A Better Life For Super Andrew -- Beyond The Brain Injury!

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The Story

Andrew, or "Super Andrew" as he has shown himself to be, has cerebral palsy. He has seen HUGE improvements through innovative medical treatments that the insurance industry considers "alternative" or "experimental" and therefore they won't pay for them.

Locally, Andrew sees a homeopathic M.D. and takes 15 - 20 natural medicines each day, several times per day. He also sees a craniopath for cranial sacral treatments at least twice a month.  These treatments with these two doctors have improved Andrew's world in HUGE ways, but insurance does not cover them.

We pay are an average of $900 per month out of pocket to make this happen for Andrew. We are doing this on the salary of a school teacher who works 3 teaching related jobs, but we still have to do significant fundraising to pay for Andrew's medical treatments each month.  

The past 5 summers we have taken Andrew to CA for several weeks each year. In CA Andrew has seen the best stem cell doctor in the country for stem cell treatments and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. These treatments have CHANGED ANDREW'S WORLD for the better in very significant ways!

Andrew has had stem cells from his own body via a bone marrow stem cell transplant and also from the donated umbilical cords of healthy FULL TERM babies. Both types of stem cell treatments have provided Andrew with very significant progress! The daily hyperbaric oxygen treatments done in conjunction with the stem cells each year have helped to solidify the stem cells in their healing as well. The summer treatment trips costs between $15,000 to $20,000 out of pocket each year. Again, insurance will NOT pay for ANY of it! 

Update ~ March 9,2016: We are raising money to take Andrew to CA for the 6th summer in a row for him to get adult (NOT fetal) stem cell treatments and hyperbaric oxygen treatments to further heal his brain and body. As of now, we still have to raise $13,000 by June to make it happen for Andrew (without going into further serious debt).

Please SHARE to help us SPREAD THE WORD! We can't do this for Andrew without significant help and these treatments have literally changed his life for the better in HUGE ways! Even a small donation from many people could make all the difference! Thank you!    

We NEED YOUR HELP for improvements to continue to happen for Andrew! 

I am linking my blog below for more info about Andrew's journey / our journey as a family. The page directly links gives a short synopsis of the journey thus far.

After reading that, if you click on the "HOW TO HELP" tab at the top, it will tell you other ways to donate as well. One of those ways is TAX DEDUCTIBLE for the donors! 

More than anything, we would LOVE your PRAYERS for Andrew! We know that God is control of ALL of this...and we strongly believe in the power of prayer.  Thank you!

Link to blog page that tells synopsis of our journey:   


Link to blog page that tells other ways to help: 


Link to news story that aired about Andrew's journey to wellness: 


THANK YOU for taking the time to read through this, consider it and your prayers for Andrew and the success of this important fundraiser for him! We would LOVE your help in spreading the word! Thank you!  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 9, 2016

Posted on March 9, 2016

Hi Friends! It has been so long since I posted an update because most people who wish to donate are choosing to do it in the tax deductible way instead (see info in fundraiser section). However, I wanted to let you know that: 1) We are raising money to try to take Andrew for his 6th summer of intensive medical treatments in CA; 2) As of 3/8/2016, we still have nearly $13,000 to raise by June and 3) The vast majority of the money you see that has been raised thus far has gone toward treatments in previous years. WE NEED HELP in order for Andrew to continue to heal! Please SHARE our info to help SPREAD THE WORD about a chance to help an amazing little warrior boy heal even further! Thank you!    

Posted on August 11, 2014

Posted on August 11, 2014

THANK YOU to everyone who has generously donated money for our son's medical treatments! We really appreciate your generosity and sacrifice. Your gifts are MAKING A DIFFERENCE in Andrew's life for sure! We are 6 weeks past this year's stem cell treatment for Andrew and we are ALREADY seeing improvements once again! Thank you!

Just a reminder that we pay $750 PER MONTH out of pocket for Andrew's local medical treatments, as the insurance industry will not cover what is helping him.  We are doing this on the modest salary of a very hard working school teacher. We need help for Andrew to continue to improve. THANK YOU for considering to donate, sharing this fundraiser link and your PRAYERS for Andrew!

~ the Burkhart family  

Posted on May 5, 2014

Posted on May 5, 2014

Four weeks until we leave and THANKS TO SO MANY OF YOU...we are much closer to our fundraising goal for Andrew's medical treatment trip! THANK YOU! Please consider sharing this fundraiser link with others. You never know who may be willing to PRAY for Andrew and help! THANK YOU!    

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A Better Life For Super Andrew -- Beyond The Brain Injury!

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