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The Story

We've been matched and sweet baby girl has arrived! See more in our update posted below

Welcome and thank you for coming to our page! As many of you know, we are hoping to welcome into our hearts and home a beautiful baby/babies through adoption. We are so excited to begin this new journey and invite you to share in it with us. Follow our blog for more updates!

Adoption has held a special place for both of us for a very long time. Here is a little bit of our story:

Matt’s story:
Adoption is a very personal and precious gift I received from God. My parents prayed for 7 years to adopt a child. My twin sister and I were adopted by our amazing parents when we were 3 months old. Through the example of unconditional love and support my parents have given me, and in prayer with God, I have felt called to participate in adoption once again.

Catherine’s story:
Since I was young, I’ve always loved children and had a strong desire to share this love. I hoped to someday get married and have a family...and adoption was always included in that dream! I would pray for my parents to adopt a child since, at the time, I was too young to adopt myself. As a young adult, I spent a few years nannying for some close friends who had adopted. That tug on my heart towards adoption continued.

Our story:
We met in 2007. Throughout two years of dating, fun, and adventures, we fell in love. We were married in the fall of 2009 and hoped to expand our family soon. We began making plans for a growing family, hoping to become pregnant. After months of trying became years, we knew God must have another plan for us. Since adoption had always been strong on our hearts from the beginning of our marriage, we knew God must be calling us down this path sooner than we thought.

"Great love can change small things into great ones..." ~ St. Faustina
The great amount of love God has placed on our hearts is ready to be shared.

Although the suffering and pain our infertility has brought us over the years is no small thing, it is small in comparison to the sufferings of Christ. God has used this cross to overwhelmingly place the love and desire for a little one(s) in our hearts. Although our journey has not always been easy, we are ready to use the love that God has given us to turn our suffering into something great.

So, after much prayer and discernment, we have decided that now is the time for us to begin our adoption journey!

Here is how you can help:

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY: Please pray for us, Baby's first family, and all those involved. Nothing is more powerful than prayer!

SHARE: Every share helps us to get one step closer to bringing our little one home. Please, if you feel inclined, pass on the link to this site to your family and friends, or share on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and any other social media.

GIVE: Help us bring Baby H home! The adoption process is very costly, and although we are saving as much as we possibly can ourselves, if we wait until we save enough we may have to adopt grandchildren :) If you feel called to contribute, we would most humbly accept your financial help. Anything, no matter the size would be an amazing blessing.

Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support. Know that we are praying for you as well!

Matt & Catherine

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 30, 2017


Posted on July 30, 2017

So I’m sure you all have noticed that it’s been a while since we’ve posted… well I promise we definitely have a good reason!

A little over 3 weeks ago our lives forever changed in the best way we could ever imagine… God blessed us by bringing a huge miracle in a tiny little 7 pound package into our life and precious little Elizabeth Marie was born!!! We've been busy getting settled into parenthood and are loving every single second of cuddling, diaper changing, late night feeding, burping, playing and adorable baby sounds!

After 7 years of waiting to be parents, we are so amazed at how God has blessed us by allowing us to be there for her birth! We are so thankful that we have gotten to be friends with her birth mother, and after spending the past few months getting to know this amazing woman, we were blessed to be asked to be there at the hospital when Elizabeth was born. Oh what an amazing experience! It was a day we will never forget! We look forward to having an open adoption and continuing to get to know this strong, beautiful, generous and loving woman that, through her love for Elizabeth, has allowed us to be parents. There is nothing we can say or do that can ever thank her enough for this gift. Please continue to pray for her and for all of us, that God continues to shower her with His love and continues to give her peace and strength! She is one amazing woman and we love her! 

There are still the final expenses that need to be taken care of. We are trusting in God that He will continue to bless us and provide what we need. Please continue to pray for all of us and if you feel it in your heart to help, we are still continuing our puzzle fundraiser and there are lots of pieces that are just waiting for your name! :) Thank you all for your love and continued support, we couldn’t have made it this far without you!

Love you all!

Matt & Catherine

Posted on May 23, 2017


Posted on May 23, 2017

Dear Friends, 

After our post last week I’m sure you’ve heard our exciting news! This week was really special, we were able to go to an ultrasound appointment and see the baby for the first time and hear her heartbeat. It was so beautiful and we are honored that her birth mom is allowing us to get to know her! That being said, this is the post that was the hardest for us to write. That’s because we are asking for your help. It is humbling and never easy. Now that we are getting close to the babies arrival, we need to make our next payment this week (and once the baby is born, all the rest). The last payment we made was greater than $6,000 dollars, this one will most likely be more. We were able to pay the last one, but we need your help to do the rest. To make things a little more fun for all of us, we are doing a new fundraiser. 

Help us complete the puzzle!

Here is how it works. 
  1. We purchased a nifty 500 piece puzzle from Target, its awesome….. now we bet you wanna know what it looks like, right??
  2. To fully assemble the puzzle and show ya’ll the picture, we need each piece to be sponsored. Each piece you sponsor will be dedicated just to you! We will write your name on the back of the puzzle piece and as the pieces are sponsored we will begin to assemble the puzzle. 
  3. For just $30 dollars you can sponsor a piece to the puzzle. You can sponsor as many pieces as you like, 1, 2, 3, or even 50, there’s no limit!
  4. Once all the pieces are sponsored and the puzzle is complete, it will be put into a two sided glass frame in the girls room. The back of the puzzle will be facing out so that both the girls will be able to look up and see the names of all the generous people who gave their financial support to help us make them permanent members of our family. You will all always have a  special piece in their hearts :)

Our last blog post was viewed by almost 900 people. If each of those people were to donate just $30, it would raise $27,000!!!

So, if you are reading this post we ask that you prayerfully consider making a $30 donation in your name, the name of a loved one, or special cause close to your heart. 

To get your piece of the puzzle: 

to make your donation and let us know how many you would like! You can also get them by making your donation on our YouCaring Page, or send us an email/message and we’ll get you our address so you can contact us directly. 

Thank you all so much and know that you are all in our prayers! 


Matt & Catherine

Posted on May 23, 2017


Posted on May 23, 2017

We wanted to update everyone and thank you for your prayers, know that God is hearing them and He is blessing us with new members to our family.  Yes you read that right, “members to our family”! 

We have been caring for an adorable toddler for the past few months, after having this little bundle of sunshine in our home, we received a call about an expectant mother looking to find a loving home to adopt her baby. Well…. At the end of April we received the news the little girl staying with us is going to become a big sister! We are so honored to be given this gift and the newest addition to our family is expected to arrive in July! So in just four months, we are going from a family of two to a family of four!!! We are excited, surprised and thankful at how God is working in our lives and blessing us in ways beyond our wildest expectations! 

First, we wanted to share the great news with you and thank you for your love, support, prayers, and contributions!!! Second we ask that you continue your prayers for us, the two new additions to our family and their birth families. We are forever grateful to both families for choosing us and asking us to raise these beautiful children!!!

When we first started this journey we had been preparing for the cost of one adoption, and since God is now unexpectedly blessing us with two, we humbly ask for your help.  If you feel called to join us on our journey, please consider contributing to our YouCaring page to help us bring these beautiful girls home and make them permanent members of our family! They say many hands makes light work and we need many hands to help us! Please continue your prayers that both of the adoptions continue to go smoothly! 

So now that you have heard the good news, we wanted to say thank you! Thank you for taking this journey with us, thank you for your thoughts, thank you for your kind messages and thank you for your contributions. Most of all thank you for your prayers!!! We could not have come this far without all of your love and support! 

We Love You All!!! 

Matt & Catherine

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