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Facial Feminization Surgery
(FFS) is a set of reconstructive surgical procedures that refine typically "male" facial features to bring them closer in shape and size to typical "female" facial features.

"Undergoing FFS is not a matter of beauty. Sometimes I tell people about needing to do this, and they say 'but you’re beautiful as you are.' While the intention is kind, it misses the point entirely. These procedures are the bare minimum of what I see myself needing in order to live a sustainable life as a trans woman. 

I believe that at the very least these procedures will disrupt the unconscious process of strangers looking at my face and seeing a man. I need this not only to feel safe physically in the world, but to feel safe and comfortable in myself. No trans people are obliged to change themselves physically through hormones or surgery. I have recognized my individual need for these surgeries, and as such see them as making my life more livable." -June Jones (@small.tits.big.heart)

I'm a 22 year old afro-latina trans femme artist based in NYC, just hustling for my dreams. When i'm not working, you'll find me kickin it with my girls, munchin on a chopped cheese, or overanalyzing my feelings (she's a cancer lol). Since my move to the city, a little over 2 years ago, i've been focused on creating space/representation for black & brown trans/gnc femmes within the fashion industry, nightlife, online and wherever I can really. I've built my platform from the ground up, managing/representing myself and navigating it all alone; while this route has been a huge blessing in many ways, it unfortunately has proven folks in my line of work are quick to take advantage. Being ignored when asking to be payed and rarely getting compensated fairly combined with the daunting task of finding/sustaining a job where my trans-ness isn't a detriment have made it extremely difficult to save & pay for surgery on my own.

I've felt uncomfortable with my face since first puberty began to steer my features in a more masculine direction, not yet knowing that my unease stemmed from my desire to present femininely. While Hormone Replacement Therapy has helped me a lot, it can't refine whats already developed to match "feminine standards," and it sure as hell can't erase the social construction of gender that stirs discomfort & confusion within those who don't understand us, which makes visibility for trans femmes such exhausting, anxiety-inducing, painful, and dangerous work. My dysphoria towards my face has become crippling, as it affects every aspect of existing-making me question existence altogether. It takes so much out of me to walk out of the door, let alone lead a career that depends on radiating confidence, but I know there are so many young folks out there who need to see someone like them thriving I walk out of the door anyway. 

I want folks to see me with their eyes, not misgender me with them. I wanna leave the house without feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and fear that I won't make it back. I don't wanna counterfeit confidence; When I see my face, I want to see the strong, powerful, and proud trans woman that I am.

Surgery in Marbella, Spain on October 5th with The Facial Team! After over a year of research, I chose this incredible team specializing in FFS & dedicated to providing the best quality of care, facilities, and results for trans women. The goal isn't to completely change my appearance, just refine what i'm already workin with.

Procedures i'm having done/considering: 

  • Forehead & Orbital reconstruction via coronal approach
  • Chinplasty
  • Super duper slight rhinoplasty
  • Trachea shave

Expenses will cover all surgery, recovery, and travel expenses for myself and a friend who'll be helping me heal :)

I know it's a big number, but literally every penny counts. This is probably my biggest aspiration, as it'd mean I get to live my life to the fullest; by donating what you can, you're helping me more than you could ever know. I appreciate it so much

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 6, 2017


Posted on August 6, 2017


Thank you to everyone who has helped me get closer to my dream, you don't know how much it has touched me to see and feel the love ❤️

I have had to raise the amount I am asking for upon learning the value of the American dollar is going down in Europe (where i'll be having surgery), making my surgery now around $3,000+ more expensive than it was when I booked it. The costs of travel & stay are now going into surgery money & I have to raise some more, BUT I am confident, determined, and hopeful that we will make it happen!


  • FFS FUNDRAGER Event, August 26th in Brooklyn! An all black trans lineup coming together to raise funds for my cause 🌹
  • Art/Fashion Auction Event, mid-September! (half a month away from surgery 😄) 

I will be updating the online fundraiser as these events happen & keep y'all updated! If you can, PLEASE SHARE! ANYTHING & EVERYTHING COUNTS RIGHT NOW!

I really can't thank you enough.

all my love,

Posted on April 21, 2017

Posted on April 21, 2017

Due to your support, I've been able to make the deposit on my surgery & lock down my date! OCTOBER 5TH! My dream now has a date, it's concrete and no longer a dream. I can't express how grateful I am :')

It's super important that we keep the momentum up, so pretty please share & tell you friends, it means a lot to me

much love, 

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