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Great news! Dave will be receiving his bone marrow transplant today!

The transplant, which is administered intravenously and is no more invasive than a blood transfusion, requires 4 days of high dose chemotherapy, at least one month of recovery in the hospital, and then a full year at home, the first three months of which will require weekly hospital appointments.

Over the course of the year, Dave will be extremely susceptible to infection while his body learns to get used to a brand new immune system. He will need to redo all his childhood vaccinations, and remain in general isolation at home for at least the first 100 days. After that, (and with the help of a slew of expensive medications,) he'll be able to slowly reintroduce normal every-day activities, but we will have to stay off the road until he's fully recovered. 

You all have been nothing short of absolutely amazing these past few months. We are still so entirely overwhelmed by the amount of support you've all shown us. After all you've done it's hard to ask you for more, we are. 

This experience has been, and still is, a long and scary challenge, but having you all behind us has made it doable. Thank you so much for sharing your own stories of survival and love, your well-wishes and your gifts. We couldn't do this without you.

Please keep in touch with us through our facebook, website or here for updates on Dave's recovery (and eventually some fun Brown Bird related treats). 

Feel free to visit our old fundraiser for background information on our situation.

Many thanks and much love,

MorganEve and Dave

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 30, 2013 by Brown Bird

Hello friends.

We just wanted to thank you all for your support. While this fundraiser didn't meet its goal, the help we have received has far exceeded anything we imagined. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of generosity we have been shown- you all are truly keeping us afloat. 

Dave's recovery is still going well. He will most likely be receiving a "stem cell boost" in early January- cells from his initial donor that will hopefully boost his T-cells and improve his overall blood counts, which still remain low. 

In the meantime, and until next September when we reach the one-year mark, we will be continuing weekly check-ups in Boston, writing music at home, and looking forward to getting back out there. Dave is under doctor's orders to stay out of crowded places until then, so it'll be a quiet year for us- but hopefully one that is also peaceful, creative, and rejuvenating. We wish the same for all of you.

Happy New Year!

-MorganEve and Dave 

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Brown Bird


Dave returned home yesterday after spending the weekend back in the hospital. He'd experienced a fever on Thursday night, which promted an ER visit and a short hospital stay to determine the cause of the fever. Now on a new anti-viral med he's feeling (and looking) much better and we're relieved to have him home again.

In other news, thanks to Newport Folk Fest for posting the video we made for the organization HeadCount. The video is meant to share our story and inspire other un-insured people to get covered. You can view it here:

Thanks for all the continued support. Keep in touch
-MorganEve and Dave

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Brown Bird
Hello, Friends!

Last night, October 1st, Dave was finally sent home from the hospital! He'd been there for 36 days!

Dave is stil feeling fatigued, but gets stronger every day and is very happy to be home.

The next three months will be crucial to his recovery. Though his white blood cell counts are coming up now (and are high enough to be sent home) he essentially has a baby immune system. The next three months will be a learning experience, since Dave won't be able to eat certain foods (imported cheeses, alcohol, anything raw...) and may discover that his new immune system reacts differently to certain things than his "old" one did. (People often find that after transplant they are no longer allergic to things they used to be!)

We'll be having weekly visits to the doctor for check-ups, blood-work and to stay ahead of any complications, but other than that we'll be staying low-key at home until he's cleared to resume more normal activities. Of course, being stuck at home means lots of time to sit out on our porch, catch up on reading and of course, play music, so there are up-sides to the situation. 

Please keep Dave in your thoughts, help when you can (at-home meds will be $200 a month and we're still paying bills from before the transplant...), and stay in touch. Hearing from you all always brightens our day. You guys are the best.

Lots of love,
MorganEve and Dave

Posted on September 17, 2013 by Brown Bird
Hi friends
It's been exactly two weeks since Dave's bone marrow transplant, so we thought we'd check in with you all. 

The nurses are taking excellent care of Dave while he deals with the unpleasant transplant side-effects of severe sore throat and headaches. He's gotten all the ice cream and italian ice he could possibly want, but eating anything is slow-going.  He has begun to recieve a shot every day that will help boost his neutrophil count, though, and the nurses say that in the next few days everything will feel better. We're getting closer and closer to Dave coming home! 

Please keep your positiviy and well-wishes coming. Nothing is more encouraging than reading your notes.

We hope you're all enjoying the beginning of Autumn. Go take a walk through an apple orchard for us. 

Much love,
MorganEve and Dave

Posted on September 8, 2013 by Brown Bird
Hi Everyone!
Dave's transplant took place on Tuesday night. Since then he's been feeling pretty wiped out, but otherwise pretty good! He's been having only minimal side-effects and the nurses fight over taking care of him because he's been so easy. Right now his blood counts are at the lowest levels that they will be, which is why he's exhausted, but the doctors say that by next week his counts should start to rise and hopefully he'll be on an upswing from there.
In the meantime he is resting a lot, enjoying playing Mancala and Uno and today we even had the instruments out for a while. 

Thanks a million times for all your support. Keep in touch!

-MorganEve and Dave

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