Boston Marathon Explosions - Help the White Family Recover

For: Family of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92
Organizer: Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
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The Story

One of the explosions at the 2013 Boston Marathon caused serious injuries to the parents (William and Mary Jo) and brother (Kevin '96) of Andrew White ('92) who were in close proximity to one of the devices when it detonated. In addition the broken bones, lacerations and other trauma, one individual lost a limb. The recovery process for the family will require years of rehabilitation, dedication, and support. Please join the Lawrence Academy family in helping the White Family with support for their long term medical care.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 5, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy

A message from the White family:

Bill, Mary Jo and Kevin are happy to be back in Bolton and enjoying beautiful weather. Andrew and Dawn visited recently and we all went for an outing to see the flags in Bolton and get lunch and visit the Concord bookstore. It was great to spend time together!

Bill continues to heal each day and is working with a physical therapist to strengthen his muscles. He will be at home for 4 weeks and then return to Spaulding to learn to use his prosthetic leg. 

We all want to thank you for your kind thoughts and generous donations. Our healing process continues to be supported by your compassion. If you want to continue to help others injured by the Marathon blast, you might consider giving to One Fund Boston (, donating blood to the Red Cross (, becoming a organ donor (, or providing a donation to provide others with prosthetics ( 

Posted on May 4, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy

It’s been a while, and it’s time for a rather large update, so bear with me! Let me first thank everyone again who has donated and written their sentiments to the White family. As of now I’m looking at 950 supporters and over $75,000 donated which exceeds anything we could have imagined. So a heartfelt, “Thank YOU!” to all of you!

1) Bill has been reported to have made great physical strides in his recovery, to the point where he may be discharged back home within the next two weeks! If all goes as planned, he should be at home for four to five weeks while his prosthetic leg is being fabricated. This period at home will be very challenging as you can imagine, and there will be part time physical and occupational therapy involved. After the prosthesis is completed, Bill will return to rehab for a week to learn how to use the new leg and continue to build his strength, then return home. That’s the plan for now, and could definitely be subject to change. The prognosis is good, and Bill has shown remarkable physical and mental strength during this recovery process.

2) Kevin had a follow up interview on CNN – you can watch it here: I would also like to add that Kevin has been doing an incredible and exhausting job taking care of his folks and arranging for services, as well as working with the media and other donor organizations. In talking and coordinating with him, his energy and dedication are inspirational. Thank you, Kevin!

3) I received word that the Greg Hill Foundation made a direct donation to the White family this week. I remember that it was maybe a day after we set up this fundraising website when the Greg Hill Foundation got in touch with me. They were the first foundation to extend an additional hand, and I do want to give them some special recognition – thank you!

4) For those of you in the San Francisco area – TONIGHT: Fellow LA classmate Teague Kernan (’92) is joining with 11 other bars and restaurants in holding a “Boston Marathon Bombing Fundraiser” at his own restaurant, Tupelo! So if you’re in the area, come on down to 1337 Grant Street tonight. The event will run from 9PM - 1:30AM and they are asking for donations at the door: $5 for 1 raffle ticket, $10 for 3 tickets. Teague’s band, Shantytown, will be playing all night, and there will be great drink specials and prizes! More info on Tupelo here:

5) There will be a “Bolton 5k Rally For Boston” on Saturday,  June 1, 2013 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM in Bolton, MA. Part of the proceeds will be donated directly to the White family! I have uploaded their flyer to the ‘Gallery’ section, and please visit their website here for further details:

6) And finally, I’d like to have one last big push for the fundraiser this weekend. With 13 days left, I would like to ask everyone to re-post the link to the fundraiser on their social media sites of choice, and re-spread the word. It still amazes me that we achieved the former goals we set, and I know we can achieve this final goal before the end of the fundraiser. Thank you again to everyone for your donations and commitment to this cause!

-Ben C.

Posted on April 26, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
Kevin and Mary Jo were both on CNN's 'Starting Point' this morning for an interview:

Thank you again to everyone for not only donating, but sharing the link to the fundraiser! The global support for this family has been so heartening to watch. Many, many thanks.

-Ben C.

Posted on April 24, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
Almost 800 supporters and we just topped $60,000 overnight - thank you to everyone who has made this possible! Bill was indeed discharged from the ICU yesterday, and will hopefully be going to a rehab facility within the next couple weeks. Mary Jo and Kevin continue to be as well as can be expected, and have expressed their appreciation for all the support that you have given. A huge and sincere "Thank You" from them!

The New York Times printed an article yesterday in which insurance and fundraiser issues were discussed in the context of the Boston Marathon bombing. It was a very well written and composed article and it mentions the White family and this fundraiser in particular, which we are grateful to see.

-Ben C.

Posted on April 22, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
Quick update: The Boston Marathon survivors piece on CBS that includes Kevin White just became available (Kevin about 1/2 way through):

-Ben C.

Posted on April 21, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
Just in from Andy: Bill has continued to improve and is doing well enough that they are planning to transfer him out of the ICU tomorrow! Great news!

-Ben C.

Posted on April 21, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
Six days and over 650 supporters later, we have surpassed the second goal we set for ourselves. Simply amazing! When the first goal was set at $20,000, it was a hope that we could achieve it in a month and help the White family in some small way to ease the recovery process. Because of this incredible outpouring from family, friends, co-workers, and fellow individuals that want to help a wonderful family impacted by this event, we steamed through that first goal and today flew past our second goal of $50,000. So, first I would like to acknowledge that you - the supporters - have already helped to exceed what was thought possible to raise in a month not once, but twice already. In under a week.

The momentum is still here, and we would like to do everything we can to keep that going until the end of the fundraiser. For this reason, the new goal amount has been doubled - let's see if we can make this happen in the next few weeks! And once again, thank you to everyone who has given, and for your heartfelt comments that you are writing along with your donations. The broad spectrum of donors demonstrate what a strong sense of community and solidarity exist in the face of these sorts of events. I really want to express our deepest appreciation for making this as successful as it has been so far and exceeding our wildest expectations. Thank you!

-Ben C.

Posted on April 19, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
First, let me just say: THEY GOT HIM. ALIVE AND IN CUSTODY! Such an amazing effort by law enforcement, the public, and all individuals assisting with this effort. Especially "that witness" who noticed the clues on the boat.

Second bit of good news: Mary Jo was discharged from the hospital today, and is currently at home! So many of us were hoping for the past days to hear this news, and it finally happened today. Such a wonderful development, and had to share this with you as soon as I knew. Bill remains in stable and improving condition, although there aren't any concrete plans to move him out of the ICU quite yet.

And another incredible day for the fundraiser. More people sharing, more people noticing, and today I was again incredibly moved by all the comments attached to these donations. In addition to the media outlets and other funding organizations I've heard from, I had a message on my answering machine today from a local contractor who heard about this fundraiser and who has, "done a lot with modifications to make homes handicap accessible". He wants to talk with the family to discuss volunteering his services. I talked with him, and he doesn't know the family - just a citizen like you and me who was moved and wanted to help. I'm not ashamed to admit that I had an 'emotional episode' when I got off the phone with him. The past few days of witnessing this sort of community support, solidarity, and love has been overwhelming. And I mean that in the best and most inspiring way possible. Thank you all again. Thank you.

-Ben C.

Posted on April 18, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
Just in from Andy: "So Kevin White is out, and Bill White is doing much, much better. President Obama just came by to meet Bill. Gave him a medal and hung out for a bit." Included was a photo of Kevin and Bill that I just uploaded into the Photos section.

-Ben C.

Posted on April 18, 2013 by Friends of Kevin White '96 and Andrew White '92 from Lawrence Academy
Good morning, friends. I'll keep this brief, and hope to do another update later tonight where I'm hoping to share more good news about the day's unfolding. For the time being:

1) The Huffington Post has written an article about the Whites and their experience, where Andy and Kevin were both interviewed. The image of Andy and Kevin together which they used for the article brought an absolute smile to my face. HuffPo also linked to this fundraiser, which we are incredibly grateful for. Please give it a read when you have time:

2) Given the momentum and incredible generosity in these first few days, Katy and I talked and decided to increase the goal for this fundraiser. When I think about some of the things that are not covered by insurance, or for which insurance only covers for a fixed period of time, I reflect on the awareness that the expenses can be overwhelming. Home modifications alone could be a major concern, and an expensive undertaking.

Well, so much for brief. Thank you all again. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but I can't find any other words to express the sincere and awe-inspiring support you've all given. Please continue to share this site when you can, and... thank you.

-Ben C.

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Boston Marathon Explosions - Help the White Family Recover

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