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The Story

Aiden Taylor is a vibrant second grader who enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing outside, and he loves his dogs, Bennie and Elmer AND his hamster, Aiden Jr.

Aiden had been having headaches for a few months. After several doctor's appointments and perseverance on behalf of his parents, a 2 x 1 1/2 inch tumor was found resting on his brainstem on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.  The following day, an MRI showed that he also had other masses on his brain and three tumors on his spine.

Aiden underwent surgery on Thursday the 23rd, to remove the tumor on his brain, however the remaining brain masses will have to be  treated with chemotherapy and radiation. A second surgery took place on Thursday, January 28th where surgeons attempted to remove the masses on his spine that had been causing signficant leg and back pain.  Unfortunately, they were unable to remove the masses on spine because they were wrapped around his spinal cord and very dense in nature.  The decision was made that removing the masses could endanger his ability to walk and control his bowels. Therefore, the remaining massess will be treated with chemotherapy and radiation.   Shortly after his second surgery, pathology from his first surgery diagnosed Aiden with Medulloblastoma.

Josh and Lisa are currently working on finding the best treatment plan and facility for Aiden. Please continue to pray that Aiden will receive the best treatment plan available. 

Given Aiden's diagnosis, we have increased our fundraising goal to reflect the ongoing medical and living expenses that the Taylor's will incur as they seek treatment.  Thank you to all those that that have given what you are able - any amount is a blessing to Josh and Lisa as they are able to stay by Aiden's bedside.

A note from mom and dad:  Thank you so much for caring about him. He is such a strong boy and has really has a positive outlook.  We have had a great support system through family and friends! Our family appreciates everyone sending great thoughts and prayers Aiden's way!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 11, 2014

Posted on February 11, 2014

Tuesday - February 11th 

Lots to report with this update. Our apologies for the delay in sharing but the family has been busy finalizing their plans and we wanted to wait until we could provide the most accurate information.

The Taylors heard from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital last Thursday that they had accepted Aiden as their patient! Josh and Lisa are so excited for this - they can't think of a better place for Aiden to be.  

It was busy weekend for Aiden and his family as they prepared to leave this week. Aiden finally had his feeding tube removed Friday morning and is eating so well! He received many visitors who wanted to see his cute little face before leaving for Memphis. 

Today, Tuesday, the St. Jude's transport team came by ambulance to bring Aiden and mom (Lisa) from Columbia, MO to Memphis, TN.  They should arrive late Tuesday evening.  Please pray for a safe journey for them and their transport team.  All in all, it was a bittersweet day for the Taylors and their support system. 

From Mom (Lisa), "Poor Aiden had a hard night last night. His cousins left and he was really sad, he cried a lot. I think between them leaving and him going to Memphis he just has a lot going on and he had a hard time sleeping.  I'm so excited to be leaving but scared at the same time. I'm ready for the care he will receive, just not ready to uproot. Josh and Braxten will join us Thursday night and that will be nice to be back together again. I want to thank everyone again for all your support! Please keep it up, we still have a battle! I'm so happy that we have such great family and friends! I have never in my life felt that so many people were on our side and pulling for our Aiden! Thank you!"

With Aiden beginning treatment at St. Jude's immediately, the Taylor family has temporarily relocated to Memphis to be with him.  While his medical expenses going forward will be provided at no direct cost to the Taylors, we will continue to fundraise here in Columbia, MO in hopes of covering their ongoing household expenses while they are away.  Please join us in helping our friends. 

Posted on February 7, 2014

Posted on February 7, 2014

Friday, February 7th - (Update from yesterday, Thursday, February 6th)

Aiden loves his Eason time!!! He has been nothing but smiles and giggles! I love seeing his eyes brighten when he sees them! He has been eating everything and tons of it. I see a lot of change in him daily and I'm so glad. He is responding to speech and physical therapy a lot! I'm so proud of my little man for trying and wanting to feel better! It was nice to work today, I'm going again tomorrow. It definitely makes it easier when I know he loves all the kids and his aunt here with him. He got a little sad when they went downstairs today to grab some food. - Lisa

Posted on February 6, 2014

Posted on February 6, 2014

Thursday, January 6 -

An update from Aunt Jill from Wednesday evening, February 5th. Such good news all around.

Tonight, Lisa took the night off and went home to get some much needed rest in her own bed. So, I thought I would update everyone on Aiden today.

He had another very busy day. He had his speech therapy this morning followed by a ride around the hospital in his wheelchair. He loves getting out of his room and checking out the scenery.

He also updated his courage beads and painted with syringes (pics are posted on facebook). That was fun! He really liked it....

He has really enjoyed getting to eat again. He has been pigging out all day. He loves his ice cream and popsicles and Dr. Pepper. Everyone here has been so impressed with his progress with the food and drinking. We are really hoping the feeding tube will be gone tomorrow.

He has laughed so much today. It's so nice to see his smile and the Aiden spark coming back in his eyes.

He's been peacefully sleeping for about an hour now. I hope Lisa and Josh are doing the same. Let's hope tomorrow can be as fun and hopefully his cousins and Braxten can get up here to hang out with him. - Aunt Jill

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