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The Story

Ashton was just like any other 12 year old boy his age. Extremely active, and looking forward to summer vacation filled with swimming, late nights and junk food, and hanging out with all of his friends. Everything changed on May 20, 2014. 

This sweet 12 year old boy has been in the hospital for 23 days, spending the majority of those 23 days in a medically induced coma.

While he was at school, Ashton had a seizure. After going to the hospital, we discovered Ashton had contracted viral meningitis and encephilitis. Although the doctors continue to do everything they can to help Ashton, they still do not have an answer as to why this has happened, nor have they found the right treatment to bring him out of his medically induced coma safely.

We, his friends and family, are asking for any donation to help pay for his medical treatments, and for living expenses for his family who are currently out of work to be by his side, right where they should be.

Ashton's family and friends continue to be by his side, no matter how long this hike is, all while continuing to pray for his speedy recovery. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 24, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

July 24, 2014.

I am so sorry for not posting any updates lately!!! I just moved and have been without internet service until recently. SOOOO MUCH has been going on with Ashton lately. 
It has been over 2 months since the initial seizure that put Ashton in the hospital, and I am happy to report that TOMORROW he will be GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!! PYL!!!
Everyone has done so much for him and his family, and it gives me so much hope for the human race again. His classmates, along with their parents, helped arrange a very successful bakesale that put them in the local Bureau/Princeton paper!!! Bracelets and t-shirts are selling like wild fire. 

He still has a long way to go, with speech therapy and physical therapy, but we know he will pull through. 

Thank you all for the ongoing support, not only from friends and family, but from complete strangers. Your gifts to the family do not go unnoticed. Your utmost genuinity is a rare quality in this world, and we, Ashton's family and friends, thank you all so much from the deepest part of our hearts.


Posted on June 27, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

Day 38 Update-

An AMAZING day!!! Huge Milestone! As you all know Ashton is off of the ventilator and is doing INCREDIBLE! I don't really have a big update because the biggest thing today is getting off his ventilator! He is still receiving High flow oxygen through a nasal cannula. They will wean him from that as well!

Seizures- the neurologists are deciding if they can take his EGG off tomorrow or not.

Temperature- Low grade temp still off and on.

Continued with IVIG.

They decided to continue with steroids and are going to slowly decrease the dose or what they call taper the dose.

Pancreatitis- They are still continuing to monitor his labs closely.

He is so much more alert and interactive even today than he was yesterday! He is "hiking" mountains daily! He is truly amazing and a huge inspiration!

He also got a surprise by The Cheifs! They completely made his day! Thank you Cheifs Mascot and players!


Nightly Quote-
"Don't tell God how big your mountains are, rather tell your mountains how big your God is". Author unknown. Thank you Jennifer Perry.

Good night all and God bless!

Posted on June 21, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

Day 31 Update-

Today was a busy day for Ashton. It started out with a seizure. It was nice because the Neurologist was there to witness it and look at the EEG at the same time. They did also see that he was having some seizure activity throughout the night. They gave him another bolus of one of the seizure medications as well as increasing the dose of one them. They also increased one of the medications that he is getting to help him relax. He continued to smile throughout the day and have his increased periods with lots of movement!

Lungs- Today his lungs continue to look the same!!! Such great news!

Pancreatitis- One of the labs that they really monitor was slightly elevated from yesterday. They are still treating him as they can for it!

Temperature- He has continued to have have a low grade temperature all day. They still don't know the exact cause for it, but are keeping a very close on it and treating the symptoms. All blood cultures that have been done, all the final results are negative for infection that could be causing the fevers.

He did also have his MRI today. The Neurologist came in late tonight to discuss the results with Dustin and April. (That's why this post is so late, I'm really sorry!) I'm not sure how to post this because I know we all don't want anything to be wrong with Ashton, but in a sense we do because then we would have an answer and know how to treat him...So I feel we received very good news, because we received a diagnosis. His MRI showed some changes that were abdormal. These changes are indicative for the diagnosis of ....Drum roll please.........
"Autoimmune Limbic Encephalitis".
Now what is that and what is the treatment?

It is inflammation in the brain in which there are different causes for the inflammation, but as the doctor explained it, the body produces antibodies against itself. There are different causes for this that are more commonly associated with this diagnosis. One is cancer and the other is a tumor, both of which the Neurologist assured use that he DOES NOT have. The diagnosis of Limbic Encephalitis is extremely difficult and the diagnosis usually doesn't happen for weeks. He also said that most people diagnosed with Limbic Encephalitis are initially diagnosed with HSV Encephalitis ( herpes simplex virus Encephalitis). The reason is because clinically the difference cannot be distinguished. There are different treatment options and of course they are going to start with the the safest treatment options first and then work their way down the list, if needed. So they are going to start with the first treatment in the morning. That treatment will consist of high dose steroids for 3-4 days and then they will go from there.

I have not had the opportunity to research to find a good article to post a link to for you all to read and I'm sure by the time I find one you will all have searched and found the information you are needing. Please feel free to ask any questions...As always:)

We have such an amazing support system and amazing prayer warriors! Thank you all so much for your relentless prayers! It's obvious...they are working!!!

Nightly Quote:
"Stay strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever." Author unknown

God is so so good! God bless you all and Goodnight!

Posted on June 19, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

Day 30 Update-

What a day...what a day!

Today was Ashton's BEST day by far!!! As of 6:00 pm, Ashton is OFF of the Plan B medication! And he is still seizure FREE!!! Oh dear me ARE beyond GOOD!!!

His lungs today were pretty much the same. No changes there.

He is still spiking fevers periodically, and all blood cultures at this time have remained negative for any bacteria that could be causing his fevers.

No real changes with the Pancreatitis today.

His blood pressure was pretty high all day, so they did increase some medication they have him on to help decrease his blood pressures. After they did the last increase, there was substantial decrease in his blood pressure!!!

AND for the news you've all been waiting for today... Ashton smiled a couple times today!!! Although the doctors do not feel his movement or smiles are purposeful... We honestly feel differently. They are the professionals and I am not doubting them...all I have to say is SEEING IS BELIEVING! I am going to attach a few videos if I can and you make your own opinion! God is so unbelievably good and Ashton...well he's Ashton...just AMAZING!!

Nightly Quote:
"To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an HONOR". Author unknown
Ashton you are an inspiration to so so many people bud!

Please pray for Ashton to continue to be seizure free, to wake up to us, for his fever to stay away, for his pancreas to heal, and for his blood pressure to stay in the safe zone!

God bless you all and thank you all so so much! OK...grab a Kleenex BC you're going to need one!

Thank you to all the Ace Prayer Warriors for all the goodies today!!!

OK ready....set....GO!!!

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

Update from Ashton's Aunt and Uncle

Day 28 Update-

Today was another good day!!!

They are continuing to decrease his Plan B medication and he is seeming to tolerate it. Although his EEG shows that seizure activity is on the verge of happening,,thus far it hasn't! The Neurologist said today that it is looking the best its looked since trying to wean him before! WOW!! Now that is some amazing news! Their goal is to continue to wean the plan B medication without him having uncontrollable seizure activity. Today he was moving even more. They said he's moving his arms and hands more and even opening his eyes! Now with all of this new movement it is causing his blood pressure to rise, so they are giving him some medication as needed to help him be a little calmer as he starts waking up more. Now we can totally handle that right?!?!?!

Today I did finally get them to say that he does have Pancreatitis. I know that sounds scary but they are treating it aggressively and the abnormal levels are still high but seem to be coming down nicely. Also it is felt that the pancreatitis is medically induced, which is comforting! That news could be much worse.

As far as his lungs go...he is still managing to produce a lot of secretions, which is occurring because he is now coughing and able to help move the secretions!

The Neurologist is real hopeful that this will be the time we get him weaned! Incredible just plan incredible!

I did want to make mention is something. I have had some people ask if Ashton has been tested for the Anti-NMDA receptor. The answer is "yes" they have. They actually tested him while he was at his almost sickest point. They did test not only his blood but also his cerebral spinal fluid. Both test were Negative.

Another great day down with many more to come! Ashton, we love you so much are so strong, tough, and brave! Hang in there bud, you've so got this!

Thank you ALL fellow prayer warriors...God is so so amazing,and son are all of you!!!!

Quote of the night:
"What's going on in the inside, shows on the outside" author: Earl Nightingale

Goodnight all and keep the prayers and good vibes coming our way! We love you all and are beyond greatful!!!!

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

From the Family and Friends of Ashton Landrus:

Thank you all for your amazing support. I cannot believe the amount of generosity this family has received over a very short amount of time. I believe it really makes us remember how truely good people can be in a time of crisis, when we need it the most.  I know April and Dustin, Ashton's mom and dad, are extremely grateful, and overwhelmed by the support they have received. Not only have they been gaining the support of friends and family, but also from complete strangers! 

Thank you all so much, we all cannot wait for Ashton to be woken up safely, to tell him all of these amazing acts of kindness in his name. 


Posted on June 13, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

From the Family and Friends of Ashton Landrus:

Thank you all for your amazing support. I cannot believe the amount of generosity this family has received over a very short amount of time. I believe it really makes us remember how truely good people can be in a time of crisis, when we need it the most.  I know April and Dustin, Ashton's mom and dad, are extremely grateful, and overwhelmed by the support they have received. Not only have they been gaining the support of friends and family, but also from complete strangers! 

Thank you all so much, we all cannot wait for Ashton to be woken up safely, to tell him all of these amazing acts of kindness in his name. 


Posted on June 13, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

Update from Ashton's Aunt and Uncle
Day 24 Update-

Today was a good day for Ashton!

Last night they discontinued a medication that they had started along with the coma medicine. They then let him rest most of the night and early this morning they decreased his coma medication down by 0.5mg (dose is 3.5mg). They watched his EEG closely and 6 hours later they decreased it another 0.5mg (dose is 3mg). They again have been watching his EEG very closely and the activity is increasing but is not seizure activity. After even more discussion they made the decision to move forward with decreasing it down by 0.5mg (dose 2.5mg) at 10:00pm tonight. They will then watch it very closely and see if the activity increases or changes to anything they don't like. I was told that if that happens they will then move to Plan B. Things are constantly changing but as of now that is the plan. I'm trying to anticipate questions you have and one I have come up with is; "What is the lowest we've gotten on the coma medication?". The answer to that is 1.5mg. Another question I'm thinking you might have is: "What did his dose start at last night?". The answer is 4mg and he was on a low dose of Versed. The last question I come up with is: 'Do they know yet why this happened or what is causing this?". The answer is unfortunately No they don't, bit they are searching like crazy.

He otherwise had an uneventful day! Lungs are seeming to do well, as well as his Kidney function!

Please our fellow prayer warriors...please pray that he continues to tolerate the weaning of the coma medication! Please please pray for God to guide him and hold his hand through this very hard time Ashton is going through!

Nightly Quote:
"Sometimes all you can do is: not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out!". Author unknown

Goodnite to all our family,friends,,and fellow prayer warriors. We love you all and God bless you all!

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

Update from Ashton's Aunt and Uncle
Day 22 Update-

Today was another great day! Ashton rested all day while God helped his body fight the fight! They gave him 1/2 the dose of IVIG yesterday and the rest today. From my understanding tomorrow is going to be a day of no changes with medications. They want to give his body ample time to adjust to the IVIG so it has the best efficacy and chance of working! They will then put the EEG leads back on and hook him up to the EEG on Friday. They will then start to decrease the coma medication and see how well the IVIG worked! He did spike another fever last night. They got it lowered and continued to have control over it all day!

He did get his haircut today as well! He looks so stinking handsome!!! Not like he doesn't all the time anyway!!!

Today was also a great day for Rylee. Ashton's neighbor in the PICU, had her birthday today! She got admitted to the PICU the same night as Ashton. Well her parents had an AMAZING Princess Party for her! They had enough to share with all the kids on the unit!! Rylee has really become friends with them too! The really really neat part is that they had real Princess's come to the hospital and Rylee got to meet them all!!! She just LOVED it!

Also since Ashton has been in the PICU and Rylee has been out of school, she spends a lot more time there than she did. She has received a new nickname..."MD Roo". She just thinks she is so so special! She helps the nurses all day with Ashton's's pretty special. So that's where the MD comes from. We tell her she's like a doctor:). The "Roo" ces from her everyday nickname of "Rylee-Roo". So we combines them and came up with MD Roo! So so sweet she is:)

Its so nice to have 2 days in a row that were great!!!! Please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming Ashton's way!!! Please continue to pray for the IVIG to be effective, for his lungs to continue to heal, and also for him to be fever free tonight!!! Thank you so much!

Quote of the night-
FAITH is not believing that GOD can, it is knowing that HE will!!! Author Unknown

Goodnight all! God bless you and thank you again for everything from the bottom of our hearts!

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Kayla Hudson

Update from Ashton's Aunt and Uncle. 

Day 23 Update-

Today was another great day! We are truly blessed to be able to post 3 great days in a row! Thank you fellow prayer warriors!!!

Today Ashton continued to rest. He did not have a fever overnight last night but he did start getting warm early this afternoon. The team did obtain blood cultures yesterday and are waiting to see if any new infection has developed. I will be sure to include the results in my update when we receive them. He also developed a rashon his torso mainly. They are uncertain of its cause. They feel it may be from the IVIG or from the wipes they use to wash him with. However, they do not seem concerned about it at this point. Today the Neurologist decided to go ahead with putting the EEG leads back on Ashton and start to wean the coma medication. Now if the Neurologist sees activity on the EEG they will then move onto plan B. They are going to start administering a medication that is used to assist in general anesethia. They will use this medication for 48 hours and during that time get him weaned off the coma medication. They will then see how he handles removing this new medication. I just wanted to let you all know the next plan, BUT we aren't going to have to use Plan B because Plan A (IVIG) WILL work!!!

His lungs today sounded clear and they did not feel it was necessary to perform a chest xray this am. Yeah!!!!!!

A couple of April's friends from work came to visit and they had a great time!!!

Aunt BA got Ashton a soft, soft Alligator! Super cute!

He looked very relaxed today and he wasnjust getting ready for this next wean! You've got this Ashton! We ALL love you buddy!

Prayers tonight for no more fevers, no infection, and for Ashton to tolerate the coma medication wean!!! Thank you all so much for the continued prayers!!!

Quote of the Night-
Always believe something WONDERFUL is about to happen! Author Unknown

Goodnight to all and thank you again for all the continues love, support, and prayers!

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