and tell her how proud I am of her. Elissa is brave, beautiful and strong. She is the women I love. She is a wonderful wife and mother. I couldn't be a luckier man. 

I need to also thank my mom for all the help she given to us navigating through the doctors apppointments, medical bills and her tenacious efforts to get Elissa the best care available. My mom has been there day one and continues to be there for my family. I appreciate her so much. It's a reminder to me how important a mother's love is.

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Elissa, my mom, and to all the other moms.  Brad 

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Her Army
Elissa got through her first session of chemo therapy last week. She is doing well this week in Roseburg. We are happy to report she is having a minimal side effects to the chemo therapy at this time. The Roseburg community is busy putting together a dinner and concert on May 31st, as well as, a fun run June 1st. Elissa, Brooklyn and I can't thank everyone enough for the love and support you are giving our family during this time. We thank each and everyone of you. Sincerely, Brad

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