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The Story


My name is Neeve Connelly.  I am five years old and live with my sister Fiona (3), brother Rowan (1), and my mommy and daddy. My mommy’s name is Nadine and my daddy’s name is Dylan.  We live in a house in a grassy meadow in the little village of Still River in Harvard, MA.  A few weeks ago, shortly after my daddy turned 30, my mom took him to the hospital. He has been there ever since.

What Neeve doesn’t know is that her father has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an agressive form of primary brain cancer.  Given his particularly challenging case of having a highly malignant set of tumors that are inoperable, the top neuro-oncologists in the world have given him the prognosis of six months. 

My name is Patrick Connelly. I’m Dylan’s father.  I know that we all shudder at the mere thought of the heartbreaking scenario sketched above, but it is the harsh reality that has beset Dylan, Nadine, the entire family and the communities that he has graced.  Of course, there is the nightmare side of it all, but what a gift, too - an opportunity to spend at least some quality time with Dylan. As those of you that know Dylan would attest, a mere hour in his company is a thrill.   Let’s help Dylan and his family make the most of the days ahead.

Now, of course, one never knows what the future may hold. Miracles do occur. We must all strike the right balance of hope and reality. In any case, we would like to help Dylan have a special year marked by some great memories, replete with the tender mercies that life has to offer him and his family amid this perfect storm.

Dylan has worked hard and diligently to provide for his family. Despite the respectable provisions, however, he is unable to work in his condition, and the costs of a serious illness are many.  Fortunately, Dylan has excellent health care and is receiving the best possible care.   His medical expenses, however, exceed what insurance covers, and the sheer logistics and practicalities of caring for him while also supporting and tending to his young children have created unforeseen financial demands on his family.   If Dylan is to have a “good” year, one that will preserve his dignity, honor his spirit, and help secure a future for him and his family, he will need the financial support of others to supplement what he has already provided.   

There are a few things that you should know. First, Dylan and Nadine are an amazing couple. They met in high school where they were fast friends, then became reacquainted, as a couple, a few years later. They have a beautiful story that we will share with you over time. Some of you know it. Second, they have absolutely wonderful children – loving, playful, fun, respectful – sheer delights.   Third, Dylan is a cherished and highly revered member of the broader Connelly family including his brother Jude, sister Hilah, and mother Mary. He is adored as both the son-in-law of the Amos family and eldest grandchild of the eldest living matriarchs of the Johnson and Connelly families  – families in which he has distinguished himself as an honorable and well loved man, sought after by many for adventure, camaraderie and counsel during holiday gatherings.  Further, Dylan is well loved by the many communities and groups of friends and colleagues to whom he feels a powerful connection: his fantastic childhood friends and schoolmates from Harvard, MA with whom he still is well connected, the amazing group of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts that give new meaning to the term “brotherhood,” and the great friends and colleagues throughout the solar community including SPG Solar where Dylan is employed, and extending to the broader business and energy communities that Dylan so avidly embraced – folks that, like Dylan, are dedicated to changing the world for the better by pioneering the implementation of innovative energy technologies.

Dylan is a phenomenal husband, father, brother, son, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend, neighbor, colleague, adventurer, businessman and patriot.  Many of you know one of his marks of distinction: his extreme physical and mental toughness. He is of rare character and among those few that are truly worthy of the term “brave-heart” - for through his daring nature in work and at play, he has strived to secure a better world for our collective future. Let us help him secure his future and his legacy to his family and the world.

To donate to "Bravehearts" - Friends of Dylan Connelly Fund, please refer to the top of this page and click the Give Now button. For any reason that you have difficulty trying to support the fund on this site, please email Todd Currie for further instruction at [email protected]

If you have trouble making payments online, you may send a check made out to "Bravehearts - Friends of Dylan Connelly" to Jude Connelly, 15 Lovers Lane, Harvard, MA 01451 and we will mail you a receipt of deposit into the fund raising account. 

To follow along with Dylan's updates please visit:

To all of Dylan’s supporters: you rock and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kindest Regards,

The Connellys

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 3, 2013

Posted on August 3, 2013

Dear friends:

Dylan died peacefully at home on July 19th. A memorial service will be held on Friday, August 23 at 5:30 PM at Fruitlands Museaum of Heritage, Nature and Art in Harvard, MA.  

We thank you for your remarkable generosity and support of Dylan and indeed the entire Connelly family.

Kind Regards,
Pat Connelly 

Posted on April 3, 2013

Posted on April 3, 2013

For updates on Dylan, you may go to --- Enter a username and password to login and search on "Dylan Connelly."

Some people have informed us that they have experienced difficulty making payments through this YouCaring site. We are working to fix these problems. Not everybody experiences trouble, but if you do have any difficulty, you can make a payment direct to the fund for Dylan Connelly by sending a check made out to: Bravehearts - Friends of Dylan Connelly. Please send it Bravehearts - Friends of Dylan Connelly c/o Jude Connelly, 15 Lovers Lane, Harvard, MA 01451. 

Thank you for your stellar support. The Connelly family is overwhelmed with your support, love, and generosity.

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