A beautiful goodbye for Shannon and good future for Abigail

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The Story

Donations may also be mailed to the following address, payable to Charles Wachal

Charles Wachal

6053 Slocum Rd

Ontario, NY 14519

It is with great relief to announce the ending of Shannon's battle with neurofibromatosis Type 2. Shannon went home today [February 14, 2014] surrounded by her wonderful family and some close friends. Shannon now has a new body without any tumors, pain, or discouragement. She died peacefully in her sleep. Shannon wants us all to have the courage to continue without her and wants us to know that she is enjoying her life now. Please continue to pray for my family and friends as we mourn the loss of our wonderful loved ones. Please stay tuned for funeral arrangements as they will be announced sometime next week.

From Sister, Rachel: http://www.shmesolution.com/2013/10/20/for-shannon/

When Shannon was just 5 years old she underwent her first surgery because of a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2, for short). Over the next 20 years she has undergone an additional 20 surgeries including 5 brain surgeries. The disorder causes benign tumors to grow throughout her body from just inside the skin to deep inside the brain and spinal cord. NF2 has left her with no hearing and many other weaknesses. There is one major strength within her; it is her desire to persevere. She continues to want to get better and to be able to do things to help others. On October 6, 2012 she married Charles Wachal and the two enjoyed the first year of their marriage. During this time she also gave birth to their wonderful daughter Abigail Grace. She is a sweet 6 month old now. Deep inside Shannon much was changing however and after two MRIs they have determined that her tumors in her brain have grown significantly. Shannon had 80-90% blockage in her c2 vertebrae which was causing major weakness in her body. On their first anniversary, Charles sat by her side and prayed, as she slept in ICU. She had surgery for that spinal tumor in October 2013, however more testing has revealed other growing tumors, major weakness, headaches, recent inability to keep down food and other significant symptoms. Shannon and Charles have a good life together but financially this will be a major burden for them to bare. The cost of traveling to and from hospital stays, surgeries, recovery, and follow-ups will be enormous along with the living expenses, and for Abigail’s care.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

I feel so much connection and desire to help my dear friend, as I too have the same disorder, NF2, which also took my hearing; however I am blessed to be in better physical health, at this time. I have done a LOT of fundraising over recent years, for NF awareness and medical research... but I have not before now set a single goal to help one very good friend.  

Please support Shannon, as she strives to be the healthy mommy she has always  dreamed of being!  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 23, 2014 by Anne S. Noble

In case you have not seen this yet, please SHARE IT!!!




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A Wayne County man lost his 26 year old wife on Valentine’s Day a lifelong battle with a terminal illness. Knowing her time was near; she left private videos on her Facebook account for her husband and her baby daughter. 

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Posted on February 20, 2014 by Anne S. Noble




The visitation will be held on Friday February 21 from 4 PM to 8 PM
The funeral service will be held on Saturday February 22 at 10 AM
Shannon will be laid to rest at Furnaceville Cementary in Ontario, NY

The visitation and funeral will be held at Southeast Bible Baptist Church in Penfield, NY
1850 Fairport Nine Mile Point Rd
Penfield, NY 14526

Shannon has requested that everyone wears bright colors to her funeral and we would like to extend this request to everyone. 

Thanks again for all of the prayers and support. Please continue to provide support for us as we will need to be able to cover funeral costs along with some security to help care for Abigail.

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Anne S. Noble

FOR SHANNON FROM HER SISTER, RACHEL: Here are some of the blog entries that Rachel has written for Shannon over the last few days and months. She allowed permission to share them, here.







Posted on February 18, 2014 by Anne S. Noble


Donations may also be mailed to the following address, payable to Charles Wachal

Charles Wachal

6053 Slocum Rd

Ontario, NY 14519

It is with great relief to announce the ending of Shannon's battle with neurofibromatosis Type 2. Shannon went home today [February 14, 2014] surrounded by her wonderful family and some close friends. Shannon now has a new body without any tumors, pain, or discouragement. She died peacefully in her sleep. Shannon wants us all to have the courage to continue without her and wants us to know that she is enjoying her life now. Please continue to pray for my family and friends as we mourn the loss of our wonderful loved ones. Please stay tuned for funeral arrangements as they will be announced sometime next week. - Charles

Posted on February 15, 2014 by Anne S. Noble

UPDATE, Friday, 2/14/14...

Today on Valentine's day we face many decisions that are hard for this family please share this as it is an important update. As many of you know Shannon has had NF2 for a number of years. She has undergone many many surgeries to try and save her life. Shannon is looking forward to a wonderful new body in heaven one day. That day may be sooner then many of us would like to say. Shannon is very weakafter surgery and her body is not responding well to treatment. She has also developed a pretty good case of Pneumonia in the last few days that is not responding to treatment either. It has been a very difficult week with many decisions to make. After talking with Shannon and her doctors we have decided to admit Shannon into hospice. Her doctors have discussed with us that Shannon will not be able to recover and at this point she is so weak that even if we wanted her to go home to continue treatment she likely would not even be able to live at home. She may only have a few days to a month or so to live at the current rate of tumor issues along with the general weakness that Shannon is in. This has been a very tough decision and one that hurts me to say that we had to make. If you wish to visit Shannon by all means do so. Please coordinate with me before doing that so that I may be able to make sure that she is able to have visitors when you want to come. Please continue to pray for my wife but more importantly for my family as this has been very difficult so far and will only continue to be so. Thank you for everyone who has helped us out both financially and with their time when they just was there for us. If you wish to continue to help us out during this very difficult time please do so by clicking on the link below. Shannon may not be with us much longer but I promise you her impact will be here for decades to come. She is a wonderful women, wife, and mother I just hope I can be half a dad as she is a mom for our daughter.

UPDATE, Thursday, 2/13/14... 

PLEASE SHARE THE GOOD NEWS!!!!! Shannon is now of of the ventilator and breathing on her own. This is the first of many steps to get Shannon home. Shannon is on a trach collar which is giving her oxygen while she takes breaths her own. Please continue to pray as we have a lot to do to get to the point that she can go home. Also thank you to all who have donated to my wife and I during this difficult time.

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Anne S. Noble

We really need to raise more donations and are working to improve this page. Please share this with your family and friends. Charles has not left her side and they really need our help, no matter what happens. If we raise more than is needed to pay off medical bills, the rest will be placed in a trust for Abigail's college education. Thank you to all donors!  - Anne Noble

The following updates in this post were written by Shannon's husband, Charles Wachal. Follow her FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/ShannonWachalMOM

UPDATE, Wednesday, 2/12/14...

Update.... Shannon has made a lot of progress today but she has also took some steps backwards today. She was able to get off of the amnesia medication today which is a huge step forward. She has developed a very high fever of around 102-102.5. Her heart rate is also now Tachy (over 110) with peaks around 140. They have ruled out major conditions that would cause this. They are treating her for infections to prevent any major problems. Please continue to pray so that they find out what the problem is.

UPDATE, Tuesday, 2/11/14...

Shannon is now out of surgery. It was successful and the trach is in. She is still on a ventilator. Her heart rate is pretty high right now but they said it should come down on its own over time. They plan on beginning to reduce the medication throughout the day tomorrow and hopefully will have a more lucid Shannon as a result. We still have many decisions to make in regards to the future so please continue to pray for us.

UPDATE, Tuesday, 2/11/14...

Shannon is now in surgery. 

UPDATE, Monday, 2/10/14...

Update.. Shannon's surgery has been postponed due to unknown reasons. It should happen later today or tomorrow. I will let everyone know when she will be going down into the OR room.

Posted on February 10, 2014 by Anne S. Noble

UPDATE, Sunday, 2/9/14... 

Please pray for us as surgery has been scheduled tomorrow afternoon. They will take her to the OR and then remove the breathing tube and then will see if there is any breathing on her own and if not then they will put in a trac to allow her to breath. More updates to follow.

UPDATE, Saturday, 2/8/14....

This has been a difficult situation that we have found ourselves in but yet it has been so satisfying to see all of the support we have from everyone so thank you. Shannon will likely be undergoing surgery on monday to put in a tracheotomy to allow her to breath on her own. She will likely not have much of a voice if any voice after the surgery. The plan right now is to get her airway secure, allow her to recover from both surgeries, then we will go to rehab, and then after about a month from now she will start the experimental drug "Avastin". This medication has to work otherwise there are no other options.

They are trying to keep Shannon as comfortable as possible which is hard considering she has a tube in her mouth but they are trying their best. We continue to ask for prayers. Thank you for everyone who has donated to the fundraiser for Shannon and I over the past few days and we continue to ask for additional funds to help cover costs associated with Shannon's care. If anyone would like to come and visit Shannon they are more then welcome to. Please understand she is in ICU so there are a number of very sick patients around her. Please contact me before coming to get details about her.


Posted on February 7, 2014 by Anne S. Noble


Update... Please share with everyone so that they have an update on the surgery today. Shannon's surgery did not go as planned today. The surgeon had to stop early due to the amount of risks associated with the tumor removal. The tumor is wrapped up in many arteries and nerves that could cause death and other major problems if he removes any more of the tumor. He was only able to remove a very small portion of the tumor and it will not cause any resolution of her symptoms.

After surgery was complete Shannon was having some wheezing and shortness of breath in the recovery room but it was not severe so they moved her to a step down room (has a lot of the ICU monitoring without the ICU feel) when she got there they suctioned some fluid out of her lungs and her mouth. When they went to do it a second time she started to code and her O2 level dropped to 59%. Immediately they contacted the rapid response team and began to bring her back. They have now intubated her and sedated her and moved her to ICU where she is right now.

The issue we have discovered is that she has paralyzed vocal cords due to the surgery. The plan is to use steroids to see if the vocal cords will come back. She is on a ventilator and will have to remain on it until the swelling comes down and if she is still unable to breath on her own then a trakiatomy may be required so she can breath through her throat. They also have a feeding tube inserted to help keep her nutrients taken care of. She does have the ability to follow simple signing commands and knows who everyone is. She was unable to vocalize before they intubated but was able to whisper. We ask for your prayers during this very difficult time. We also know that Shannon will now be in the hospital for a while (weeks). We continue to ask for your support for us to help us out with the financial situation that we now find ourselves in.


Posted on February 5, 2014 by Anne S. Noble


Shannon will be going into surgery tomorrow morning. The arrival time in the morning is 6:15 AM (means we have to get up at 4:30 especially with the snow still falling ughhh). The surgery will be starting at 8:30 AM and will be approx 10-12 hours long. Shannon will likely be in ICU over the weekend. She will likely be sedated and on a ventilator for 1-2 days following surgery due to how long the surgery will be and the amount of contact this tumor has with the brain stem. She may need a blood transfusion tomorrow however they are no longer a large risk with these so we are not concerned. Shannon's mother arrived today without any problem in spite of the winter storm. Please pray for all of us tomorrow for both nerves and success with the surgery. Please keep in prayer Shannon, Shannon's mom, Dale, Teresa, Abigail, and Charles throughout the day tomorrow. If you wish to visit Shannon we ask that you first contact Charles to make sure that there are no conflicts with your visiting but we do welcome visits. Thanks for all of the recent support on the fundraiser and for all of the prayers.


Posted on February 5, 2014 by Anne S. Noble


Hello I am Shannon Wachal formally known as Shannon Drummond. You may remember me as a devoted student & Residencal Advisor at RIT/NTID and CIAS (2006-2010) and a participant in the Grad. School MSSE program (2010-2011). After college I was married in 2012 and had a beautiful girl in 2013.

I am asking for your help.Recently my health has become a concern. This Thursday I'm having a risky brain surgery and another risky spinal surgery is necesssry a month later. Im going to be in the hospital and rehab forr awhile.

Recently my dear friend set up a fundraser for us.(http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-shannon-be-the-healthy-mommy-she-dreams-of-being-/115104)Personally as a mother I would like to see us raise 10k or more, so that I know my daughter is provided for and any medical bills not covered by insurance can be paid for.

We also have a Facebook page. If you want ro know more about my story and stay up to date with me and my surgeries go here and "like". Also remember to share..

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A beautiful goodbye for Shannon and good future for Abigail

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