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06/05/13 Update: First and foremost, we would like to thank each & every one of you for the tremendous amount of support, both emotionally & financially over the last few days. We take the time to read every comment, e-mail, text, etc, and it has been simply incredible. Through talking with many survivors & fighters, we have also become aware we set our initial goal extremely low. We are going to set the goal high, and ensure Jake has every opportunity to fight this! Together we can all Bring back the Music!

Several people have also asked for a mailing address instead of PayPal:

The Jake Gregg Fund
PO Box 420
Pittsford VT 05763

Checks can be made out to "The Gregg Family"

Cards and notes of encouragement can also be sent here!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support!!

Also, we understand everyone would like to see Jake. Unfortunately he currently can not have any visitors due to his extremely weak immune system. Please do not come to the Hospital at this time. When he is ready for visitors, we will let everyone know. Please continue to leave comments of support on here, we will continue to read them to him. 

Following many months of being very sick, at only 20 years old, Jake was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemiaon May 29. AML is a fast acting cancer of the bone marrow and blood, rare in anyone under the age of 65. He was immediately transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, to be treated by some of the best Doctors in the World. Upon his arrival to the Hospital, Jake also suffered a massive stroke within the first few hours. As a result of this, he is currently paralyzed on his left side, and struggling to speak.

Jake has already undergone many platelet transfusions, apheresis procedures, and started an aggressive 7 day Chemotherapy treatment on May 30. This will be followed with a high possibility of additional chemo treatments and bone marrow transplant.

Jake just finished up his junior year at Lyndon State College, where he has become well known for his extremely high energy while on stage with his band Suncooked. Over the last year Suncooked released their second Album, Straight From the Surface, and continued to grow a loyal fan base. Jake and the boys toured extensively on their own throughout New England and also played several high profile gigs with Dropkick Murphys and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at sold out venues including House of Blues Boston and TD Garden. Jake has a very rough road ahead of him, and we all want to see him perform again. Please help us bring back the music.

Thankfully, Jake does have medical insurance, as costs are already skyrocketing well into six figures. Unfortunately, the insurance only covers so much. Out of pocket costs are already in the tens of thousands of dollars, and will only go up from here. Please help Jake on his path to recovery by alleviating some of this huge financial burden. No donation is too small, every dollar helps.

Thank you,
The Family of Jake Gregg

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 28, 2014

Posted on May 28, 2014

Day 361

Today marks day 361 in our journey. We are so grateful to all the prayers, thoughts, and support we have received from everyone. We would not have gotten this far with out it!

Jacob’s leukemia relapsed in January and the last few months have been filled with highs and lows. They consisted of finally beating the pneumonia in early February and moving back home. We have been traveling to Dartmouth 2 to 3 times per week for blood testing and transfusions when needed. To this point the leukemia has been kept at bay using a drug that targets genes that could allow the leukemia to flourish. That drug appears to have lost some of its effectiveness, so starting chemo treatment today that lasts for 7 days, then off for 3 weeks, then back on for 7 days etc.

The goal is to get to a drug trial that has a much more specific targeting mechanism for the type of leukemia Jacob has. The trials are opening up at multiple hospitals around the country, so right now it is all about controlling the leukemia, getting stronger, and getting to one of them.

A special thank you to all the people involved with putting together the first annual Greggfest at Lyndon State College. Jacob wanted to attend in the worst way, but was too weak at the time. He was able to watch the entire event thanks to collaboration software on the internet.

The high point was Jacob attending the Lyndon State College Class of 2014 graduation ceremonies! Jacob attended as the special guest of President Joe Bertolino and Joe Gittleman. Jacob was introduced to the crowd by President Joe to kick off the ceremonies to a rousing applause. The LSC Family really made him feel welcomed home. It was a wonderful ceremony, with Ry McDonald, Colin Murphy, and Jacob Machel performing the class song. It was the last song that Jacob and Ry had collaborated on before this new journey started. Jacob stood with Joe Gittleman and the other MBI instructors as the graduates received their diplomas. After the ceremonies, Jacob spent time catching up with friends and listening to Red Tin Box perform.

The Yale Team along with the support of the Team at Dartmouth have been great to work with and prepare Jacob for the next steps towards a cure. The journey is far from over, but with everyone's prayers, thoughts, encouragement and support, we know we will get there.

Thank you for all your love, thoughts and prayers,

The Gregg Family

Posted on November 28, 2013

Posted on November 28, 2013

Day 185

Today marks day 42 post transplant. As Jacob continues down his path of recovery, the last month has proven to be especially challenging, both physically & emotionally. Jacob has been struggling with pneumonia for a few weeks, and 
spent the last few days in the intensive care unit battling it. He is now much improved and will be moving back to the oncology floor tonight. He is progressing well with his transplant, currently showing 98% chimerism and bone marrow biopsy shows no leukemia present! Although there has been a few bumps in the road, Jacob continues to move forward!

While it’s true that Thanksgiving comes but once a year, we should celebrate thanks each and every day. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and thank everyone for all their continued support. Words can not express how grateful we are.

Thank you for all your love, thoughts and prayers.

The Gregg Family

Posted on October 24, 2013

Posted on October 24, 2013

Day 150

It has been a long road since our last update on Day 80. Jake has endured many highs as well as several lows during this time, but ultimately he has made it to his next crucial step of recovery. Jake successfully received his stem cell transplant last Thursday. He has had several rounds of chemo leading up to his transplant, including his strongest round thus far the week prior to transplant to completely eliminate his old immune system. While this process has made him very ill, his team at Yale is monitoring him very closely and so far the transplant is progressing exactly as it should, very promising news!

In the last 2 months Jake celebrated a significant milestone in his life, he turned 21 on September 1st! Several friends and family were able to be with Jake on this day, including his band mates from Suncooked as well another LSC based band, Red Tin Box. The 2 bands played several of their fan favorites and began to attract an audience in the halls. Jake and his friends also enjoyed some more of the very good local pizza and a variety of hospital friendly beers (Root, Ginger, Birch, etc!). It was a very special day for everyone there!

Jake has also continued to make significant gains in his recovery with the Physical Therapy team. He is now at least a year ahead of schedule. He has been walking unassisted, as well as working on fine tuning his motor skills. However, due to the transplant process and the latest round of chemo, his aggressive workout schedule has been put on hold temporarily. The team here has still been able to find low impact ways to continue his rehab though.

Lastly, in mid-August Jake was able to leave Yale for 10 days in between rounds 3 and 4 of chemo, and was able to spend some time at a Rehabilitation Hospital a few towns away. This allowed Jake to not only continue to focus on his physical rehab, but also spend quite a bit of time outside. A very appreciated change of scenery! In addition to this, Jake was able to spend a long weekend back in Vermont before starting his transplant process. 

As we travel this next leg of the journey, please continue to keep Jake in your thoughts and prayers as he continues towards full recovery!

Thank you everyone for the continued support.

The Gregg Family

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