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Chantal's Fund - Help Her and Unborn Child Overcome Cancer (Chantal Gauthier-Vaillancourt)
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The Story

Chantal was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009. It was a very rare malignant melanoma in her right eye that could spread to the liver and bones. After a multitude of natural therapies, improved nutrition, and radiation therapy, she was considered to be in remission for nearly 5 years! Then recently, 8 weeks into her pregnancy, she found out that her cancer was back with a vengeance, again with the risk of spreading to her liver and bones, but due to her being pregnant, this time it is worse, as there is a 25% chance of it spreading to the placenta and/or her baby! With her profound belief that the body can heal itself, and her deep desire to protect her baby from radiation or surgery, she has opted to do alternative cancer treatment with nutrition, acupuncture, Cranio-sacral, supplements, and vitamin-C I.V.

The vitamin-C I.V. treatments alone can cost anywhere from 300-450$ per week (not covered by our province’s healthcare). Her condition, along with the pregnancy, have forced her to leave the midwifery work that she loves much earlier than expected, in order to focus on her healing.

After successfully going through the alternative treatment and reaching her third trimester without the cancer spreading to the placenta, she received the news that the tumour has grown again and now has a 70% chance of affecting the baby. She recently made a decision to go through surgery and remove her beautiful eye. The surgery is scheduled for June 11, 2014; please pray for her, that everything will go well and that she will be cancer-free for the rest of her life. Please also pray that her little baby will arrive on his or her own time in peace, surrounded by loved ones, and perfectly healthy!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 23, 2014

Posted on June 23, 2014

Hello Everyone! 

Its been 11 days since Chantals surgery and she is recovering great. Finally, she can concentrate on her little baby and being pregnant. Here is a little part of a letter she wrote yesterday. I thought I share it with you all. 

" I am sitting here having a major moment of gratitude for all of you, for my life and for what lies ahead! Since my surgery, despite the occasional and very random emotional meltdowns due to the psychological and emotional impact of adapting to just the one eye and the shock of looking at myself in the mirror - I feel lighter! I'm starting to notice things about being pregnant, I'm planning how I will finish organizing and decorating the baby room... I'm even honouring my 'prego carvings for soft ice cream' once in a while without thinking about the fact that maybe the preservatives/ or the dairy will feed the cancer! I'm finally starting to have energy for... You know, NORMAL stuff! So all of this feels like a new beginning!!! I have moments where I mourn my eye ( like when I bumped into the wall the other day ) but overall, I'm just so excited about the future and meeting this special little person!!! 

I still cannot get over the incredible generosity from all of you, from our clients, from my family and friends ( near & far... Some I haven't heard from in years) and from pure strangers!!!! There are no words - just WOW!!!!

That generosity has also contributed in making me and especially my hubby feel lighter!!! I wasn't counting or calculating... I was simply making the minimum payments on the maxed out personal line of credit and the almost maxed out credit card charging 19% interest. I just kept saying to my husband, " we can't put a price on health, nor can we put a price on our baby" .... We'll pay it off later. Well without medical leave, and the incredible cost of consultations, supplements, transportation costs and anything ' natural and anti-cancer' we were slowly sinking and I didn't want to admit it! I didn't have to energy to be realistic about it until my body was feeling so HEAVY that I knew we had to re-evaluate what was going to facilitate my healing?

Well.... as you can imagine, paying most of that off has been very freeing!!! To only have to worry about the mortgage, utilities, baby stuff - WOW! I do truly feel much lighter!!!! They say money doesn't bring happiness ... But when you feel in over your head it sure can help! "

Again thank you so much everyone for supporting my friend Chantal. I'm so greatful for you all. This fundraiser will go until the baby's due date so if you can please share it with your friends and family. 

Posted on June 13, 2014

Posted on June 13, 2014

Hi Everyone, 

Chantal wrote me a text from the hospital. She wanted me to post it here. 

"Was crying with gratitude all while wrapped up in the prayer shawl given to me from my community, reading some of the touching comments and feeling my percious little peanut kick from inside his or her perfect little shell! What a wonderful blessing day this has been! Love and light to all..." 

She was discharged today from the hospital, more update coming soon. 
Thank you all! 

Posted on June 12, 2014

Posted on June 12, 2014

Hello wonderful people! 
Thank you so  much for your care and genorasity, its really mind blowing how many people have supported Chantal and thought of her in this difficult time. 

She went through surgery this morning and repored to me shortly after that she is indeed doing great, just very groggy! Her spirit was lifted by your overwhelming support and that is greatly appriciated. Baby is doing great, the heart rate was back on track right after surgery. 

Keep her in your prayers as she is going through recovery and adjusting life with one eye. We will be having a BBQ/silent auction fundraiser for her in Augus 1st at the Lucina Birth Centre. You can find out more at [email protected]

Until then, 

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Chantal's Fund - Help Her and Unborn Child Overcome Cancer

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