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"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give", Winston Churchill.

If Amy has touched your life in any way, you know that she is truly a living example of this quote. Stories of her warm smile, helping hands and generous heart are being shared all over Tryon Horse Country and far beyond as friends, colleagues and students, shake their head in disbelief and try to make sense of this shocking news. 

Amy suffered a traumatic brain injury on 9.4.13 while schooling a young horse in her own ring. Fortunately, she was found by a good friend who was able to quickly get assistance for her.  Amy received a severe blow to the left side of her head resulting in a skull fracture and subdural hematoma, a broken nose and fractured orbital.  She had surgery immediately to relieve the pressure on the brain and stop the bleeding.  Presently she is in ICU, heavily sedated, on a ventilator with very serious injuries. Doctors are impressed with how healthy and strong Amy is and they are doing all they can to help her brain heal but it is uncertain how long she will remain comatose...days, weeks or even longer.  It is hard to imagine the strength necessary for her husband and young son to sit helplessly by her side.

As you can imagine, Amy has a long road to recovery.  Friends are stepping in to run her barn and take care of her horses, which is wonderful and very appreciated but her financial needs are huge!  Her medical expenses are extraordinary and she and her husband won't be able to work for some time.  She has some coverage but many things are not covered and to offset the cost of medical expenses and all of the out of pocket expenses occurred by this tragedy we are asking for your help.  The family is applying for assistance programs but Amy's needs will require the help and support of many friends.  

In just 23 hours, 1,415 friends have LIKED Amy Barrington’s FB Recovery page. family is appreciative of this outpouring of support. We know Amy has many friends, fans and students in the equestrian community and beyond. We are reaching out to you all to please help...every single donation, large or small, makes a big difference and increases the positive energy surrounding Amy and her family. If you have been a student of Amy’s consider donating the cost of a lesson or more. Whether you know Amy personally or not, we hope you will join us and become one of Amy's friends.  Help us get Amy back on course!!! 

We will keep you posted on her progress. Please give generously for Amy's Road to Recovery!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 17, 2013

Posted on September 17, 2013

Greg's update    9-16-13   


You know, I am sure that Amy has been aware that we have been with her all along, but today was different. She opened her eyes and followed us and caressed our hands with her left hand. She saw me, Ben and many of her best friends. She expressed emotion. It is evident that all the prayers, energy, karma and whatever it is that the animals send out, is bringing her back to us.

This is all very good news for Amy's progress and I am thrilled but I also was caught a bit off guard by some of the realities of the situation. For the first 12 days we watched her sleep looking relatively comfortable. Now that she is coming around she obviously feels pain at times, and as Ruth Ahearne put it, she looks like she's coming off a bad tequila drunk.

The necessary physical therapy looks uncomfortable and you want to help her but you know that they are competent. They sit her up and even helped her stand today but her body is certainly not up to it yet.

The exciting news is that we can take this progress to the Sheperd Center in Atlanta tomorrow. They are the best around at helping people in Amy's condition. I look forward to their help and direction.

Amy's brother Andy and neice Rachael just got in from Toronto to help out during this process. I better go pack. Yippikiyea

Posted on September 16, 2013

Posted on September 16, 2013

Greg's report Sunday 9-15-13

Sundays at the hospital [I've seen two of them now] seem to be a little kicked back. If something can get put off until Monday it is. I'm sure all the important stuff gets done but the docs are a little less available and planning something like Amy's trip to Atlanta ends up on the back burner.

I understand and I really am very happy overall with the care that they have given Amy but much of the information I would like to pass on to you, just simply wasn't available today. I hope to know much more tomorrow.

Amy is still using her left hand quite a lot. The nurses seemed to be happy with her temp. and it appears she will be stable enough to make the trip as soon as they are ready for her. There was a steady stream of visitors [Another Sunday phenomenon] and the hospital staff was patient with us even though we usually had more than the allowed 2 at a time.

I made 4 trips there myself today. Ben went early and late with two baseball games in between. I hope to have better information tomorrow about getting Amy set up at the Sheperd Center. We have Amy's brother Andy and his daughter Racheal coming from Toronto and her friend Hiedi from Appleton, all tomorrow. Looking forward to making plans to care for Amy the best way we can.....

Posted on September 16, 2013

Posted on September 16, 2013

Greg here for Saturday 9-14-13

Amy was good today. Still requiring some medication for fever but it was manageable. I guess the brain injury can cause the brain to heat up the body to fight a non-existant problem. They seem to think that is what is going on rather than an infection.

Amy was more purpousful with her movements today. she was rolling a roll of tape in her palm and at times would spin it on her index finger with her thumb. This is with her left hand. She is still very weak on her right side and is not opening her eyes. She squeezed our hands a few times today but wouldn't cooperate when the nurse asked us to demonstrate.

We are hoping Amy remains stable and that all the logistics work out for her to be transported to Sheperd Center Atlanta early next week.

Ben and I made a quick visit at 8:00, when they opened after doctors rounds, then it was off to coach Shane's who took him to a baseball tournament in Charlotte. I was in and out with the visiting hours and meet with our neighbor who is doing a newspaper article about Amy and her Tribe for several local papers. I picked Ben up at coach Shane's and made one last visit at about 9:00.

We were trying to estimate how many times in the last eleven days that we have climbed up those stairs to her sixth floor room. It must be well over 60 times. After the first day we have been using the stairs just for the exercise. It's a nice old granite stairway with what appears to be mahogany beautiful heavy hand rails. There are pictures on the wall showing that part of the building in the 1920s.

Ben plays again tomorrow, so the schedule will be similar again. Nancy at Tryon Riding and Hunt club gave me some wrist bands today, so Ben's entire team will be styl'n "Ride for Amy" bling tomorrow. It sounds like they need a little inspiration. Maybe that will do it. Kick on!

Posted on September 16, 2013

Posted on September 16, 2013

Greg here.... She's in!

Amy will be transported to the Sheperd Center in Atlanta early next week. It seems they have opened up space for her and she is getting rock star status. This is at least partly because of all of the support you are giving her on the Facebook page. Thanks everyone. You literally are opening doors for Amy to get the best care available.

Amy seems to be excited too. She seemed healthier today. The fever was easily controlled with tylenol. The swelling in her extremities was down. Her color was good and she moved her left arm and hand quite a lot. She new we were there which for some reason, means a lot to us.

A physical therapist came around for the second time today. She gets pretty aggressive with Amy. At times we joked with the therapist about the way she was wrestling with Amy to stretch her muscles. At other times we had a hard time watching Amy's limp body that was once so vibrant.

The night before the accident she was running around in the back yard letting Ben stand on the deck and shoot her with an air soft gun. It was like being at the arcade. Even sound effects when you hit the target! Anything to have fun with Ben. We will run around and let her shoot us if she will just get better.

Posted on September 16, 2013

Posted on September 16, 2013

Hi Amy's tribe...Update for Thursday Sept. 12

I'm stoked! We have just come off of two not so good days and I was told I wouldn't get to see much of Amy today because of her procedures and other activity in the ICU today. I went into the day with not very high expectations and was pleasantly surprised.

I usually drop Ben off at school at 7:45 and work my way to the hospital arriving about 8:15. Shift change is at 7:00 and the doctors make their rounds around then so there is usually lots of fresh information when I arrive. Sometimes I get to consult with the doctors then also.

This morning there was talk about making plans to move Amy to a facility that specializes in treating brain injuries. Finally I can start to make plans accordingly. We discussed several different facilities and one actually sent a recruiter to see me. She put me through an extensive interview to see if Amy's case was suited to their program and if we could support the process both during re-hab and after.

She wanted to know the specific individuals that they would train to help Amy after re-hab and that we would have a substantial network of support. I referred her to the Amy Barrington Recovery Page on FaceBook. Later I heard through the grapevine that we had been accepted at the Shepard Center in Atlanta. That isn't set in stone yet but I'm excited about that prospect. [Thanks Amy's tribe]

Amy looks much better without the tubes in her mouth. Her fever is down and by this evening she was more responsive to us. I'm anxious to get her somewhere that can pro-actively coax her back to us and train her to function as normally as possible. Your support shown financialy and in other ways is so very generous and I'm sure will open many doors to help Amy.

Posted on September 16, 2013

Posted on September 16, 2013

Greg here,

One week ago today at about 12:30 Ruth Ahearn called me and in a forcefully controlled voice she told me the dreaded words "Amy has had a bad fall".

We all know we could get a call like that some day, but we are never ready for it. I was at the Dawg House restaurant in Campabello with Chet the guy who has just worked with me for a few weeks and is a great carpenter but is getting a real... lesson about horses and horse people. I re-filled my iced tea to prove to myself that I could remain composed and asked Chet if he could get a ride back to the shop. I still don't know how he got that 10 miles or so but at the time he just said "sure get going". Chet has been a life saver since, keeping some jump production going and taking care of things around the house and shop while I'm with Amy.

The next week has seemed like a slow motion month. Roller coaster emotions, confusion, and a whole lot of hurry up and wait. Always looking for some way to help Amy.

I know, you want to know about Amy. Well again the report is little change. This is about the forth day that she has not received any sedation medication. We are hoping for her to be more responsive. Her fever was a little higher today resulting in her lack of responsiveness. A little but not much. They changed antibiotics today. hopefully that will help. I will get to see her briefly tomorrow before her tracheotomy. She's also getting a stomach feeding tube. I understand the schedule can change if they get busy in the emergency room. This procedure will eliminate the tubes in her mouth which seem to aggravate her and make some things easier.

They seem to be preparing her for a long recovery which I think is fine only because they assure me that she can still recover as quickly as she is ready and possibly this could speed things up slightly. I hope she is ready soon. Ben and I miss her.

If you see a turtle crossing the road today, stop and move it along for Amy. Friends from all over the country are uniting for her. Amy has to feel that. Thank you.

Posted on September 10, 2013

Posted on September 10, 2013

Greg here. Day 6 report

Well I was told to expect 2 steps forward and 1 step back in Amy's recovery. Today was the step back. Nothing horrible, just some disappointments after an encouraging day yesterday. The hospital team of Drs. did an evaluation of her progress today and then got with me. I also consulted with several friends that are Drs. and nurses.

The general consensus, as I understand it,... is that Amy would have had to make more progress by now if she were making a quick recovery. The word "months" was used several times today in the rough estimates of how long it would take for her to wake up.

Not all of them had a good understanding of just how tough and determined their patient is, but I guess we should at least prepare for a longer recovery. They have scheduled to install a tracheal tube and a feeding tube later in the week. It was also confirmed that she has a pneumonia in her lungs and her temp is back up a little which seems to effect her responsiveness.

I don't mean to sound negative but I feel like I owe it to our friends to be straight up with you. We all hope she does better than what the Drs. are expecting. They did tell me that the length of time it takes her to wake up does not necessarily correlate with the severity of the injury effects. Cluck...Cluck...Come on Amy!

Ben attended the morning session at school to try to keep up with his core classes. I think that will be the plan for this week. He's thinking about going to baseball practice tomorrow evening. His coaches have been great, offering to drive him and everything. We set up Amy's CD player from the kitchen in her hospital room. Ben picked out a few CDs that he knows Amy likes. Ben says I have to be in bed by midnight tonight so I'm cutting it off here. Thanks for caring.

Posted on September 10, 2013

Posted on September 10, 2013

Greg Schlappi Sunday Day 5 seems like week 5
Hi Amy Tribe [Sounds like a bunch of yahoos]

Well, Ben and I checked on Amy first thing this morning and found that she still had a fever and they had a nifty refrigerator blanket on her to keep it under control. Samples were sent to be cultured yesterday and results should be back Monday or Tuesday. This info should provide more definitive reasons for ...the fever and allow for more directed treatment. Meanwhile they have been giving her a variety of antibiotics that must be starting to kick in. By this evening Amy was looking better, fever was breaking and best of all for us was that she was more responsive.

Through the day she became increasingly active. She was moving her left hand subtly and her mouth as if trying to speak. She didn't open her eyes, but when we asked her to, she appeared to try. Most encouraging for us was that when I told her that Ben was going to go to school tomorrow and that I should get him home she raised her arm up and waved her fingers as is to say "get going" "see ya later" I can't wait to see her in the morning.

After our brief morning visit, I took Ben to meet up with Rich Metcalf who took him and Sean Doyle to the Carolina Panthers game. Sounds like they had a great time. Thanks Dr. Metcalf.
Our friends and family continue to amaze me. The energy directed to Amy right now is incredible. What has been accomplished for Amy in the last 5 days is nothing short of miraculous. The unknown future for our family because of this accident is much less frightening because of all of you. Thank you.

Posted on September 10, 2013

Posted on September 10, 2013

Hey all. It's Greg. Forgive me for making this brief but the lack of sleep over the last 3 nights is beginning to catch up with me. The morning started off good when we arrived at the hospital and caught up with the attending nurse for the day shift. The neuro surgeon had been by and had given instructions to cut off the sedation drug. When we learned this Ben gave me a big fist bump knowing this ...meant that Amy was going to now be allowed to wake up when she is ready. The morning was spent talking to her resulting in numerous responses in the form of subtle arm and lip movements. Her responses slowed in the afternoon with the onset of a mild fever. Ruth Ahearn told me that it is typical of brain injury recoveries to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. We are anxious to see how she is doing tomorrow.
I'm thoroughly amazed at how much can be accomplished with a team of caring capable and unselfish friends family and community. Amy's barn is more clean and organized than ever before. The horses and dogs are well attended to, grain and hay is ordered and the help is paid. I haven't had to worry about anything at the barn. Everyone that has helped seems to genuinely want to contribute. I get the feeling that all of Amy's friends will have each others backs for a long time. Thank you all .

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