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The Story

Alethea was taken to the hospital the morning of April 17th vomiting and incoherent.  Scans show a brain bleed and several small tumors that would be consistent with a spread of skin cancer she previously fought.  
She had emergency brain surgery later that night. April 18th she awoke and was able to communicate. She has multiple small tumors and 3 main tumors, one of which is on her brain stem. MRI seems to indicate that the bleed was repaired during surgery. A PET scan unfortunately showed multiple tumors in multiple locations throughout her body.

Treatment plan is for cranial radiation followed by chemotherapy. Average life expectancy is 9 months. But this is Alethea. She is feisty. She will fight.

All donations will go to directly her or her boyfriend (who has power of attorney to act on her behalf). We dont know exact expenses but given how expensive these things are she will likely need every penny we collect.

Alethea is now undergoing cranial radiation and nervous about her hair falling out. She is attending speech therapy since she still has some difficulty with language (due to the location of one particular tumor). She has officially quit her job and is focusing entirely on beating this cancer. She will have about 8 months of chemo treatment after she finishes the radiation.

The GOOD news is that her prognosis has been extended from 9 months to 3-5 YEARS. Apparently she has a particular gene that makes her tumors more susceptible to a particular chemo.

Go Alethea!!!!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 16, 2014

Posted on November 16, 2014

My apologies to anyone who has been following here but not on Facebook. I had assumed most people were following the Facebook group Awesome Alethea for more timely updates - often coming directly from Michael. But I just received a request for an update here. So here goes...

A last minute wedding was planned and pulled off in just 4 days. On October 25th Alethea and Michael were wed in a beautiful ceremony that was streamed live. Pictures were posted to this site.

Alethea and Michael had just 5 days as husband and wife before she passed, late in the evening, on October 30th. The world suffered a great loss that day.

Michael is grieving with Bella Lou (Alethea's dog), Ellie Mae (her cat) and last but not least Grammie. 

I've been grieving as well. Again, my apologies for posting this last update so long after the fact. The fundraiser remains open since Michael & Grammie will have ongoing expenses after suffering this monumental loss.

Posted on October 22, 2014

Posted on October 22, 2014

Our Awesome Alethea was released from the hospital on Monday to home Hospice care. Her official prognosis upon release was 1-2 weeks. Hospice, an organization of which I can't speak highly enough, got her outfitted with all manner of equipment at home including a wheelchair and a hospital bed.
Alethea is in quite a lot of pain and on quite a lot of painkillers. I was able to see her Monday night and Tuesday afternoon. Her obstinant personality is still very much there even through the drug haze. But the pain is getting to her. Michael and all her family are there taking great care of her and working with the nurse to tweak meds to try and get her pain under control. Visitors cheer her up but also tire her out. You may want to check with Michael before visiting. Her family will need ongoing continuing support while they care for her and after. If you can give, please do. If you can drop off meals or have them delivered they will be appreciated.
Our vibrant Alethea is waning. It is a profoundly sad time.

Posted on October 20, 2014

Posted on October 20, 2014

It is with sad and heavy heart that I write to update that our Awesome Alethea is being transferred to home hospice care today. The past few weeks have brought blood clots and brain bleeds and, unfortunately, tumor growth. She wants to see people and laugh but she's very weak. I'm headed to see her and will update again afterwards.

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