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For: Matthew, Candice, Dax, Jude, & baby Carden
Northport, AL
Organizer: Candice Carden
Carden's Adoption Fund (Matthew, Candice, Dax, Jude, & baby Carden)
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The Story

Hello! Welcome to our NEW fundraising page for our adoption. We are the Cardens, I'm Candice and my husband is Matthew or "Waldo". We have been married for 8 years and have two wonderful sons....Dax who is 4 and Jude who just turned 3 and we are hoping to expand our family. 

Why adoption?
I have wanted to adopt since I was a child. I grew up in a wonderful home with a fairytale childhood. I have wonderful parents who have been married 40 years and love me well. When I first learned about orphans and children who don't get a wonderful childhood, who don't have a family, who might not know love, it hurt my heart and even when I was young I wanted to do something about it. Naturally, I wanted to adopt and told Waldo multiple times about my desire. He was always on board, but we just never acted on it, probably because of fear. Then the Lord started surrounding us with people who were adopting or we kept meeting people who had adopted. I started praying about it and speaking openly about wanting to adopt. One day during a conversation with a friend I was discussing adoption, but also being honest about how I was a little scared and unsure if this was the Lord's plan for us. She simply told me “not everyone has the desire to adopt.”  It was like a light bulb went off in my head. I think, until that point, I thought everyone wanted to adopt…..Isn't that typical of our sin nature? The Lord had provided me with a community that was full of people who had adopted children or were very supportive of adoption and I turned what he meant for comfort into a thought, which eventually made me question the very desires he had laid on my heart.  From there I started researching adoption, agencies, social workers, etc. I talk to Waldo about it throughout and he was in full support. I talk to family members and friends and made plans to move on with the process. However, I kept dragging my feet, I was just so nervous....I think I was waiting on a burning bush from the Lord. The a few months later during a Bible study at my church, about faith, I felt like the Lord told me that he was ready for our family to adopt. Every time I would read something about faith or stepping out in faith the Lord would whisper in my spirit "adoption."  When it came time to share at Bible study, I could feel the Lord urging me to share his plan for our family. I did and was met with excitement and encouragement, which helped ease my worries.  During that Bible study the Lord kept speaking to me about adoption and I felt confident this was his plan for our family. A few months later we visited some friends who had just adopted and when we got into our car to leave I looked at Waldo and said "We have to adopt, I'm ready" he immediately agreed and then repeated back words the Lord had already spoken to me earlier.  Praise the Lord for his reassurance. So here we are midway through the process and we can’t wait to see how the Lord’s plan works out for our family!

I, Waldo, don't have one moment where God told me I needed to adopt. I think it was a series of events and years of growing in Christ that opened my eyes when Candice first mentioned adoption. My story along with hearing from the Holy Spirit led me to this point. Romans 8 talks about the "spirit of adoption" thru the free grace given to us by Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection, moreover, in James we are charged to care for the orphan. I grew up with a tight-knit family that taught me how to cheer, love, and serve each other. In high school I lost both my grandfather and father in consecutive years. Thru this tragedy my heart has been guided to adoption. I also coach high school foo
tball and in doing that I have found that my time without a father has given me a heart for the fatherless. The Lord has shown me that my story gives me a unique perspective on being a father and the importance of that role. The Lord has called me to change that for one child. 

How can you help?
First, you can help by praying for us on this journey. Pray that we have wisdom and we listen to the Lord's voice during this process. Pray for our new child and the transition into our family. Pray for his birth mother as she makes this selfless decision, pray for her strength, comfort, courage, and health.  Pray for our boys as this will be an exciting new transition for them (they are already excited). Pray that we raise our children to love the Lord and that we try our best to live for him daily. 

Second, you can GIVE. By the end of this adoption it will cost around $30,000. Anything you can give will get us closer to that goal. No donation is too small; we truly appreciate anything you can sacrifice.

Thanks in advance!
Waldo, Candice, Dax, and Jude

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 14, 2017

Posted on October 14, 2017

Hi everyone, we have raised 50% of the goal thanks to your generosity. Please share this fundraiser with your family and friends to help us reach our goal.

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