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The Story

UPDATE: The success of this fundraiser has been a wonder to see.  Family, friends and community have helped Ron fight the good fight.  It has made a big difference to Ron and his family, both financially and emotionally.  We must count this outpouring of love and charity as a victory, even as we sadly accept the loss of our dear friend who fought and lived many months beyond the doctors’ prognoses.  The opportunity lies before us now to help Ron “beat cancer” in the sense of protecting his wife and four children from the financial hardship of final medical bills and memorial expenses.  Please give what you can.  Any amount helps us reach the goal, and your kind comments are also very much appreciated. 

Please see the 4/3/14 post on the Update tab for more information about Ron's passing. 

The original description remains below for background information to the new purpose of this fundraiser.  Thank you for your kind support previously and today.

Original Description from Early December, 2013:

Six months ago Ron Nakada was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer that had metastasized to his liver, lungs and lymph nodes.  This tragic news struck Ron and his new family early into his first year of marriage.  But Ron, having so much to live for, was determined to fight.

Shortly after the shocking news, family and friends came together to help Ron and his family begin his battle with cancer.  Thank you to Patrick Dawson for organizing that fundraiser, and thank you to all who donated. The support of so many people was a wonderful encouragement to Ron and his family.

Today Ron continues with great determination and spirit on a path of healing. However, some emergencies have occurred along the way, and Ron’s short-term disability-insurance, which did not cover monthly expenses, ended recently. Long-term disability-insurance will not start for a while and provides an even lesser benefit that falls far short of their monthly needs. Ron has an urgent need right now to pay accumulated bills (including credit cards he has had to rely on to get by) and a longer term need for assistance while he continues the battle.

Let’s pull together again to help our dear friend Ron!  Donations go to Ron immediately.  Any amount you can donate today will help fulfill short-term needs this month.  I’ve set the goal at $8,000 in one week to reflect the urgent short-term need, but the bigger goal is to reach $25,000 by mid January.  Let’s hit that first goal so Ron and his family can enjoy this Christmas without the stress of overdue bills and the threat of utilities shutting off.  After achieving that, we will extend the deadline and update the amount to the final goal.

If you’ve had the chance to visit Ron, you’ve seen the wonderful spirit of appreciation and faith that has enlivened his journey through this enormous challenge, and you know the tireless efforts his wife Linda has made by his side.  Your kind charity goes to a very loving and deserving couple and family.  Any amount you can give will help move us closer to our goal.  Thank you, and may our collective prayers and generosity be a blessing on Ron’s family and our families this Christmas.

P. S.

Ron is a best friend I've known since 7th grade. In junior high school we played video games and D&D at sleepovers with our other gamer friends.  We started learning programming together in high school and we both entered the video game industry after college and have worked together on multiple projects during the 90’s, including contracting for other companies on projects like Wild 9 and R/C Stunt Copter for Shiny Entertainment, and Interplay Sports Baseball 2000 for Interplay Productions (which was special for Ron since he is a huge baseball fan and applied his knowledge of the sport to improve the game's AI). 

For the last 8 years Ron has worked at Blizzard Entertainment programming on World of Warcraft.  The management and Ron’s co-workers at Blizzard have been wonderfully supportive during Ron’s challenge, and Ron looks forward to when he can return to the job he loves, working with some of the finest people in the video game industry.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 21, 2014

Posted on October 21, 2014

Two PC games have come out with tributes to Ron Nakada, including inXile's Wasteland2 (my game) and Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Here is a link to an article which includes a video of the awesome World of Warcraft tribute:http://warcraft.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/new-stormwind-easter-egg-warlords-of-draenor-beta

I've extended the fundraiser through Christmas to reach our goal of $50k this year.  Small donations will get us there.  Thank you for your ongoing support of Ron's wife and children.

Posted on May 26, 2014

Posted on May 26, 2014

This Memorial Day falls just a few weeks after Ron’s Celebration of Life event that was held on May 4th.  I’ve had time to reflect on the beauty of that day when so many friends and family gathered together from places near and far to share their love and respect for the man, friend, brother, son, husband and father that they knew in Ron Nakada.  We touch so many people in our lives for better or worse, and the gathering of so many to remember one brings into focus the importance of each of us as individuals and our power to enhance the lives of others through love and integrity.

For anyone who was unable to attend Ron’s Celebration of Life, you can view a video recording of the presentations in two parts on YouTube.  Here are the links:

Part1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GG-GFSSfac

Part2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWfYwzszf2U

I was honored to be one of the speakers invited to share about Ron with over 400 people that attended the event.  There were many tears, of course, but there was also a mood of celebration of Ron’s qualities as a person, his achievements in life and his ascension to a better place.  A spirit of love and friendship carried through to the reception that followed.  Gathered under a blue sky in warm weather, wearing our bright colors and Hawaiian leis, we ate and drank, rekindling old friendships, sharing stories and appreciating one another and our connection to Ron.   

Thank you for sharing this journey and for your generosity.  We are still hoping to reach our final goal of 50K to help Ron’s family.  I’ve extended the duration another month to give us another window of opportunity to share Ron’s story and to reach our fundraising goal. Any amount helps, and if you’ve given before and can give a little more once again, that will help tremendously, along with sharing the link with your friends and family.   May you enjoy a reverent and peaceful Memorial Day, and may the blessings of your generosity and loving spirit echo through the rest of your lives.

Posted on May 5, 2014

Posted on May 5, 2014

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking at Ron’s Celebration of Life event at Seacoast Grace Church in Cypress, CA.  It was a beautiful service with hundreds of Ron’s family and friends in attendance.  There were plenty of tears but an uplifting tone overall with slide-shows, videos, music, singing, and beautiful dancing by Hawaiian worship dancers.  Following the service, there was a wonderful outdoor reception in perfect sunny weather where many people reconnected with old friends and shared treasured memories while enjoying delicious food and drink and taking lots of pictures.  I’ve posted a couple photos from the event in the photo section. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and for all the hugs!  We have a way to go to meet our final goal on this fundraiser.  Let’s make one more big push to help Ron’s family and show our appreciation for the great event they hosted for Ron’s Celebration of Life.

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