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The Story

If you met a beautiful little girl with big blue eyes and a long, golden braid falling down her shoulder, you know you've met Bijou.  She's a witty six year old that speaks like a little lady, is an expert at coloring, has a passion for all things Hello Kitty and the movie Frozen, and loves her family.  She is big sister to Ami(3) and Dax(1) and daughter to John and Cara Leger.  As Cara would say, "She's perfect. Except for when her siblings get on her nerves." :)   

In March 2014, Bijou spent a month in the pediatric ICU, fighting for her life.  It was then that the doctors discovered that her lungs were heavily damaged.  She was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis to the point where she will need a lung transplant in the future. In order to get the best care for Bijou to treat her condition, the doctors have advised the family to move to Cincinnati, Ohio where there is a leading children's hospital with specific expertise in Bijou's disease.  Currently they live in Hong Kong, where a lung transplant cannot be performed, knowledge of her disease is limited, and the complication of multiple organ involvement has put this past the expertise of the doctors there. 

Your funds would go directly to helping Bijou receive the best care possible. Due to the fragile condition of her lungs, the doctors have advised that Bijou have a medical escort to provide oxygen and medical care for the long flight to Cincinnati.  Before they get there they will need to pay upfront for the initial consultation and treatment at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  After she is admitted, your funds would work towards medical costs and eventual lung transplant.  

Other financial needs are the cost of moving from Hong Kong to Ohio.  John and Cara are not from Cincinnati, and John will need a job, insurance, home, and car in order to provide for the family.  

Above all things, please keep this family in your prayers.  Pray for complete, miraculous healing of Bijou's lungs and systemic JIA.  You can keep up to date on Bijou's progress at  

Thank you for being a tremendous blessing to an incredible family.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 5, 2014

Posted on August 5, 2014

Some Results & Prayer Requests

Today the doctor called us with the results of Bijou's lung function and sleep study tests. We are not out of the woods yet. The doctor is prescribing that we put Bijou on oxygen at night via an oxygen concentrator since her oxygen saturation at night during her sleep study dipped below 90% for 54% of her sleeping time. From the results of her walk test the doctor is also prescribing that we put her on oxygen during any physical activity, such as long walks etc. 
The doctor is also ordering another CT scan of Bijou's lungs so that they can determine if there is any difference in the state of her lungs from when she was in the hospital until now. 

Bijou also has a few other things going on as well. We have been taking her to a chiropractor just to make sure that all her joints are in line. The doctor notices curvature of her spine and ordered some xrays. The xrays confirmed her suspicions that Bijou has mild scoliosis. The doctor does not know if this is from the seizures that she has had or just how her bones are normally. The chiropractor says that her scoliosis does not require surgery and should respond well to the spinal manipulations. The chiropractor is in conversations with Bijou's physical therapist and her main rheumatology doctor to coordinate therapy.

Bijou also will be going to the dentist in the next few weeks as she has her "adult" front bottom teeth coming in - the problem is that her "baby" teeth are not loose. So she will have to have these pulled. 

Please pray for the following:
- Bijou's Lungs - strengthening, clearing, health, improvement, that her lungs would improved to a state where she does not need oxygen.
- Bijou's Spine - that the doctor will be able to adjust her spine so that she does not have trouble walking and running. 
- Bijou's Teeth - That her first trip to the dentist will be comfortable, and that there are no complications when she has to have her baby teeth removed.

Praise the Lord that Bijou has been lowered down on her steroid dose and she seems to be doing well. Pray that the steroids can continue to be lowered successfully. Bijou also received her second once per month shot today and her body seems to be doing well on the new medication. Bijou prefers getting a shot once per month rather than every day. Bijou will be going in this week for more blood work. Pray that the results are favorable and that the doctors see that the medication is controlling her SoJIA as well as the MAS.
Continue to pray for complete healing of Bijou's body and that through all of our visits with the doctors, nurses, therapists, etc that we can show Jesus to these people. 

God has done so much in Bijou's little body, He has blessed us with more time with our little Bee. Thank your for your prayers.

We love you.

Posted on July 28, 2014

Posted on July 28, 2014

Bijou's Big Day

By Cara Leger— Jul 17, 2014 8:23pm

We have been waiting for today's appointments at Cincinnati Children's Hospital since the end of May.  It was a long wait to see the Cardiologist and Pulmonologist, but well worth the wait!  We met many new doctors today, and though it was a long day, it was a good one!  

Our day began with an echocardiogram followed by an EKG.  Both of these tests check Bijou's heart function.  They are non-invasive tests that she has had dozens of times.  Today, like every other day, Bijou did great!  After the tests we met with the doctors.  In Hong Kong any time we were in a room with more than 2 doctors, it was always followed by awful, horrible news.  Today we had several doctors in our room, and only good news was shared!  God is so much better than good!  The doctors today concluded that Bijou DOES NOT have pulmonary hypertension AND her heart is "NORMAL." Normal is in quotation marks because it is a direct quotefrom the doctor!  John and I recall hearing her HK doctors telling us (many times) that Bijou's heart was as good as it could get back in April and May - that it wasn't normal, and would not get any better than it already was.  True healing has certainly taken place!  It is the only explanation.  Her heart was not normal before, and in the opinions of multiple experts, it would not get better.  Today it did.  

Over the next few weeks Bijou will take part in some lung function tests, this is a really crucial piece of the puzzle.  We covet your prayers as these tests take place.  They will include another CT scan, a 6 minute walking test, an overnight sleep study (IN our home!!!) and some breathing exercises.  All of these tests are also non-invasive, and things we are confident Bijou will be able to do without trouble.  We are praying that her results will continue to show improvement beyond what any medication or human doctor can do!  Please pray with us about Bijou's diagnoses of pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease.  Pray that the damage done to her lungs is reversible, and that these test will prove her complete healing. 

After the tests and visits with all of her doctors, Bijou had some blood taken, x-rays, and went to physical therapy.   Once again, Bijou performed like a rock star during her stretches and exercises.  The physical therapist had to keep coming up with more and more difficult activities for Bijou to accomplish.  Her favorite part was riding the bikes through the hallways!  I was having so much fun watching her, I forgot to take pictures!  We were at the hospital from 8am - 4:30pm.  It was a really long day, but such a short day in comparison to some of the days we have had since the end of February. 

Each day with this girl is an amazing miracle.  It is a miracle to have her alive and breathing.  It is a miracle for her to not need to be on oxygen or any other machine or support.  It is a miracle that she has been steadily gaining back muscle and strength.  A few months ago, my little BumbleB was confined to a hospital bed, was breathing artificially, and had multiple organ failure.  Today Bijou sings, Bijou giggles, BIjou swings, Bijou climbs, Bijou plays, Bijou crawls, Bijou dances, Bijou walks, Bijou hugs, Bijou talks, Bijou rides, Bijou lives.  

Our family is so thankful for the prayers of our family, friends, and numerous strangers.  There are so many of you that we don't know, but we are so grateful to you for your faithful prayers and encouragement.  Please remember Bijou and our family in your prayers.  

Posted on May 27, 2014

Posted on May 27, 2014

We are being admitted to the general ward. B is being started on some iv fluids since she has not eaten today. She is scheduled for an MRI later today.

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