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The Story

Mastiff Rescue of Florida was notified by a purchaser of backyard English Mastiff puppies. She was very concerned with one puppy that was limping badly plus was told that none of these 12 week old puppies had any vaccines and she was actively advertising and selling them...  A couple of our dedicated volunteers wanted to pursue getting the injured puppy. MRF cannot buy dogs and we cannot stop our volunteers from buying dogs. They bought 3 puppies, no vaccines, no health certificate….everything this breeder did was against Florida State law.

This all happened on a weekend. The 3 puppies were sick. On Sunday , we moved them to our volunteer Donna Robertshaw, a nurse –who fortunately had the time to take care of these dogs. Thank goodness for Donna. Our Volunteers met first thing Monday morning at Apollo Vet Hospital with all 3 puppies. They were all tested for Parvo and found to be full of worms. Willow tested positive to Parvo, naturally it was felt that since none had any vaccines all would have Parvo. After 3 hours at the veterinarian, Willow the sickest had to stay the night, the other 2 went home with Donna with medications, SQ Fluids and instructions.

The vet bills have been mounting, MRF is involved now, we are doing everything possible to save these puppies.  We need your help, Please to try to save these puppies.

The volunteers have contacted Animal Control and they have started an investigation. We are under the understanding that there is enough evidence for the State of Florida to get involved.   This will be pursued! These back yard breeders that do not give vaccines to puppies, health certificates, sell sick puppies, do not have the breeder dogs up to date on rabies..who knows if they give heartworm prevention…HAVE TO BE STOPPED!

This blatant attitude of not knowing and selling sick dogs to unsuspecting buyers ... seems to be rampant and we must take a stand. We will support our volunteers for taking action against this breeder.

These puppies are very sick. We do not know if they will live or die. The medical bills are well over $1,300.00 and still climbing. We need your help, we need your prayers and your positive thoughts.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 31, 2016

Posted on March 31, 2016

Mastiff Rescue of Florida is so very fortunate to have such dedicated and loving volunteers. This last week Donna and Cheryl went constantly making certain they had the medicines, the nursing and the love to help them pull through. Harlow and Rumor have turned the corner ----unfortunately, sweet Willow crossed the Rainbow Bridge early Easter morning.   Though Willow had a very short life, she was so loved and will be always in our volunteer's hearts.

Losing Willow.

As many of you know we needlessly lost Willow to Parvo on Easter Sunday.   I say needlessly, because a simple vaccination on the part of the breeder, costing all of $7 would have prevented her getting sick in the first place. 

Willow was tired and was ready to go.  I held her in my arms and told her she was brave, that she was loved by many and that it was okay to let go.  The fight had already left her eyes and trying to prolong her life beyond this point would be cruel and that was never my intention.  I had told her all along that I would fight with her for as long as she wanted.  She had told me in her way that she had, had enough.

I held this poor, helpless, creature in my arms and told her that she was mine.  I said “I’ve got you”.  I told her that she is mine, not because I felt ownership of her, but because I believe all creatures deserve to leave this world feeling that they belong to someone.  That their life matters.  That they had impact on others.  Willow had a family.  She had the support of hundreds of people that had never even met her.  She was loved.  She was not simply the property of someone looking to make some money by breeding their dogs in the back yard.  Willow was treated like property for the majority of her life.  She was kept outside.  She had fleas, and worms and was never vaccinated.  This is not humane treatment.  This is not the treatment a living creature deserves especially one so loving and devoted as a Mastiff.

I told Willow that she will always be my sweet baby girl.  I told her that I was sorry that our time together was so brief, but that would not change the fact that she will always be my baby girl.   I held her in my arms and looked in her eyes and said th her  “I will carry you in my heart where ever I go, for as long as I live.  You are perfect  You are loved and you will be missed.”  As I held her I told her about the army of people behind her that would work hard and do what it took to make sure no more puppies would be treated this way by the breeder.   That her life was important and would help people see what happens when irresponsible breeders are looking out for their pockets and not for the breed.  Breeders that have litters for the sole purpose of making money and have no respect for the innocent lives they create.  Willow’s life mattered and we will make sure her breeder understands what that means.

As I waited for Willow to be picked up for cremation, I wrote out the good bye messages sent from her fellow rescuers,  Mommy Cheryl and Mommy Lisha and my own.  The messages will be cremated with her.  They will become a part of her.

My dearest Willow,

You are perfect. You are loved. You are missed.  You are finally pain free and at peace.  Play well among the clouds.  I will love you always.  I’ve got you.

Mommy Donna.

Posted on March 30, 2016

Posted on March 30, 2016

The puppies are so lucky to have Nurse Donna..

Harlow and Rumor are continuing to improve a little more each day. They are both eating chicken and rice with a mix of baby food or cottage cheese. They are active and playful and getting into everything. Nothing is safe from their Piranha like teeth and new chew toys should be arriving any day! It is wonderful to see these puppies behave like puppies, although it is exhausting in a whole different way. A good way!! I am thrilled to report it is all good news from the girls. They will continue on antibiotics and their stomach medications for several more days. Your support and encouragement has been overwhelming and on behalf of Harlow, Rumor and myself, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Posted on March 29, 2016

Posted on March 29, 2016

Harlow and Rumors Nurse Donna tell us

Harlow is doing well and eating more and becoming more playful each day.  She is getting into everything as a typical puppy would.  It is truly wonderful to see.  Rumor is progressing slowly.  She is eating baby food and still shying away of the chicken and rice that Harlow gobbles up.  As advised by their vet today,  Harlow will now change to oral antibiotics for at least another several days.  Rumor will continue with subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics and nausea medication as her appetite is slow to return.  She is making improvements and even will play with her sister but I am limiting her activity as I don’t want her to over do it at this point.  It was not that long ago that she was in critical condition and regression is the last thing we want for her.  Although I am heartbroken at the loss of their sister Willow, I am happy to see that these two girls continue to fight to improve.

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