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The Story

As a father I always wanted what every dad wanted; a healthy child who achieves the dreams that God placed upon their heart, and shares life with their soul mate. Last year Sarah, married the man God put on this earth to become her soul mate, but still searches to fulfill the fullness of health and complete her aspirations.

In December of 2013 I didn’t look at Sarah’s wedding as giving my daughter away but more as I was gaining a son. My son- in-law, Michael, didn’t know when he said his vows on that day how quickly he would have to live up to those words: in sickness and health. For better and for worse.

Throughout much of Sarah’s life she has been ill. When Sarah was young she was a very athletic and a brightly attentive child. She played in after-school sports and had perfect attendance in school. But then when Sarah was 9 years old she began having sudden and unexplained health issues. These ailments caused us to take her to numerous doctors as she missed weeks, and then when she turned 12, even months of school. She was tested for a slew of diseases and conditions. All tests came back negative but doctors stated that given her continual ailments, twenty-two medications needed to be administered since the etiology was unknown.  

Because Sarah’s symptoms would continue to ebb and flow over the next few years and the previous negative tests results we continued to look for other root causes. At age 15 she began suffering from neurological issues which included daily headaches (ranging from moderate to severe), light-headedness, dizziness, and an even greater increase in “brain fog.” She was tested for POTS Disease and other disorders and diseases which all came back negative. Rheumatologists were visited along with a plethora of specialists for her many ailments. All had little answers.

She was able to get through college earning her bachelor’s degree, even though she often had her “brain fog”, fatigue, continual flu-like symptoms, a severely weakened immune system, and other conditions that would lead most people back to bed.

In late '09 while doing an internship, she was exposed to a friend’s house which had an issue with high levels of toxic mold from previous hurricane water damage. After being bed-ridden for a year and a half, Sarah had bloodwork conducted which showed she had an HLA-DR mutation which made her more susceptible to mold and lyme biotoxins. She began receiving multiple IV treatments per week which helped purge toxins from her body, giving her a somewhat normal health.

After getting married to Michael she continued to work, but soon that took a toll on her and her health began to crash. The different environmental toxins in the workplaces aggressively assaulted her fragile immune system. Early in 2014 the IV treatments stopped due to the continual cost. These treatments were the only avenue we were able to find that provided her with more stability in her health. 

Sarah and Michael’s new life together had been hit with perpetual blows. Sarah’s return of debilitating health meant she currently could not work. Several months ago they had to move back home with my wife and myself. Michael has now become Sarah’s full time caregiver and has been unable to work since Sarah is his full time occupation.

We have witnessed this new husband tend to all our daughter’s needs, never asking why or being anything but loving. Michael not only prepares meals, he also tends to all her basic needs; bathing her and even taking her to the toilet. Sarah went from dancing with this man just a year ago as his wife to being completely dependent on him and her parents. Sarah is now wheelchair bound since she is unable to walk. Her sensitivity to light and sounds has confined her to their bedroom most of the day due to the persistent ailments she now suffers.

As an update, we have met our IMMEDIATE GOAL as of January which has been wonderful, tear inducing news to get our Sarah to the treatment facility- covering the initial costs for the first month which is the most costly (weekly treatments, extensive testing, medication/supplements, lodging, and basic needs). Our end goal for Sarah’s treatments may be fluctuated given Sarah's improvement/decline). This cost includes: weekly medical expenses, continual testing, food, and living expenses. Please prayerfully consider helping in any way, even if you can just offer your own prayers for her continual struggle.

These are some symptoms Sarah has had since Nov '14:

List of Symptoms:

  • Seizures
  • Involuntary facial and body ticks (head bobbing, jaw jutting, tongue darting out, shaking of hands, etc.)
  • Speech abnormalities: stammering, stuttering, and slurring of speech
  • Moments of muteness and catatonic like behavior
  • Cognitive difficulties; moments of confusion
  • Eyes darting around 
  • Blurred vision
  • A highly compromised immune system that leaves her susceptible to infections
  • Extreme chronic fatigue
  • Heart palpitations
  • Body stiffness
  • Muscle, nerve, and other chronic pain of multiple varieties
  • Difficulty walking
  • Sensitivity to light, noise, and stimuli in general
  • Severe multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Endocrinological abnormalities
  • Nausea
  • Facial numbness; numbness in extremities
  • Air hunger/Gasping for breath
  • Headaches of multiple varieties
  • Gastrical issues
  • General "flu-like" sensation, among other things.  

For further viewing here is a couple who went through similar issues:

Through all these difficult challenges it warms my heart that so many have offered their love, support and prayers. As a father I prayerfully look forward to the future days of Sarah’s well-being and for Sarah and Michael to accomplish all the desires that God has placed upon their hearts.

You can also find updates on Sarah at

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 30, 2015

Posted on December 30, 2015

We will be updating this page in the near future. As a small update: Sarah has had improvements since last year but has more progress to go. Please continue to keep Sarah in your thoughts and prayers. If you missed some updates you can find them @ 
Have a happy New Year and Thank You so much for all you have done with caring for Sarah along with helping her on the road to recovery. 

Posted on May 25, 2015

Posted on May 25, 2015

As an update, Sarah is thankfully continuing to improve from medical attention. She's gaining more mobility, though she is still mostly reliant on a wheelchair or a walker (for short distances only). Thankfully there are times where she is able to make steps on her own independent of a wheelchair or walker. She is able to read at times (she wasn't able to at the beginning of the journey), she is able to talk more than she did, and she has been able to go outside for a small amount of time in her wheelchair with earplugs in to reduce sound and sunglasses on (sometimes without depending on her sensitivity to stimuli at the given moment and the brightness of light). So many forward steps have been made which delights my heart as her husband. She still has more to go on this journey to health, but I believe that medical attention and prayers have made a tremendous difference in the gains she she had. My heart's desire is to see her continue to make improvements to regaining full health. The only thing in the way that we need to overcome on the track we are on is the current financial hurdle. We have roughly enough for around 5-6 weeks give or take. Please consider praying and sharing about the current updates and hopefully more will be aware and help support the continuation of her progress. Thank you all for helping us on this journey we've endured thus far. I know through God and people coming together we can look forward to the day where Sarah is almost a different person in good health :) -Michael 

Posted on March 11, 2015

Posted on March 11, 2015

Thank you to everyone for continuing to show their love for Sarah. There's been almost daily tears of agony throughout the past few months, but also times of joy (seeing cards filter in, words of encouragement, heartfelt prayers, and donations that can give Sarah the life that was lost). 

At Sponaugle, I witnessed nurses trained in the ICU care over my wife in times where she was in critical condion. They taught me from a medical perspective what to do in crises situations myself. Every penny donated went to a good cause, and every penny continually donated is still going to a good cause. As mentioned in the funding page, the first month is always more expensive as exhaustive blood work and other testing was conducted to evaluate where she is at medically. Prayers, encouragement, giving moments of your time and resources are still appreciated more than words can describe. 

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